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Theories The Good Place Show Realizing the Souls Purpose

Updated on December 5, 2016

Episode 4 part 2 of 5

Jianyu wants to be true to himself.
Jianyu wants to be true to himself. | Source

Jianyu/Jason starts class

Michael and Tahani she is cutting flowers in a sun dress. This is a strange thing to do for a rich person. Rich people have their flowers flown if for them. Yet, she does have gloves on so this might be an amusing hobby of hers.

Nightly orchid bath? Tahani takes orchid baths and loves mornings. Or, this is what is replacing her morning prayer.

She picks a white orchid. Orchids are a sign of responsibility, sexuality and strength.

This says that she wants to be more attractive. That attraction is to others that will help her cause or her path in life. At the same time, she is innocent and pure.

Theory: Tahiani is sexually attracted to Jianyu. Tahani believes that she should be the one to fulfill his sexual desires.

Theory: Tahani knows about the classes with Eleanor and Chidi. Confucius wrote about Orchids. She is dropping hints to Michael about the Eleanor's classes.

Theory: Eleanor is talking about the topics in the class with Tahani to sound smarter. This is how she is able to get the concepts. Confucius might talk about the works of is part of Lao Tzu.

Fact: Tahani likes to know meaning of things. She knows the meaning of her name... (I still think the name is her sister's and she is taking her place) which she loves. So, she might know the mean of all the flowers she loved in life.

Theory: Eleanor might have heard Tahani talking about flowers and how she connects herself to them.

Tahani Death Theory: She died protecting her sister from someone or something. Maybe, someone wanted to kill her sister. But, she died instead. Why? Tahani puts duty above all else.

New restaurant opening

She is very exciting about helping out. 2006 fundraiser for stem cell research in Basilica. This is modeled against this one. Why does Tahani not request this before Janet requests it.

Theory: Tahani is hiding something. Tahani is not the Tahani that is suppose to be in The Good Place. But, she knows how to talk to people to make her seem like someone else.

Theory: Tahani was an actress in life. This woman is the perfect role for her.

Theory: Eleanor gave Janet a list of events that she wished she went to when she was alive.

Princess Stefani was there Aspen Portunbet (unknown of what word Tahani used). International Sophisticate magazine gave 5 wallets. (Unknown if this magazine exists. I still think she is telling lies.)

Princess Stephani is 47 years old in 2016. This might say something about Tahani's age. This to me proves that she 47 or older.

Tahani might be mentioning a private magazine about hairstyles. (That is all I could find in while searching google.)

It is possible that she might have know Princess Stephani because they both share a desire and a duty to give to charities. Princess Stephani gives to HIV and AIDs charity.

Michael is nervous about the event. He want to wear suspenders. There is a light bubble sign behind him.

Jianyu/Jason is comfortable as he is now

Jason thinks that Tahani knows nothing about Eleanor or Jason. They need a private place to talk to each other so that she does not hear.

Budd Hole is his Jason's place where he gets away from people. The budd hole has a sound system with a computer that has marks on it.

He has been working on his music. He has a picture of someone in front of the city. Lighting that is not of this century. Some magazine laying around. A car panting on the wall. The door is turquoise blue. She has a guitar, some trash, Girls and car posters, small radio.

He wants to know if Janet is single? He finds Janet attractive. Janet looks to be in her 30s.

Theory: Jason might have died in his 20s.

Jianyu/Jason appears confused about Good Classes

Jason wonders if there are classes there in the Good Place. She tells him about Chidi's classes and Michael wanting her help.

Theory: Jason like the white orchid has sort of innocents to him in that he is so new to understanding his situation in The Good Place. He does not want to change from what he has become in The Good Place.

He sees The Good Place as a Heaven where he can do as he likes when he likes. This is a sort of innocents that he might be punished for in The Good Place.

Unfortunately for Jason, the rules about being in The Good Place at set. He might see that there is still hope for Jason as long as he is consent in his work to get better.

He would work with Jason to make his Budd Hole better for Jason to achieve his goals. This would involve working EDM into the teachings.


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