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Theories The Good Place Show Eleanor The Friend To All

Updated on December 5, 2016

Episode 3 part 7 of 7

Good Deeds
Good Deeds | Source

New Begainnings

Eleanor puts Tahani's Diary back. I don't know if she read it or not. This is not said. She has had time to glance at the diary.

She is really good at putting the book back in the right place.

Theory: Eleanor has stolen in life.

Is this diary Tahani's? Tahani has been spending a lot of time throwing parties. When does she have time to write in a diary? My guess is that there is not much in it.

Fact: Eleanor can not get personal information on others. So, she could have spend some time taking notes on what Tahani had written.

Theory: This is not Tahani's Dairy. This is a diary of someone else in her life. This could be a fake diary that is placed in her home to make Tahani look like a better person.

Fake OR Real Tears?

Eleanor finds Tahani crying. This is strange for her. She is almost certain that everything that this women does is great. The woman might be the greatest person whom ever lived. So, why is she crying? Eleanor sees herself as the one that should be crying.

Tahani tries to act happy through the tears.

Eleanor is not sure how to talk to someone so perfect about what is going on.

Tahani who already sees Eleanor as close friend, asks Eleanor about how Tahani can connect with Jianyu.

--Wait? This is a very private matter that someone in the Pakistani culture would not discuss out side of the home. Jianyu is a soul mate. He is the person that should connect with her.

--So, this is literally tearing Tahani up inside to talk about this man who should be perfect for her, not working out that way.

Tahani is scared for her future in The Good Place. What did she do wrong to make him shun her?

She knows that Eleanor and her soul mate seem to be doing fine. Why can't she be doing fine with her own soul mate?

For Eleanor, she is not use to giving good people advice.

Tahani feels that she should automatic fit in in that place with an already established connection to her soul mate.

Eleanor knows that Tahani "deserves to be happy." She compliments her on who is on the insid and even complements Tahani's body. Tahani would be stupid to not nice her brains and her body.

Eleanor wants Tahani to know that Tahani has a long time to get to know her soul mate. Over time, they will be great together.

Theory: Eleanor sees that this is it for everyone in The Good Place. She is home. There is no reincarnation. This is the best place that the after life has presented her with.

Theory: If she believes that this is the best place for Tahani. Then, she might believe that this is the best place for herself. They are going to be living next to each other for all time. Tahani is meant to be her friend.

Tahani changes from touching Elenors noise to hugging her. This notes the change in their relationship from friends to: in the future family.

Note: True of Tahani: Eleanor regrets hugging Tahani. She knows know that Tahani is a good person. Tahani is not too good to be true.

Chidi has more respect for Eleanor

Eleanor is now wearing a white top and a very light pink bottoms.

Truth: Her clothing change when she sleeps. This has happened three times, already. This is day 4.

The white might note that she is fitting in with others.

Chidi hugs her. And, the tree has been growing when it was burnt down the day before. This is a huge change.

Theory: Eleanor is in charge of the voice of God in The Good Place. This was given to her by Tahani. Which means that Janet suggested the gift. Or, this is the gift that Tahani dug up to give to Eleanor.

In doing so, Eleanor can not leave The Good Place. She needs to sat to relay Good messages or messages that The Good Place is in danger to them.

The Real Eleanor would not have gotten this gift. Only Eleanor would be giving the gift.

Why not the Real Eleanor? The real Eleanor would have no reason to help Tahani because nothing would have went wrong.

What about the gift? It was a welcoming present for Eleanor? Why not the real Eleanor?

Tahani starts off seeing Eleanor as a pet. Someone that greets her and is loyal.

Theory: The Real Eleanor is too good for Tahani. Also, the Real Eleanor would have been spending her time with her soul mate in the first few days.

Theory: God wants to help Eleanor fit-in The Good Place by making sure that Eleanor gets the plant.

She makes sure that Chidi gets the credit for teaching her that something good happened with concerning the plant.

A Surprise For Eleanor

Eleanor, Michael, Tahani, Janet and lots of plants.

Tahani sees Eleanor as her best friend. Eleanor is eating yogurt on a park bench.

Tahani knows she needs keep working on being friends with her soul mate. They must have something in common. Eleanor has given her some great advice to connect with him.

So, Tahani suggest Eleanor to act as his assistant instead of Janet.

They both can investigate the problems of the neighborhood. She agrees and Pink bows drift in front by.

Pink Bows Flying: Pink is a good color that is love and calm. The bow is positive and she will have to deal with her good actions in the future. She has achieved a goal in getting out of a situation that she has no control over.

The Note Could Be Real

Eleanor is confused about how to continue. Then, she finds another note.


So, she goes to the town square at night. She tries to validate that what is going around her by saying that she "sent this to herself." "Her own guilt is manifesting itself."

Eleanor does not look so sure about what she telling herself.

Jianyu steps away from a building opening. Eleanor is shocked that it is Jianyu. This guy does not talk.

What is going on? (Although, I though this was going to happen the first time I saw this show.

He had been the only one that could be sending the note. Janet couldn't have done it.

Michael does not know. Chidi is trying to help her. The other people are too happy to care about Eleanor actually belong there.

He is the only one that could have done it. But, Janet was behaving strangely. The plant could have done it, too.

It would have been fun seeing the leaves of the plant sort of move but not form a pare of lips. And, a voice came from it.)

Elenor didn't even know if he could talk. He knows she does not belong there. Eleanor admits what he has found out about her. She starts telling him that she is "trying to be a good person and she is changing for the better".

She begs Jianyu not to tell anyone.

Theory: She already expects him to understand her. He know the high truths. Jianyu might even be able to help her on her quest to be a better person.

Then, Jianyu tells her that he "is not suppose to be their either." He does not know what is going on. He needs someone's help. And, he is in a panic. He wants Eleanor's help.

Theory: Eleanor is going to have to help him. Or, he will have a brake down and tell everyone.


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