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Theories The Good Place Show Not Knowing The Truth

Updated on November 28, 2016

Episode 3 Part 6 of 7


This may just be the right place for Elenor



Explaining everything that is thought about a certain topic.


Becoming creative and moving forward in order to become braver. And, learn what is good in others.

Also, not harming others. Elenor should try to understand her own behavior without assuming the worse in people. She needs to accept all that is around him or her.

Accepting the truth-

This is as it sounds. Elenor needs to understand what is going on. What is true?

Will she be able to change? Is is possible that changing will not change her situation?

She needs to know what is true. Does she know the truth? What is already true that she can accept about what is going on with her.

Chidi May Know The Truth

Elenor decides to accept what Chidi is staying as the truth. She does not like accepting it. The look on her face shows that she is struggling with what is going on.

Caring About Chidi

"Good people make me insecure." - Elenor. She wants to prove that they are not good. That they don't mean what they say when the say it.

Chidi mentions admitting the truth to her. He thinks his work is not good at all. It should not be listened to at all.

Elenor is shocked at this which is strange if she does drag people to her level or lower. She respects what Chidi has to say.

Elenor immediately tries to cheer up Chidi when his self esteem lowers. This proves that she really cares does about Chidi.

She is not some college girl whom wants to get an A in his class or someone that wants to use his name for something. Elenor thanks that Chidi has the ability to be a better person.

Theory: She really does hope to talk to him and share knowledge. Elenor is even looking forward to talking and discovering new truths about the universe or just life in general.

Theory: She wants to make people happy. But, others in her life want too much out of her. IE not drinking at a bar. She came their to drink because is warn out from her job. They do not say anything positive to her. All they do is complain that she can not drive them. They even give her nasty looks.

---There is no wonder why she dumped them. But, Chidi tries to make her feel positive about herself. He even gives her goals to strive to so that she will be better in that neighborhood.

--Chidi would not try to change Elenor unless it is necessary. This is a time when it is necessary.

Chidi Would Not Change Her Unless She Wanted To Change

Elenor understands that. He does not even want to change her at the start of the relationship until Elenor begs him to help.

Elenor points out that Michael does not know everything. Proof: 1) Elenor is not suppose to be there. 2) Michael says that Chidi studied 10 years on his body of work. When Chidi says 18 years. 3) Michael does not know much about how Janet works. 4) Michael does not know how humans would react to the environment he created. 5) Michael does not know much about human interaction. 6) Micheal only hopes things will turn out alright. He does not know.

Questions: Is possible that Michael is given several outcomes that pertain to those around him? Are this people that eventually end up in The Good Place? Is this Elenor suppose to be in The Good Place. But, she is not dead. Is she in a coma someplace waiting for her soul to come back to her body?

Elenor wants Chidi to have pride in himself.

New Beginning For Chidi

He asks for help from Michael to rewrite his book. Michael thinks this is a great idea. Michael has solved the problem about what Chidi is going to do in The Good Place.

Michael wants Chidi to start over with his body of work. Chidi accepts Michael's advice hoping that he will be able to write an even better paper.

-The paper is done in his life. This paper is over. It is up to Chidi to write a new paper that makes himself happy.


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