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Theories The Good Place Show The Clean Up

Updated on December 5, 2016

The Good Place Episode 2 part 3 of 3

Eleanor should be keeping her feet on the ground.
Eleanor should be keeping her feet on the ground. | Source

Day Two

The second day starts off with birds chirping. This are not the crows that were heard in the last episode.

Theory: This notes that there will be more bird sounds in the future. There may even be someone that loves birds in a future episode. Maybe, someone saved birds in their past life.

Michael speaks to the people

Michael is explaining that things are better.
Notice there is confetti everywhere.

Theory: Everyone was parting the night before with out regard to picking up after themselves. Instead of showing up as trash, confetti showed up.

People in The Good Place were only focusing on their own wants and not that of others. They don't see The Good Place as something that could be taken away from them or changed at any time.

Orientation Day 2: Everyone there has wanted to fly. This is the time to do it.

Her Tahani wants everyone to volunteer to help clean up in a bonding experience. Her soul mate is observing silence even after death.

Theory: She thought a soul mate would be someone that could talk to her. Someone that can complement her talents.

Michael says that she can clean up. She gets 12 volunteers. Many people want to help out.
Chidi wants Eleanor to do something something for the environment.

Theory: This might be karma for not picking up trash in the last episode. She kicked the trash to one side. Therefor, she is to pick up trash after death.

“Fun what she wants to do. And, less fun what others want to do for the common good.” Paraphrased from what Chidi said. She should be doing the one for the common good.

Common good-good of all involved in area.


There is a lady in that is flying that flys by her. The lady is very close to Eleanor. She even boosts about how much fun flying is while doing it.

Theory: This proves that everyone is flawed. The woman could have asked Eleanor if she wanted to fly. The woman could have even said that flying is fun. But, that is not what the lady said.

Theory: The lady might be use to relaying her experiences in on the internet or on youtube.

She might have died while playing extreme sports. This would explain the boosting. She thinks that everyone wants to do Extreme Sports.

More Background on Tahani

Tahani: Was in Vietnam and picked up mortar shells with her godmother. Who was a princess. She has been to Johnny Depth's private bird sanctuary. (This might reference to his private island. It is unknown why she would have been invited to go there or if the sanctuary even exists. But, there are several pictures available on-line of birds on that island.)

Is Tahani lying? There is a reason for her to lie. Later, there are flashbacks of her competing with her sister. She is always last.

Theory: There is a lot more to neighborhood then is shown. Also, there might be more birds seen or heard in the future.

Theory: She feels out of place by all the Good People around her. She wants to think of herself as someone that fits-in. But, she is scared that everyone else is so much better than herself.

Michael think that something is wrong. He confides in her. He sees himself as the one that messed up.

She says powerful people do not handle failure well. And, she decides that her and her soul mate must help Michael.

Theory: She believes he is going to do something extreme in trying to handle the problem. In handling the problem, everyone will be punished. Or, his actions might lead to suicide in some way.

Theory: She has been around powerful people that have done horrible things in stressful situations.

Eleanor cleans up the neighborhood

Learn: There is a Rail Station. Why is this there? How big is this neighborhood? Who is using the Rail Station? Does Elenor have any interest in using the Rail Station?

Antonio and is Soul Mate- is an energetic guy that loves to clean up. He and his soul mate love to clean up.

This people might be in future episodes. Eleanor does refute to them as new friends.

To help or not to help Eleanor. Chidi says that her motivations are corrupt.

Aristal says that moral virtue is something that can be changed. Practice a lot. (To learn about the world around her.)

Aristotle is most likely in The Bad Place. He talked about The Arts a lot. He may not have been someone who saves animals.

The only thing that might have saved him from The Bad Place is his research during his life. (The count for positive points stops when a person dies.)

-Knowledge can be learned by looking at what is around a person.
-Researched animals around him. But, enjoyed marine biology the best.
-Researched weather.
-Researched finding out about the world around him.
-cause and effect.
-different effects for different items.
-good = known law of logic. What we want compared to what happens in the real world.

Theory: She needs to learn to telling herself that there are effects to her actions.


Her friends want her to be the designated driver. So, they pick her before she arrived. But, she is drunk or pretends to be drunk. Loves finding loophole in this system.

End of Flashback

Note: Many of the soul mates are the same gender. This might be a nod to the gay and lesbian community.

Michael sees a flawed world

Her neighbor says: The flawed are more beautiful. She wants him to see the beauty in what is around Michael.

Michael wants to be perfect.

