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Theories The Good Place Show Jason and Eleanor Are Playing The Roles Of People Who Belong

Updated on December 27, 2016

Episode 6. Part 5 of 6.

Learning to fit-in.
Learning to fit-in. | Source

Jianyu/Jason Might Be Doomed To Stay With Tahani

Jianyu/Jason is playing a video game.

I see this as a common thing. It is not horrible thing to play a game.

What do I mean by common: Willy Wanka and the Chocolate factory movie had a character that played video games. He eventually became Wanka's victim. He ended up having to be tall and two dimensional for the rest of his life.

Wrack-It Raph had a little girl playing the video game. If the game does not go her way she picks another game to play. This happens in the bug game. Then, it happens with Wrack-It Raph game.

--The little girl does end up playing the game. But, she has little concern over anyone else playing the games.

In the movie Tron, The Creator of the game is trapped in the game. He is unable to leave unless he wants the game to win. Anyone who tries to save the Creator plays is doomed to a possibly horrifing faite. Also, the game has to do with greed.

War Games has military game try to destroy the Earth. The player has a hard time playing the game.

The Last Starfighter has a guy that wins a game only to find out he must save the universe from some unknown evil.

Theory: The video game is a forshadow to a much larger world. Jainyu is going to have to save someone.

Theory: I think it would be awesome if Jainyu/Jason had to direct Eleanor do something just like a video game character.

Theory: Jianyu/Jason eventually is the key person to save The Good Place.

Theory: Jianyu/Jason will be kicked out of The Good Place.

Theory: Jianyu/Jason will need to save Tahani from someone or something becoming a hero in a subplot.

Theory: Bound to happen because of the budget of the show ... some characters will just be background characters. The cast will be in the similar locations all the time.

---In this Theory, Eleonor and Jianyu/Jason will have their own story like a soap opera.

What I suggest to save money on The Bad Place. Don't show it at all or maybe the creators of the show Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell from Comedy Centeral would have some advice.

I think that Eleanor is already in an early version The Bad Place.

Chidi barely understands how Tahani thinks

Chidi joins Jianyu/Jason to talk about the gift that Jianyu/Jason is giving Tahani.

Frank Caliendo. Impressinaist.

Who is this guy?

He has preformed on the late night comedy circuit. He travels miles to get to performances and is a great impressionist who copies celebrity voices for comedy.

Impressionist artists love bold and dark colors. They work in a quick sketch work and love to work with putting light in the painting. The painting is done all at once as much a possible.

The sculpture part of impressionism might be something that Tahani's sister likes to look at.

Although, her sister seems to want to do something even more intovative in the art world.

Theory: Tahani is taking the place of her sister in The Good Place. I think, I mentioned this before. But, it think this proves my point.

- Tahani sees her sister as perfect. Her parents see her sister as perfect.

Theory: Tahani never discovered her true talent for art because of everyone's worship for her sister.

Theory: Tahani's sister gets hurt or needs medical attention their parents die. This leaves her to have unfifilled dreams. But, she does still have requirements as head of the household.

Also, she has to fill infor her sister.

Theory: Her sister has her go to places and experence life while her sister is sick.
30 people where there in the The Good Plate that night. And the others looked at it.

This makes Michael give up.

He thinks he can't do anything to help people.

Wait: Think of the numbers. They are narrowed down from 322.

12 = number of people at clean up. Plus, the people that flew over.

Take the 12 + the number that stayed at the end of the flying session (Most went home) = number of people there. Also, the flying was supervised. So, after some time they might have gotten hungry or went home at a certain time.

I am going to get read of about 25 percent of this people. Many might have flewn for their jobs all the time. Others might not want to fly at all. And, this is day two, they might not want to deal with people. Also, They might be scared of heights which would be a small percentage because they know they are dead.

322*.25= 80.5 which is 80 rounded. So, 322- 80= 224 - 12 people on ground= 212 people.

With my guess: About 212 people might have flown on day 2.

How many of those people where in the air when Eleanor tried to fly? I didn't see anyone in the air. Everyone was on the ground.

What does this mean?

There is a given time limit where people could fly. She only had a small amount of time left to fly.

Theory: She was being punished for waiting too long to fly.

Theory: Someone the day before is making the trash storm. Anyone could have messed up day one.

But, my guess of 212 people still stands. I don't think Eleanor was involved in this one. Eleanor believes she did it.

What makes me believe she was not involved?

Fact: Eleanor was in the clean up crew. 12 people.

Fact: That means there are 322- 12 suspects= 310 people.

This leaves me with two numbers. About 212 people who might have flown. And, the 310 people who did not pick up the trash.

Final conclusion: Eleanor picked up trash even if she didn't want to do it. And, it was the end of the trash picking day. Eleanor is not responsible for the trash coming down on her.

Who is? People who did not pick up the trash.

Sink Hole

The good plate's first sink hole is not her fault. This is the fault of the cooks. I believe she had Janet make the cake appear. Or, Janet did baked the cake.

Eleanor Knows Nothing Little About Pleasing Others

Theory about The Good Place and The Bad Place: This means that the people in The Good Place get punished. There is no real Bad Place. There is only people that created a Bad Place by doing bad deeds. But, the Good Place people are expected to keep the place looking better than they came to it.


It turns out that the dog Eleanor babysat gained too much weight. Eleanor left the dog a lot of food.

Her friends explains that Eleanor was not there for the dog.

Theory: The dog often over eats.

Theory: The person whom owns the dog wanted to get read of the dog. The was becoming too much of a burden. So, the person hired Eleanor to watch the dog knowing that Eleanor would mess something up. Hopefully, the dog would run away or Eleanor accidentally would over feed it.

Theory: If the lady wanted Eleanor to care about the dog, there should have been a list on how to feed the dog. Also, the dog food should have been portioned out for the week. This is not Eleanor's dog. There is no way that Eleanor, a non-dog owner, would know that portion control for a dog is important.

- I am suprised that Eleanor does not step on the dog by accident. They do get under foot when they want outside or are hungry.

- Some dogs just like to get into all sorts of trouble just for fun.

- There is no way that Eleanor is going to know all about this dog.
That home is too clean.

Theory: The painting of the dog on the wall is something that the woman had already.

-There is a contimpeary painting of four dogs on the wall.

Theory: There are two dogs and the second dog is a fake. I know dogs eat a lot but that was only one bag. The dog should have been taken to the vet after eating that much. But, I don't think the look like the dog did after eating one bag. And, there might have been a lot of vomit the next day.

Theory: The woman planned on tricking Eleanor in some way. She knows what Eleanor is like.

This is so that the woman never has to invite Eleanor over ever again.

flashback over


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