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Theories about Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato dating!

Updated on April 17, 2019
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Christine is a Filipina, writer-wanna-be. I express myself through writing and sometimes music as well. Beginner-level

Why did they break up? Is the song 'I'm Sorry' by Joe Jonas in his album 'FastLife' pertaining to Demi? Did Joe ever loved Demi?


What do you think really happened?

I was never a fan of JoBros before but I've always loved Demi from the moment I heard her songs. Maybe, I could just relate with her before as if she's been through a lot, and now I know that she actually had it tough. Strong woman!

Thanks to the sudden comeback of the Jonas Brothers after 6 years that caught my attention and made me curious of who they actually are and now be one of their fangirls or must I say fan-ladies? Hahaha. Idunnoanymore. At first I was like, "Oh! Jonas Brothers! They sound familiar from my childhood! Might as well watch it." and there you go after that I can't stop thinking about them. Next thing I know I am obsessed with them and starts digging information about them as much as I could in two weeks, I watch most of their videos on YouTube, performances, movies and interviews as well. Then, there I found the link between Demi Lovato and Jonas Brothers, particularly, Joe Jonas. Aside of starring the leading roles for the successful 'Camp Rock' movies. They actually dated in real life. (I know, I am so outdated. Honestly, I only knew HSM before. I've watched CR, only when I was at College. I was 6 years late, and it hurts. Understand me, it sucks to be poor having no 'CabledTV'-whatever you call that. I can only watch Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon network during my stay at our grandma's house whom I only know has 'CabledTV' at that time, like it was only during summer vacation.)

They've dated from 12th March 2010 until 24th May 2010 (not really sure about the exact date, but I just read that)

Upon watching interviews, and reading a lot of articles about them, I become interested about their relationship. Like yeah! I ship them soooooo right! Love their chemistry and how their voice perfectly match to each other's voices. I am into music, that's why I really love them both.

So, here are my theories about what really happened, why did they break up? Is the song 'I'm Sorry' by Joe Jonas in his album 'FastLife' pertaining to Demi? Did Joe ever loved Demi?

Years ago, Demi Lovato struggles with drugs at a very young age. She's been struggling about it even before being with Joe Jonas. Joe also mentioned one of his interviews that it was Demi and Miley who peer-pressured him to try some weeds at the age of 17. But eventually, after dating for a month or two they split up and decided that they should better off as friends. Cool right? But not really.

Demi on her 'Simply Complicated' Documentary, shared that she actually friggin' fell in love with Joe Jonas while shooting Camp Rock. And don't you ever think just how much it hurts that they have to split up after all that years of chase then end it for a freaking month or two?! Anyway, they are just like 17 or 19 by that time, puppy love maybe? But I remember, Demi said to one of her interviews that her first serious relationship was with Joe, but not same with Joe Jonas because on his interview he said that his first serious relationship was with Ashley Greene. Heartbreaking right? I personally like Joe a lot! But it was a kind a turn off because I love Demi as well. Hahaha. I'm confused. Sorry.

So why did they break up?

Based on what I've read, if I remember right, in one of Joe's interviews, he said that he just felt like he wants to be with Demi trying to protect her from her addiction but he was not happy anymore and he also has a brand to protect (Disney's brand). He was struggling with wanting to help her but having to keep his brand as well. And there this event happened where Demi punched a back-up dancer in the face after exposing her to her manager and the JoBros' father. Things just didn't went well for them. Though being able to save their friendship, Demi also said that she was totally mad at Joe when they broke up. But things could never been the same again. Watching before and after their relationship, there's a lot of difference that even I noticed.

My theory:

After knowing about Demi's drug addiction JoBros' father might've talked to his son about his relationship with Demi. I have nothing against him. I actually like him too, I totally do, when it comes to their faith. But I was just thinking, that maybe because of his love for his son, that he might thought that maybe Demi will not be a good influence to his son that's why he did that, but he loves Demi as well for sure, they are like family to begin with. Again, don't take this seriously, this is just a theory I respect Papa KJonas, okay? This theory might be influenced by too much Filipino dramas you know? Haha. I am not saying this actually happened.

Is the song 'I'm Sorry' by Joe Jonas in his album 'FastLife' pertaining to Demi?

My theory:

Sorry to break it up to you guys, as much as it breaks me, but I guess the song is not really for Demi neither for Taylor as well. I am actually thinking of Ashley. It was because, just like what Joe said, Ashley was his first serious relationship and he actually even decided to ditch his infamous Purity ring for her. I was really depressed thinking about this and listening to the song. I as well wish it was really for Demi, but some lines of the lyrics confuses me as well especially, the first lines of the song, and the lyrics wanting her back in his life might actually be meant for Demi, wanting her to come back but as a very close friend just like they were used to be but not as lovers.

Did Joe Jonas really loved Demi?

My theory:

I am struggling with this question. But the more of me is actually saying 'No', he did not love her as a lover, but as a friend, totally! But the other me is battling saying Yes! He did! If my other theory about their break up makes sense, then he probably did, and also if the song was actually for her like many fans would've claimed. Then, there you have it, it's a Yes! Also their gestures before and after the break up sometimes speak up. They were really sweet when they were still together and there's that awkward atmosphere (up until their latest video together) everytime they were together after the break up but they can sometimes break it by showing that 'we are cool, we're now friends vibe'. I don't know I feel I am being biased because I really ship them. Hahaha. But I guess, my final answer would still be No. This is in my view as a non-shipper without bias. Though, showing some gestures of high affection by Joe Jonas to Demi, such as sweet gestures caught behind the scenes, visiting her on their taping for 'Sonny with a chance' is surely something. But I guess this is just something normal especially for those who are starting to date with a really great bond even before becoming official. And also the disinterested attitude that I guess sometimes Joe unintentionally shows during the interview, showing he is not happy anymore. I am not really that sure about it but that is just what it seems to me.

So that concludes my theory...



Tell me what you think about my thoughts but please no harsh comments, this is just an idea I came up with. I just want to know if there are also others who thinks the same as I do. I kinda felt bad digging in someone's personal business when it was over for a long time. Bare with me, I just have to let these ideas out. But these really are the questions I would really like to be directly answered by Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato.

Thanks for reading.


Everything written here are all opinions of the writer. It doesn't mean, it was all true. Some of the infos might not actually be the real deal, it was all given as how she perceived it from what she read with other articles and watched from interviews for the past two weeks she is fangirling for the Jonas Brothers. This is the result of her obsession to the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato.

I am not a professional just a beginner trying to express herself, sorry for the typo, structure, and grammar errors. I was writing this while I am at work using my phone. Thank you for understanding me and I hope you enjoyed what you have read.



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