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Theories The Good Place Show Eleanor Just Does Not Like Clowns

Updated on December 25, 2016

Episode 6. Part 1 of 6

The one about the Clowns.
The one about the Clowns. | Source

New Picture Added To Eleanor's Wall

She really does not like the clowns. This has been said in an earlier episode. Even, Chidi does not like the clowns. But, he does not talk about it in front of Eleanor.

Clowns - I do think that Eleanor thinks clowns are creepy. She has several in her home. What I don't know is why there are so little clowns. Someone that likes clowns should be a collector of them. Which leads me to believe that this clowns on the wall mean something to Fake Eleanor.

Maybe, she kept a picture of herself as a clown. Maybe, she only feels better in clown make-up. What I am hoping is that this does not have something to do with sexual role-play.

Theory: Eleanor is hiding a lot about herself. She feel threatened by the world finding out everything she has done. (True, so far.)

Theory: The clown expects others to laugh at him/her. Eleanor does not enjoy strangers doing unexpected things.

There has been an increase in clowns in the horror genre.

People committing crimes using masks is not helping the genre, either.

The clown should not be scary but a comment on society and brings light on what is wrong.

They do not try to change people by killing them.

A clown would make fun of events like that of a comedian, today.

As kid, I preformed in a satire manner to help children not do drugs. We had several theatrical skits. The funniness happened with some of the personalities. Some of the children had theatrical and dance training. (No one died or got hurt.)

How to Clown Around

You will need to practice because some people need practice with clown make-up. Other people get it right the first time. If you want special art work on your face, get a book on how to do the art or look it up on-line.

You might be thinking that that unicorn you want on the side of your eyelid is easy. But, white make-up makes the process not easy if you have to look into a mirror and draw it in half an hour before show-time.

As a rule: Some brands of make-up run down your face or crack. (This can be both funny and distracting.) Please, have someone check your make-up before each show. Try not to touch your face. And, don't rub you sleeve on your nose or face.

For Face:

1) Practice drawing or outlining design for your face on paper. This will help you get the colors in the right areas. You might want to do some fun art work. But you don't have to do that.

There might be videos on-line.

2) Get some make-up remover, clown white face make-up, the colors you want to put on your face later, and brushes.

3) Cover face with white make-up. I would get a jar. This represents a blank canvas. But, if you are a black person you can do black face. It is frowned upon in the United States of America paint a full black face if you are white.

4) Do not use eyebrow pencil to draw on your face. It will be hard to get off.

5) Uses brushes of different sizes to create your clown face only after you have covered your face and neck.

For script:

Always practice. Try to add what you love into the script. If you play an instrument put it into the script.

Keep props clean after each use.

This Side Up

Eleanor puts up a poster that has a mail carrier pictured. He has no shirt. He also has a box on his shoulder. "THIS SIDE UP."

The mail charier is airbrushed and Photoshop. The abs look very strange and unnatural. He is also wearing a hat and shorts. His legs are very skinny.

He is a smiling clown. He is the fool that presents us with the reality of commercialism impressing upon daily life in a general since. This mime is not in white face. But, he has make-up on.

"This SIDE UP." This is the slog-gen to remind people about SIDS. Keep your baby on his or her back while sleeping.

There are several songs named, "This Side Up"

This Side Up is a short by Liron Topaz in 2009.

This Side Up is a font.

This Side Up is a re-purposed wood furniture store.

Theory: She loves re-purposed furniture.

Type of Clown Eleanor Likes

In liking this type of clown, Eleanor wants to see the man as a weak person mentally/strong person physically that can only give her something that she wants in the large box. She is presented with the relatively that exists only in that one picture.

Theory: Eleanor does not like reality. Reality is too harsh for her. She likes to see herself as someone that can point out other flaws. Maybe, she sees herself as the clown who can never get things right.

Theory: The clown is a reminder of how other saw her in different times of her life.

Theory: Eleanor has an unhealthy outlook on what guys in the modeling world should look like.

Theory: Eleanor likes guys that are willing to give her things.

Theory: Eleanor does like clowns. Because, this guy looks like one with all the airbrushing.

And, he is smiling.

Eleanor can hang pictures perfectly.

Theory: Eleanor is a perfectionist.

I love how she can hang posters without having to have a leveler.

Eleanor is wearing a purple shirt, and black pants.

My best guess on why Eleanor does not like clowns

In life, Eleanor has always seen herself as the comedy relief. She wants to take the after life more seriously.


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