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Theories The Good Place Show Eleanor's Investigative Nature

Updated on December 5, 2016

Episode 3 part 5 of 7

Eleanor needs to proof on if others are right or wrong.
Eleanor needs to proof on if others are right or wrong. | Source

Eleanor's Trust Issues

Eleanor would like a second opinion on this results. I am guessing she does this all the time.

Theory: Eleanor will be doing all sorts of investigating in future episodes.

The easy answer to what Eleanor wants: Janet would know if she belongs in The Good Place.

But, this will not be asked because this is a major question of the series.


Eleanor has good new as for her man. She has ticket to a game that she wanted to attend. He does not look so thrilled by that choice but he looks happy.

Something is wrong with two of the players in that game.

- He sees drinking and driving as wrong.

- She does not like that he tries to make decisions for her. Also, she tries to tempt others with what she really wants to do.

- Eleanor wants to know if the person that she is with will stand behind their believes.

She suggests staying in and watching Roman Polanski movie, listening to R. Kelly and eat Chick Fella.

Roman Polanki movies -

The man- He survived war with the Germans but he was left with a fractured skull. Torched by Nazi soldiers. He was married Barbra Lass. They had two children. After he was married to Shanan Tate. Yes, the same girl that was murdered by the Manson family.

He sexually abused a 13 year old in 1977. Her story was told in 2013. My guess Eleanor heard about it from a gossip magazine.

Can a man change while he is still living? He has lived though so many horrible things during his life-time.

The Good Place Show: While he is living he still has a chance to go to The Good Place. He has a lot of influence and could make a lot of Good things happen. Judging a man would have to take judging him for all his infractions.

My questions: Has he learned from what he did wrong? Has he learned from what was done to him by the Nazis? Is he a better person today? Could it have been the norm to sleep with young woman as a film maker?

Eleanor does not seem to think a person can change.

Roman Polanski is a Polish film director, producer, writer and actor.

R. Kelly -Robert Sylvester Kelly There is so much bad written about this singer and former basket ball player. Many good things are written about his singing and song writing abilities.

He raises money for charities during his concerts and sometimes gives the all the proceeds to charity. This guy is constantly working on his record label.

This is a rape victim, shooter victim, marriage to a minor and accused of rape.

Note: A lot of women and men can't stay with people whom work all the time.Kelly still focuses his time on his music.

If I had to pick a woman for him to date:

- At least, 40 years old. 20's is too young for him to relate to. 30's might not be able to integrate herself in such a large world.

-would need to love music.

-love how she looks good or bad in public. Don't talk too much about that. Just feel that she can dress would be alright.

-know how to play up whom she is in public.

-Know fashion. But, love how see normally looks her private life.

-Be use to wearing head phones to keep out the loud noises. Music is the way he makes money.

-Have a life outside of his life. If he has to worry all the time he might not be at his best. But, if the woman is in the same career they might be able to act together to make their business better. (She needs to be sounding herself with positive people. This can be great to bring the relationship.)

-the woman would have to have understand that he is under a lot of pressure from his job. (His people might know his triggers. She needs to learn them and make them into a strength and not a weakness.)

-the best partner for this guy would be someone that has proved themselves to be trustworthy in the past.

My question: In life is there anyway that he could be a better person? Why do people assume that people can not change?

Eleanor: I am not sure if she has a connection to the first two people. It might be that that they are both famous names that had commented crimes against children. But, she might have been to an R. Kelly Concert. He is very popular.

Theory: She might see R. Kelly's new work as great. Eleanor might just be proving a point to her husband or boyfriend at the time of the argument.

Could there be something more? Why bring them up as examples? Why not bring up examples of people that have committed the same crimes around her area?

Her reasoning is too general. Maybe, she likes talking down to her boyfriend or husband. He might not be able to get more personal answers from her.

Theory: Eleanor likes to think of herself as someone that knows about famous people.


Yummy. (But, I will look it up.)

They faced allegations about not allowing gays and lesbians be employed there.This allegations are only true in some locations.

While the owner of the company is against gay marriage this is the owners issue. He has the right to have believes that are different from others.

Chick-fil-A is not a place where people get married. People buy chicken sandwiches there.

The company gives millions to charities and even gives away free food.

Theory: The Chick-fil-A is close to where Eleanor lives.

She is clearly not pregnant in this flashback.

Eleanor does not think her man knows how to avoid the bad things in life. Even though he says that he wants them to act good.

Eleanor has investigated her boyfriend or husband

The guy talked to his dad before telling her he was unhappy. How old is this guy? Why does he need to verify himself to his father?

If he is so unhappy, he should have told her and not told everyone around him.

Upon, hearing that he was going to brake-up with her she struck out with him by saying that she was still going to the coffee place.

For how long was she going? This says the full punch card.

Theory: She might have borrowed the punch card from someone else. She might have sold it from the store.

Did she lose her baby? Is this way he wanted to leave her? Was his feeling hurt, so he thought more about himself and not her feelings?

Is this part of postpartum depression for her after having a baby?

Why does she offer people such an easy out of the relationship? And, why is she dating this weak minded men?

Theory: She wants to date good people. But, they all turn out to be worthless or people that are not worthy of her time.

I ask about the baby because in most shows children are not the lead characters. Sometimes, the go off to their rooms for half a season at a time.

End of flashback

Theory: Children might not be something that her mind wants to think about with Chidi there in the room. She only met him.

Age Calculations

How old is Eleanor? There is not know about her age at this time. She is out of high school and she has worked someplace then worked some place else for 5 years. She can afford tigers tickets.

17 or 18 years old graduated high school. Unknown if she went to college. Got a job unknown time. Was that her first? ... Then, 5 years of selling pills.

What I know? Eleanor is good at her job but develops a ligament drinking problem after age of 21. 21 + 5 = 26 years old at least. But, this seems very low.

The actress that plays her is 36 years old. So, this must mean that she is close or older to this age. Why would she want to look older than she ever was in life?

Answer: She would not want that. There are years of flashback that are missing.

How old is Chidi?

18 years of research. Professor. I am not sure how long it takes to become a full professor but he has at least two majors. 28 + 18= 46 possible death minim.

I still think Tahani is lying. My guess is that she has not been to the United States of America to learn a new hobby.

Theory: Eleanor might be trying to connect Tahani with R. Kelly. But, it is unknown if Tahani has never been convicted of a crime or had any connection with a record label.

Theory: Tahani was in the gossip magazines for something. Eleanor has read about her.

Theory: Eleanor has tried to interview Tahani in life. But, Tahani did not want to take her interview. (This is assuming my theory about Eleanor being an undercover journalist for a magazine.)


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