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Theories The Good Place Show Eleanor Gets Chidi To Help Her

Updated on December 5, 2016

Episode 2 part 1 of 3 pages

This episode does have to deal with getting Chidi's help.
This episode does have to deal with getting Chidi's help. | Source

Is Chidi able to help Eleanor?

Chidi starts off confused. He does not have the answers. But, something strange happens. Eleanor offered him an answer.

Theory: Eleanor has enough faith in Chidi that she is willing to wait until she comes up with an answer.

Theory: Chidi relies on books to find the answers to deep questions. Also, he feels that Michael will have the all answers to every problem.

-----Even though he was a professor in college, he picked and choose his own situations. He rarely went out of his comfort zone.

The Problem with Janet

Janet- The robot like being that gives everyone what they want offers information and everything a person could ever want in the Good Place.

Theory: Most people ask for porn. (Janet asks Elenor about porn.) Who is asking for porn in the good place?

---I am not sure if this is what a good person would ask for in The Good Place. But, this people are the Elite. A few of them could have done really horrible things but still helped even more.

A ruler of a country would have the opportunity to rank up in the Elite even if they were horrible people. The number system is flawed. Porn might be low on the negative list when someone works in a soup kitchen or fights to end slavery.

They blow their nose on people as long as they saved a group of people from genocide.
Theory: Looking at porn would not have meant much to the point system. The people in The Good Place would still be the Elite.

Strange Theory: Chidi is the one that knows Janet’s name. Without him, Eleanor would have had to go outside with her gray pajamas. This should not be a bad idea.

The Pajamas

---Anyone could have changed their clothing before going outside. They know were their clothing is located.

Theory: Chidi knows where Eleanor keeps her pajamas. How? I think he has been looking at porn. And, he might be picturing her in those pajamas.

----Eleanor is his soul mate. Maybe, he thinks that one day they will be sleeping together.

Where the problem started?

They know where the chaos first happened. It happened in Tahani’s home.

Why not Eleanor's home? If this is about Eleanor then that is the place for the solution.

Michael does say that it started in that home. This might be the person that asked for Porn. My guess is that the 2D guy ,Gary, who's head looks like a painting asked for it first.

Chidi still don't know if he can help Eleanor

Theory: Future mistakes could be repeated in The Good Place. IE watching or looking at porn.

This might be the guy that looked at the porn. Also, Eleanor is making mistakes that she thought were alright to make in life. She is repeating them in death.

Chidi is avoiding helping Eleanor. Because he feels that she is making too many mistakes too quickly. He gets punished right away when he gets stomach aches. He is trying to distance himself from her. Chidi does not feel that he is qualified to help her.

Michael's obligation to The Good Place

Michael starts to sweat. This is the first time he has sweated. He has no idea what to do in that situation.

Theory: He is not the one that has to understand everyone’s problems in the past. He relied heavily to the person in charge. Also, the Janet in the other neighborhood’s fixed everything for everyone.He does say that he has not been a human body.

Everyone is living in a place were they get what they want all the time. They must have been told to ask for Good things. Maybe, they have a manual.

Theory: The people in the past neighborhoods repeat the Good things that they do in life so that they can stay in their new Good Place.

Question: If Michael watched over Good Places for a very long time, who is watching Michael? My best guess is that he will have to pick someone. This person does not have a human body.

Theory: Michael will get someone to watch over him in future episodes. This might happen at the end of the first season or the start of the second season. No one has talked to him.

Theory: When they realize there is a problem they can start the first steps to changing it.
The owner of the house is not the first person that starts to change. There is a white guy and a black lady two rows behind her that changes right after her.


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