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Theories The Good Place Show Is Eleanor Capable Of Being Good

Updated on December 5, 2016

Episode 2 part 2 of 3

Chidi wants to teach. But, he worries about Elenor the entire episode.
Chidi wants to teach. But, he worries about Elenor the entire episode. | Source

Eleanor's Need To Change

Theory: Eleanor realizes that there is much at stake. She wants to stay in The Good Place. She wants Chidi to help her.She does not know where to start.

Notice her clothing: She is now wearing strips. This clothing are not yellow and blue. But, they are similar.


Chidi is reading Kant: I have read about this guy. “Kant argued that we can only have knowledge of things we can experience.”

“1.“What can I know?” Kant replies that we can know the natural, observable world, but we cannot, however, have answers to many of the deepest questions of metaphysics.

2.“What should I do?” Kant replies that we should act rationally, in accordance with a universal moral law.

3.“What may I hope?” Kant replies that we may hope that our souls are immortal and that there really is a God who designed the world in accordance with principles of justice.”

Theory: After, reading Kant, Chidi knows that Eleanor cannot learn from things she has never experienced. He might want to try to recall her doing some good deed. Chidi might want to create a larger list of good things and have Eleanor experience them.

Theory: He might want Eleanor to not only help out people out people. But, she needs to continue to help out people regardless of their background.

Kant might want Eleanor to impress her place in the universe. Yet, she is in The Good Place. The universal law is to be a member of the elite or go to The Bad Place. He knows that there may be no saving Eleanor from The Bad Place according to Kant.

Kant would have gone to Michael for answers.

Chidi's Black Board

--“Moral imperative to help?

--Does he have a greater obligation to community?

--Is she taking someone else’s spot?

--fears- Can morals be taught? Utilitarianism – too flawed- she might be too selfish to ever be a good person.”

Theory: Chidi listens to Eleanor. He wants to help her.

Theory with Utilitarianism: The effects of her actions could be too great. Her actions could have lead to others doing harm to themselves or others.

---Also, Chidi might see himself as someone that has to help her do great acts beyond what he was capable of doing when he was alive.

I believe he is obligated to help his fellow man or woman. Not helping in some way Eleanor would be a bad thing.

Making the wrong choice


Eleanor simply does not want to be the designated driver so she lies. Her friend who knows Eleanor is lying try to call her on the lie. Eleanor never has to be the designated driver.
What would happen if Eleanor was the designated driver?

Eleanor might get drunk by herself or leave early. Or, she might want to take revenge on those that were able to drink.

She might direct her friends to make the wrong choice for fun.
Eleanor might not have gone out drinking with her friends, again. Her new group of friends might have taken advantage of her in some way.

She might have been made to take anger management classes after acting out, too much.

Theory: Her friends or co-workers kept her acting out. They are also the cause of her wanting to take a different job. This flashback might be 5 years before her job where she sold bills to old people.

End of Flashback


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