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Theories The Good Place Show Jianyu Does Not Understand His role in The Good Place

Updated on December 3, 2016

Episode 4. Part 1 of 5

Jianyu is Elenor's neighbor. He is the life mate of Tahani. In life, he is said to have been a monk and choice to be silent at 8 years old.
Jianyu is Elenor's neighbor. He is the life mate of Tahani. In life, he is said to have been a monk and choice to be silent at 8 years old. | Source

The Episode Where Jianyu/Jason Asks For Elenor's Help

The start of the episode deals with Elenor talking with Jianyu in the street. This is right after the third episode.

He seems to be looking for some help.

He is not sure how to take being there. Nothing makes sense to him.

Elenor wants to know about him. He is a mystery. Someone like her is there in The Good Place without anyone knowing. With him being there, she will have to worry about being exposed to Michael.

Theory: If Jianyu is hiding the truth about him not belonging there, there could be others. Not only are their others, they might be willing to do violent things to stay in that place.

Jianyu/Jason is not the educated person that Elenor though he was upon meeting him. She knows that she could be wrong about others. And, he might be smart. But, not able to understand being a monk or The Good Place.

Elenor has Chidi to help her. This is good for Elenor. But, Jianyu/Jason has no one to help him.

Jainyu/Jason does want to stay in The Good Place

Jianyu's/Jason's greeting to the good place conceited of learning about him being a monk and deciding not to talk.

He believes that he is "on a prank show or alien zoo".

Elenor has to tell him that both of them are dead. This is very simple information. Everyone learns this day one. The very fact that Elenor has to tell him that he is dead says that he is unable to trust people in higher positions than himself.

Theory: This trust issues might have started from not being able to trust a parent, family member, lover, wife or he has been in prison.

Theory: He has been pranked before or loves talking about aliens.

Theory: He is still not able to accept that he died.

Unbelievable things must have happened to him in life

Jianyu/Jason seems to want to believe her. But, there might be to much that happened in his life that proves Elenor wrong.

Theory: He thinks Elenor is in on the prank.

His real name is Jason. He is Philippine not from Taiwan. Everyone he talks to has questioned him about Taiwan.

Elenor tries to find out about the healing magic he did on Micheal. But, someone did that to him when he crashed his jet ski. This incident involved hurting a manatee. But, Jianyu/Jason did not die in this incident.

Jacksonville, Florida has many manatee crashes. This is common?

Real Life: 50 year old man crashed his jet ski. And, he is critical condition. On the July 1 2016, he was rushed to the hospital 2:17 pm.

Truth: Jet Ski accidents do happen.

Do they happen with Matinees?

Real Life: 63 year old man dies on July 2 2016, after hitting a matinee on his jet ski in Jacksonville, Florida.

Truth: People do die by hitting matinees with Jet Skies.

Theory: Jiayu/Jason loves the water.

Some Jobs was in life

In life he was a: amateur DJ, EDM, amateur hip hop back up dancer, amateur body spray painter, appraiser of wine, and sold fake drugs to college kids.

EDM - Electronic Dance Music

There is someone that identifies himself as acid cat. This puts a label on what type of EDM is being used. Acid House music was popular from the end of 80s to 90s.


This might be his DJ experience. But, he could have DJ for clubs before or after working with Acid house music.

Proof: He has a sound system that he was recording music right before Elenor walks into the Budd Hole. He had a lot tape markings on it.

Theory: This might be because he is planning to write music for those in The Good Place. He wants to achieve his dream of being a DJ. Or, he wants others to here his music.

Theory: He is righting a love song to Janet. He does ask about her.

Theory: He does make a little money as an amateur DJ.


Amateur hip hop back up dancer

This could have happened in his teens. I have have seen videos were kids to older people dance. But, it could have been any age were he had been a back-up dancer. So, this does not tell his age.

Theory: He might have had a heart attack on stage and died.


Amateur body spray painter

I have seen shows were professionals try to get a certain job as a body painter. They all were amazing at their jobs.

Jainyu could be a someone that spray paints as a hobby for children or he might professionally body paint.

Without him give more explanation there is no telling how much experience he has in this field.

But, if he is does do professional work he could have went to some sort of art college.

Or, Body Painter could mean...

Auto Body Spray Painter

He might have meant that he was an auto body spray painter.

-Have ability to move cars.

-Have a certificate from a community school. Or, the certificate might be acquired thought some high schools.

-Ability to paint with tools that are used in the job.

-Take college classes on this type of painting.

-Know others that have auto body painting experience.

-Work at an auto body place doing other things.

-practice to get better.

-see if you can watch others paint on cars.

-practice painting at home.

But, what does this say about his age?

Theory: His parents might have had a painting business.

My guess is that he would have needed some community college. 19 years old maybe or older.


Appraiser of wine

4 years of college

2 years of experience

5 years or one year of work experience 2,000 hours.

This amounts to 12 years or 7 years of experience before he would be able to take the test to become an appraiser.

17 or 18 + 7 to 12 years= 24 or 25 to 29 to 30 years old at least to be able to qualify for the exam. Plus two years while taking the exam. 26 or 27 to 31 to 32 years old at least.

Theory: The wine appraising was something that happened after he his younger days as a DJ. He still longs for the days when he wanted to play music in clubs.


Selling drugs to college kids

Any age. But, he could have worked in a call center.

This is unknown. He might have lied about his age and had a fake idea for all I know about him working there.

If he works within the law. He would have some experience in call work. 6 months at least, this is what i have been told after talking to a call center in Iowa.

When I was younger their was not experience needed to work in a call center.


Theory: I think that Jianyu/Jason has gone to an Art College in Florida. He may or may not have graduated.

He know about Elenor because she told him

Theory: Him not getting everything that people say in the future might be done for laughs. Or, others will start feeling sorry for him.

She believes him. And, they shake hands.

Theory: She might think they are at the bottom of the 322 people that are suppose to be there.

She uses the term "Welcome to the bottom of the barrel." This could be the bottom of the people who are in The Good Place. Not much is know about either Elenor or Jianyu/Jason.

-Elenor means that if he does not get help he will go to The Bad Place. The only option is to become better, so that they will not be found out by others in The Good Place.


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