There is a dog. He notices it. He kicks it into the sun. It turns out that the dog is someone’s pet. No pet dies. It is not an actual dog it is what looks like a dog and it can feel love but only because the woman wants it to feel love.

Theory: Everyone is flawed. He is not use to having to deal with humans who were not born 100% perfect.

Wanting to Fly

Eleanor has 5 mins to fly and her trash bag brakes. So, she hides the trash.

How to fly: Conjurer an image that brings them per joy. Vacation, people puking on roller coasters.

Puking = partying.

Theory: She might be doing something gross to make other people laugh. This might be part of a joke.

Theory: This might be a part of fitting-in with others around her.

However, she gets hit in the head by trash.

Michael is worried about the Good Place.

Theory: The trash falling down on everyone is not all her doing. Others should have helped pick-up. They could have learned to fly some other day.

Michael Is Confused

Michael is overwhelmed by the amount of power he has been given. He consults with Tahani and her soul mate.

The soul mate, Jianyu Li puts his hand on Michael's back and put his hand on Michael's heart. And,Jianyu Li makes eye contact.

-This is a gesture to Michael to say that they are friends.

-The gesture on the heart. That Michael should have more respect for himself and possibly to stop judging himself so harshly.

Theory: The person that is giving silent advice has given this types of advice in the past. But, he could have seen some old movie where a monk does that to another person.

Theory: Michael needs to hear this advice. He wants to hear that he is capable of getting better at his job even if he does not believe it.

Theory: Others will need to compensate for Michael's depression. If he gets depressed over one or two days of chaos someone else will need to take his place.

Early Day 3

Elenor has yet another top on to sleep. This one is pink.


The guy at the bar notices that she only drank water that night. She was designated driver. She meets a guy that likes her being the designated driver. Lies about drinking water to stay sober.

She tells her friends that she hooked up with the bartender. Then, she can drive them home. She calls a cab for them and the cab company can not be used because she has thrown up in a lot of cabs.

-consequence: Thursday night drinking with friends. If she blows them off she will be banded from drinking with them. Elenor leaves her friends for some guy at the bar.

Flashback over

More Clean-Up

She awakes in the middle of the night to clean up trash.

This is when something strange happens. Chidi is walking around outside. He might have seen her outside but this is very strange.

This is when he releases that she might want to become a better person. No one is there to help her become a better person. This proves to Chidi that she is "capable of change".

Theory: If Chidi didn't help her she would have to learn on her own. This would be like a child learning without a teacher. The books are there. But, she only knows how to ask Janet for what she knows about in her limited amount of knowledge.

-Chidi can teach her how to ably the knowledge that she learns.

She was going to dump garbage inside of Antonio's home. My guess is that she is secretly jealous of Antonio. He is too happy. Eleanor finds a challenge where there is none. She wants them to be just as miserable as her.

Theory: She still does not want to be Good but if she has to she wants others to suffer for it. Antonio is an easy target. He is not likely to fight back.

Theory: Eleanor is use to others fighting with her.

Michael notices her good deeds

Michael noticed her cleaning up the neighborhood. How? He was not there. My guess is that someone told him. There were a lot of people that could have seen her.

Why did no one help Eleanor, if they saw her? Why didn't they help after they flew that day?

Good person lessons: Ethics and philosophy. Chidi is going to treat her like a student.

Theory: Eleanor does not like rules set in place that make others worse off. She is still not comfortable with accepting the people around her knowing how to teach her. The people in the book could still be wrong.

-Michael does say that only small part of religions got The Good Place right. So, only a small part of what Chidi is teaching her could ever help her.

-On the positive side, learning to be nicer and excepting nicer people would make her not stand out in The Good Place.

Chidi's Listen

Chidi gives her a new book(On the Way to Language by Martin Heidegger Chidi wants her to look back to the past to understand how to move forward. Moving forward with what she does know would not be a good thing considering those around her already know how to act.

Theory: The book might be a way of telling Eleanor not to comment with Antonio. This is a challenge in being good that Eleanor will not win ever.

The fight for who is the best cleaner could be won. Resources should not be used to win when their is no winner.

Chidi wants to find out what is real to Eleanor. What moved her to the things, she did in the past. What part of her past will help become a better person?

Eleanor's Receives Mail

At the end someone sends her a note that states that. "You don't belong here."

She knows this is true. She does not belong in The Good Place: as a whole. She is not a member of their group. Yet, she has a need to somehow preserve herself from taking on the worst possible outcome of her actions before she died.

The note and the book asked the question: Who was Eleanor in life?

There are some flashbacks. Eleanor know how to fight back. And to use others to help herself.

Theory: She will somehow use her past strengths in the good place to help others.


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