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Theories The Good Place Show Helpful Eleanor

Updated on December 5, 2016

Episode 3 part 4 of 7


Helping Friends

Chidi is contemplating his life. Eleanor notices there is something wrong and wants to help him. He asks about his teaching capabilities to Eleanor.

Eleanor does not understand where this is coming from. He is teaching her. She is relaying on him to teach her how to be a good person.

He noticed that she is hiding something under her clothing. She does not want him to see but he asks about it.

Instantly, he wants to know what is going on with her. And, of course she tells him about the diary. She wants to check the hand writing?

This is just like a detective. The theory about her being an undercover detective or reporter might be true.

She now holds evidence about Tahani's life. Eleanor wants to know what is going on. She will find answers in the diary: she hopes.

Why did she steal the diary? Tahani = evil person. Is this true or not?

This is when the tree burst into flames.

--The bush is a way for The Good Place to communicate to Eleanor that what she is doing is a bad thing. If the bush does nothing then Eleanor is doing something that is not Bad.

In doing this, Eleanor might be the chosen by God to be the one that gets to talk to God. This would mean that she does have a purpose in The Good Place while she is there.

Stealing Is Wrong And The Tree Knows It

Stealing - This has to be a bad thing in The Good Place.

Chidi tries to make her understand that this is wrong. Eleanor thinks this is good, not bad.

Good people do good things. He knows she still has not learned her listen. He does not understand why she can't just be good in The Good Place. What is keeping her from conforming?

Social Roles

The Good Place is suppose to have good people in it. So, Eleanor should be doing good things.

She is not behaving like the others in her neighborhood (group).

What is expected of her? It is expected that she has more feeling for her fellow man or woman than that of herself. The outside world only serves as a driving force to do Good things. This might be who the Real Eleanor is and how she is different from the Fake Eleanor that is now given to audience.

Everyone expects her to be happy in The Good Place

It is clear that Chidi is not happy. He still gets stomach pains. This don't always happen around Eleanor. They happen around people who do not agree with his way of life.
Social Norms

As a good person the individual should already know how to behave in The Good Place. The

Elite has already a set of rules that they fallowed in life that has transitioned to The Good Place.

A way to keep The Good Place norms, no bad people are allowed in The Good Place.

The people can relate to each other easier now that they know they are around others that had the same goals in life. Others feel safe and protected in their new home.

Everyone has their own way to act. And, they make sure to intoduce themselves in a no threatening manner that is comforting to others. IE Eleanor and Tahani seek out to greet their closest neighbors. They offer a fresh baked treats to make sure that others feel a sense of community and togetherness.

Good Deeds

Eleanor does not know much about basic good deeds.

Theory: Eleanor has scene the Bad in people. She expects everyone to have some sort of Bad side of them.

Good and Bad are not general terms for Eleanor. One thing that can be bad for one person might is not bad for the next.

Tahani is pretending to be perfect. Eleanor wants to know more about Tahani's behavior.

Chidi believes that Eleanor wrote that note to herself. Somehow, she feels guilty for her actions. Tahani is innocent and Eleanor needs to reevaluate how she feels about herself.

Eleanor understands what he is saying. This makes since to her. Why? This is the easy answer.

-She does not have to do any more investigation, if this true.

-The bush does tell her that she is doing wrong.

She thinks she might belong there. But, Chidi does not think that way.

Chidi knows that she does not meet the formula for being good. But, he has not read her file.

He has not seen her numbers. Eleanor has not seen her numbers.

The results don't lie. Tahani is good.


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