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Theories The Good Place Show Episode 1 The First Two Minutes

Updated on December 5, 2016

The Good Place

Eleanor looks shocked in this picture. It is unknown why she is shocked. But, it could mean something is going to happen to her. Michael just looks happy to be there.
Eleanor looks shocked in this picture. It is unknown why she is shocked. But, it could mean something is going to happen to her. Michael just looks happy to be there. | Source

Why does anyone have to be talked to when they enter?

This is a requirement.

The Message On The Wall

When she awakes she is faced with a sign on the wall. “Welcome! Everything is fine.”

Everyone that goes to The Good Place gets to see this message. So, I am going to examine the words.

Welcome – Welcome is fallowed by a quotation mark. The word is used so that Eleanor realizes she has just arrived in a new area. This is often a positive greeting to the person arriving in the new area.

The quotation mark (!): This tells that she is very welcome in that place. It shouts out to her that she is welcome.

Everything: All things in that room are alright in general since.

Is: Is a current situation in the present. This does not note the past or the future. IS is a verb that is connected to a noun.

Fine: Could mean high quality, thinner… there are other meaning but this two are the ones that Eleanor might be thinking about.

The meaning of Welcome! Everything Is Fine. Means that in the present Eleanor belongs in this new area and at the present everything around her is of high quality. And, the other meaning of the word fine (thinner) might be a foreshadowing as to how few population are actually welcome in that area.

This might be telling Eleanor that she one of the few that made it to where she currently.

Eleanor appears to be confused by the greeting. She does not know that she is dead. But, when she opens her eyes she sees that message.

The Office

At first I saw the office as an interview. But, why would she need an interview to a place that she was meant to live in?

Does Michael already know about Eleanor? If yes, then why go on an pretend like he does. Then, I realized that the title says it all. This is the good place. Michael does not know about Eleanor. He thinks everyone in the area was good in life: the elite of all good people.

He might be the architect for the area but he handed 50 people to put in it. This number is found out later when one of the main characters looks as her place in the ranking. This is the ranking that happened at the time of everyone’s death.

So, when she sets across from him this is to greet her in when she is put in a new place.

The Stress Of Moving

All this is before seeing her new home:

This is not her choice to leave her life. She is forced to move onto the after-life.

He is there to help her have the information on the new life she is taking it well. There is nothing she can do about it. There is no way back. She needs to really on Michael. This is the role he takes on … telling others that is alright to live in this new area.

He knows that the transition will not be easy. Everyone is new but Eleanor looks to be confused. Michael wants everyone to be pleased with their transition.

One of the stressful things about Eleanors move is that she is given a life that is not her own. Given the rewards for a life lead by a good person. This move is not meant for her.

She does not know anyone in the new neighborhood. Michael wants to be everyone’s first friend. She is still trying to coup with the thought of being dead.

Eleanor knows that Michael wants the best for her. She knows that there are problems that is going on but has no solution to them.

Good Practice for Michael

Michael has to talk to 322 people by himself about them dying. He has never talked to someone by himself about this topic. He has always been the one to take notes while others do the job.


Michael mentions her memories being taken away.

Part of her memory was erased because it was very traumatic. It turns out that she does not remember that day or her death. How much time is actually taken away from her? This is unknown. But, the entire day should not be taken from her. There might have been a lot longer taken from her.

What is known is that she dies the same day that the real Eleanor dies. The real Eleanor seems to remember dying.

My Guess: Her death is part of murder investigation

Why would being hit by a truck be so traumatic for one person but not for the other? She stopped at a grocery store then dropped her Margarita mix when she died. And, some shopping carts plowed into her.

Huh? These don’t kill many people unless there is a step ledge or someone drops one on someone.

Someone killed Eleanor. Who? It could be anyone. She was not a great person. This could be a question for the second season.

Eleanor was able to hold onto the first cart. How? Was she riding on it?

What is known is that the Real Eleanor tried to push Eleanor out of the way of a truck. The Real Eleanor tried to push Eleanor out of the way and died, too. This would make the many shopping carts a true story.

I don’t know if they meant to kill her or they wanted her hurt.

Something that confused me is that the Michael said that the carts where in the process of being returned. The car return is not near the street. So, there is no way that the carts could have lead her into the street area.

The billboard truck would have had to be in the parking lot. It would have hit her at the speed of about 5 miles per hour. This supposedly killed both Eleanors. How?

The easy answers are brain injuries. Or, maybe someone in the truck backed over Eleanor as revenge. The truck driver might have been a hit man.

Another guess: on the murder

The real Eleanor helps people in other countries. Maybe, someone didn't want her helping those people. The man in the truck was to kill the real Eleanor. That is why the truck was moving so fast in the parking lot.


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