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Theories The Good Place Show Eleanor Wants To Help And Not Help Michael

Updated on December 25, 2016

Episode 6. Part 2 of 6

Inner Conflict
Inner Conflict | Source

Helping Michael Might Put Eleanor In The Bad Place

Eleanor feels upset about Michael wanting her help. She turns to Chidi for advice. Eleanor feel responsible for every problem in the neighborhood. This is impossible. There are 321 other people in the neighborhood.

I am starting to worry about her suffering from depression of some sort before she died. She is passing and confused about what is really going on.

Theory: Eleanor had depression before she died.

The problem is too big for her to understand, so she takes responsibility, anyway.

No answer = Eleanor believes it is her fault.

I would hate for her to be the Real Eleanor. And, she would think that world hunger or something is all her problem. That would drive her crazy with worry.

Theory of Contextualism: What we owe to each other.

What is morally right? what is right is what is morally right by law.

This theory deals with the conditions of the moral. The facts must be known about the situation and where the moral is located.

What is right should be relevant for situation and the situations requirements. Right and wrong can sometimes be seen in what is morally right for a particular situation.

What is right or wrong must have reasons that made it so.There must be a condition that is placed on what is right and wrong. There needs to be excepted examples of the decisions in order to understand.

What is wrong in one situation might be right in another situation. The views of others in the location agree what is right in that location of the world.

The result must be a concern.

Chidi Doing What Is Right In The Wrong Way

This episode has to deal with Chidi trying to help Jianyu/Jason. He thinks it is wrong to help him. But, if he does help him life might become better for everyone involved.

Eleanor knows it is wrong for her not to tell Michael about her situation. But, she believes that the result will not be morally right.


Theory: Eleanor might believe that telling Michael about her wrong-doings is suicide for herself.

Theory: She thinks that Michael will blame her for being there.

Theory: She knows that Michael jumps to conclusions.

Fact: She knows that Michael does not understand humans.

Chidi wants her to obeying the rules that are set out in good faith in hopes to help others learn or understand.

She thinks Chidi has a crush on her. This is not certain. He does spend a lot of time helping her when he could be at his own home.

Eleanor likes to act like a better person around him. This might be a pattern in her life. She has met a guy and decided to act nice to date him.

I don't think that Eleanor is messing around with Chidi to make him like her for a short time.

Eleanor believes that Chidi is her real soul mate. They will be together for a long time. This is why she does not lie to him.

Chidi gives her stern looks which looks like he is pretending to be serious. I keep thinking that he might be in love with her. His concuss keeps telling him that Eleanor is wrong for him.

But, his logical side tells him that Eleanor is his proven soul mate. Eleanor is the one that will be there for him in the after life.

Eleanor Wants To Stay But Knows She Will Need To Leave

Eleanor does not know if she stay with Chidi. Helping Michael will only get her locked in the bad place.

Theory: Eleanor does not know what will happen to Chidi, if she goes to the bad place. He might be her soul mate only.

Theory: Eleanor hopes that there will be someone for Chidi if she goes to The Bad Place.

Theory: Eleanor does not think about Chidi going to The Bad Place, too.

She does not know what to do. If she helps Michael something might happen to her. If she does not help something might happen to her and everyone else. She wants an outcome where she is not caught.

Eleanor tells Chidi that she helped a cousin with a problem. Later, her cousin blamed her for his problems.

Theory: Eleanor believes she will always be blamed for others shortcomings. They see her as someone that is always wrong, so it is easy give her all the blame.

Eleanor Thinks She Has Done Everything Wrong

Michael is making possible pin points of the neighborhood of problem areas. These are areas that encountered a problem. There is no way that Eleanor upset all the pin points.

Theory: Eleanor thinks about her own goal too much to observe what others are planning to do.

1) Eleanor does the same wrong thing so many times that they can sometimes predict her actions.

-She went drinking with friends. Most times, she does not drive anyone home. They know she does not drive anyone home. Yet, they want to punish her for what they know about her. Instead of not drinking with her, they grumble about what is wrong with her.

-They blame not getting a ride on Eleanor when there is more than Eleanor in their group of people.

-Others should be looking out for Eleanor because of her self destructive behavior. They should not be trying to punish her. They should be helping her or not drinking with her at all.

2) Eleanor tries to get help from Chidi. This is her new normal.

- Chidi knows she needs help. But, he questions what will happen to him if he helps her. Still, he helps her, anyway.

- At first, Eleanor goes along with his teachings not understanding Chidi at all. She still does not understand when she helps him fulfill his goal.

- Eleanor assumes that she can help him, alone.

3) Eleanor takes on too many tasks. She also has too many close friends who all want something from her.

-In the flashbacks, she has many friends.

- Eleanor makes friends with Chidi, Tahani, Michael and Jianyu/Jason. This is a lot of people to make friend with in such a short time. All of them will have needs in the future. There is no way she will be able to be there for all them.

- Eleanor makes the same mistakes as in life with accepting so many friendships.

Michael Likes Eleanor's Help

Eleanor does not understand the new world around her. So, she needs Michael and Chidi's help to understand if there is a way to stay in The Good Place.

Michael has been up for a long time and needs help. Eleanor is not sure she can provide him with the help he needs.

Theory: It is not possible for him to have long term side effects from working too hard. Yet, he might suffer some short term effects of working too much only because he is not use to working around humans.

His bow tie is even untied.

He studied Friends in order to meet the people of the neighborhood.

-Friends has to do with a group of people that live close together in two apartments. The show was about how they lived and loved. They didn't have the best morals. And, often they made the wrong decisions.

Theory: Michael wants to deal with everyone's problems as he would an observer. I don't think he knows how to fix human problems.

The price of the apartment was out of their range and Michael is trying to figure it out. So, he asks Eleanor. She does not know. She wondered about that, too.

Eleanor is there to help him.

He should know that Eleanor does not have most of the answers to his questions.

Theory: He is so disconnected from humans, he thinks that they might know what is going on better than himself.


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