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Theories The Good Place Show Not Meaning To Make The Siduation Better

Updated on December 26, 2016

Episode 6. Part 4 of 6.

Trying to make things better.
Trying to make things better. | Source

Something Is Wrong

Eleanor is eating more yogurt. They don't notice the small arrangements or the different things in the background. More people are moving around.

The people might symplis that everyone wants to explore. They are ready to start a new life there.

Michael on yogurt: "Taking something great and ranuning it a little." Eleanor agrees with the statement.

Theory: I think there is something wrong with Michael. He should want to make things better for people not making it difficult. Unless, he feels that humans are not able to live in a perfect world.

Micheal should be living somewhere else. He wants to be in the neighborhood. This neighborhood has to work or he will lose his job.

He promises Eleanor to he will keep her safe and happy.

Safe? From whom? What could hurt the people in neighborhood?

Happiness is a feeling. Is he saying that he can control her feelings? Does he have the power to control feelings?

She wants him to have fun. Karioki: The song blaze of glory. This is 1986 song.

Eleanor might like 1980s parties. OR, this could be about the episode.

She sees herself as a fighter until someone decides to take her to The Bad Place or let her stay.

Michael is singing with her. He trusts her to help him out with his problem.

Tahani expects Jianyu to bond with her

Massage with Jianyu/Jason and Chidi and Tahani and Janet.

Tahani likes impressionist artists.

Chidi is trying to massage Jianyu very lightly.

Theory: This is played for comedy only.

"People change the game," Janyu/Jason says.

Theory: Janyu/Jason knows that being with Tahani is going to be like playing sports. While playing a video game, he plays alone. But, when he plays with others on-line on in a large group there are many outcomes.

Theory: This might come from his days as a wine adviser.

Chidi quickly silences him. Not wanting him to get anyone in trouble.

Theory: He does not know enough about Tahani to know if she will tell others about Chidi.

Eleanor Does Not Mean To Mess up.

They are playing the claw game to get a prize. He wins then they play skeeball to get a tickets.

She cheats right in front of him and he just bows.

Theory: He is testing Eleanor for something.

Theory: He wants to have fun.

Theory: She has always wanted to have more fun with her friends without them judging her.


At that lady's house.

Her friend or relative comes over. Rihanna is in Vegas.


Note: From my understanding Rihanna has tours all over the world. There was one this year. 2016.

Theory: I can cross off the 2016 tour. Why? Eleanor mentions she thinks she is ready to have a baby. And, in a earlier episode she looks pregnant.

-She supposedly is going to drink at the concert. Eleanor mentions that Rahanni was a little drunk. This does not match up with Eleanor's other flashbacks.

Why is Eleanor commenting on others drinking too much? Eleanor drank a lot in the flash backs. Eleanor does drink.


Rihanna started her singing career in 2005.

So, it might have been her 2007 tour. This is the Girl Gone Bad tour.

My guess is that Eleanor is older and does not drink much any more. The friends or relative's home that she is at might be her daughter's home. And her other friend could be her other daughter.

She comments on being a mommy because she wants to be a mommy to a new puppy.

Eleanor can chose between house-sitting or not going to a concert. Her friend tries to get her to with. Eleanor is confused. She wants to go but she wants to stay, too.

Eleanor leaves a lot of food for the dog. She is concerned for the dog. She does not understand dogs.

Theory: Eleanor should not be judged for leaving too much food for the dog. She knows nothing about the animal. And, she might not have had any animals in her home.

Flashback over

Tahani Has A Problem With Fitting In

Chidi, Janyu, Tahani.

Tahani hates her skin. Everyone else has great skin treatments and she can't.

Tahani is sad. She wants to go to the sauna.

Note: What is this about? She fished for compliments from Eleanor. But, I thought it wa some sort of ego things. Now, I wonder if Tahani death had something to do with her trying to hard.

Tahani Death Theory: My best guess of how she died is that she was trying too hard to please everyone and she suffered from a major heart attack.

Key To Tahani's Heart

Chidi tells him to go for Tahani. Impressionist paintings are the key.

Jianyu/Jason is still worried about Tahani but is willing to try to make her happy.

Having Fun

Michael is happy. Eleanor is there with him.

He has fun with Eleanor even though Eleanor said she was not goign to help Michael. He even looks more relaxed. But, She is not so sure she helped him at all. And, she leaves happy.

Theory: Eleanor has resigned her faite. She knows that eventually she will have to leave.

Eleanor Reflects On Her Time At The Good Place Alone

Tahani is having dinner alone. I am sure she loves her time by herself.

She feels by herself. But, there is no one to talk to.

Theory: Everyone does not know how to talk to her. She is always doing too many things.

They don't know how to compete with her. And, she does not appear to need anyone's help.
Chidi tells her that he does not like France but he loves the museums. Chidi wants to help her.

Wait? What? He spoke French. He tells Eleanor he is speaking french. But, everyone understand the same language.

He hints that his people where imprisoned by the French for a long time. Who are those people? I am thinking this had to be before and during the French Revolution.

I know the French Revolution was in the 1700s, not 2016.

All I know so far from his flashbacks is that Chidi is a teacher that has a problem with lying for a time on Earth. That might have changed after some time with other faculty members being around him.

Theory: I have only seen one flashback about Chidi having a problem with lying. This might have changed for him.

Someone Is Wrong For The Neighborhood

Eleanor and Michael

Humans are not predicable. Michael thinks that one of the people is wrong in the neighbor hood is the problem.

-He does not know much about humans. He does have experience with watching them. And, the Friends series taught him some things about humans.

Who are they looking for?

He thinks the person was on garbage duty. There was 12 people garbage duty.

There are also people who flew over.

The circles in the room are different, again.


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