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Theories The Good Place Show The Dead Living Not Up To Expections

Updated on December 14, 2016

Episode 5 Part 3 of 4

The 2,000,000s to 999,000s neighborhood
The 2,000,000s to 999,000s neighborhood | Source

Tahani Wants To Be Higher On The List

Tahani notices that there are 5 circles. They have points of interests on each circle them. One of the points has a green text that outlines it. The middle area has green in it.

- The middle area could be The Good Plate. An the other outer point could be a place that is another point of interest for events that have happened in Tahani's neighborhood.

-The smaller points could be incidence that have happened but are resolved.

In the Neighborhood

Tahani finds that there are 322 people in her immediate neighborhood.

1) David Arias +2,977,309 -He will be in episode 1.13. Unless, this is not the same David.

2) Jianyu Li + 2,707,234 -In every episode.

3) BJoern Lerpiss + 2,655,118

4) Kachan Achinube +2,625,744

5) Jessica Nakanoi - In episode 1.6 if this is that Jessica.

6) Eleanor Shellstrollstrop -this is how it is written in the episode.It is spelled Shellstrop on IMDP.

7) Vicktor Rajamarathanathanara

322) Willaim Xavier

321) Tahani Al-Jamil +997,000

322) Glenn Marthrempf +9??,???

Glenn is the name of the guy that loves the soup. He also gets pushed down the whole.

Note: He feed the many with soup. Even someone that does not believe in any sort of after life could share food with others in a time of need.

Living in the Neighborhood

The neighborhood is for people that are in the 990,000s - 2,000,000s

Is there are neighborhood for people in the 3,000,000s? This would make since.

There are some big numbers. I will check with the other chart in episode one and put them here.

BIG NUMBERS (which one of this could the Eleanor that is in The Good Place could have done?) The numbers get larger or lesser over time

Saved a child from drowning- that is just one over 1,000

----Possible. A lot of shows show someone saving a child.

End Slavery: 800,000


Hosted refugee family for years: 221,745.62

----No. But, if it was to spite someone YES.

Helped in disaster reliever that is out-of-state three times and drove there: 62,765.11

---Yes, not willingly. She might have to do some community service out-of-state. For example, she might have helped build houses. I have personally talked to people that are did community service out-of-state and using their own car.

Donated 16. 06 percent of income to known charities: 877,338.94

---not that much

Didn't talk about veganism unprompted: 9794.47

---Yes. She seemed to always need a prompt. There would be no point in discussing a topic that that does not deal with meat.

Attended someone's dance recital: 23.67


Rehabilitated abused Pit Bull(x16) = 476.45

--unknown. Some jails have people help with one dog. And, it is possible to have adopted a pet with her family as a kid.

Ignored Text Message during in person conversation (x1182) = 1040.31

--Yes. I am sure she ignored more than the 1182.
Gave out full sized candy bars at Halloween: 603.20

--Yes. She might have given out a box or handfuls of candy to get read of it fast in order to go out drinking all night.

Donated Blood (53 times) = 873.63

--No. But, YES to plasma. You get money for donating plasma.

Theory: People in any neighborhood with 3,000,000 or larger get a special reward.

Saintly compared to the minimum number let into to The Good Place

To get in someone needs 999,276.23 points. That is what the first episode presentation lead people to believe.

999,276.23 This is the type of number that The Good Place is looking at.

Scores that can't go: Negative scores. 10s something. 1000s something. 1100s something. 7000 something.

Could Eleanor belong in The Good Place. But, not in the 200,000,000 neighborhood?

Tahani Is Not Good With Paying attention to others and Jumps to Conclusions

Tahani believes that she almost didn't make it. She still has the mind-set of when she was alive.

Glenn was a saintly person in life. Tahani must have been a saintly person, too.

Tahani sounded herself with saintly people.


Tahani has always lost to her sister.

Her mother commented on both her and her sister's art. But, her father knew that her sister was better at art.

Conceptual sculptor. Her sister has little in personality and craves ways to seek out new ways to enlighten herself.

Conceptual Art became more popular in the 1960s to present. But, the 1970s are where people wrote on paper about the art.

Tahani likes her picture. She sees nothing wrong with it.

A conceptional artist would not like the drawing because it looks too much like the object being observed. But, what they would like is that the colors are different than the real bird.


Tahani surrounded herself with saintly people and competed to help others.

All of those people on the list are saintly even if they have never been recognized as such.

The Real Eleanor is 6 on the list. The woman must have though of others every second of the day. I seriously doubt she would have cared if a sister passed her up in any good deed.

At Eleanor's Home

Eleanor will not leave Chidi alone. She needs to know the answer. This is just like Tahani.

Eleanor is always there with him. He for some reason does not like to stay in his own place.

Theory: He wants to spend time with Eleanor. But, he worried that Eleanor will not like him back.

Eleanor is everywhere, even in his dreams. He says he needs a brake from Eleanor.

Dreams of woman: this might be about proving himself to the opposite sex.

Who does he have to compete with? No one. But, he might want to win-over Eleanor.

Theory: Eleanor does not see him as someone she would pick for a soul mate. He is too good for her. He knows he is too good for her. This hurts him physically because he wants to be there for her.

Chidi wants to reflect on what he has done in the past. But, not having to train anyone to be Good. He does not see himself having to be uncomfortable when others are around him.

Paradise equals to Chidi: Him on a lake in a boat, reading French poetry.

Eleanor is shocked by his revelation of paradise. She does not want to be around anyone that does not want to be around her.

Then, she hears the alarm.

Michael warns not to leave home. There must be something wrong. This is huge problem.

Banana, yogurt, tea or coffee and orange juice on table

Question: Why does everyone like yogurt?

Theory: Eleanor is not really dead but in a coma on Earth. The yogurt has something to do with it.

Theory: The yogurt is code for something.

Theory: The yogurt is a drug that keeps Good People from making the world too good. Or, it is a drug keeps Good People from thinking about other people in The Bad Place.

Chidi and Eleanor have been stuck together for two days. Eleanor has not changed clothes.

Theory: Eleanor has not changed as a person in two days.

Chidi is going insane with Eleanor bothering him all the time. She really needs him. This is scaring him.

Eleanor emotionally misses school while Chidi does her dishes.

Eleanor wants to know more about what is going on with Chidi and she needs him to teach her how to be good.

Theory: Chidi does not know what he could give Eleanor besides his skill as a teacher. He wants her to see him as a man, too.

Michael arrives at Eleanor's home

There are two people that are joining them. Bart and Nina. They live near the sink hole.

Michael says, It will take, "1 hour to 11 months it will take to fix the sink hole."

Michael leaves.

Nina sees that Eleanor and Chidi are a close couple.

---Eleanor learns that the neighbors have done very good things but they might not have been that great of people when using their morals.

Day 3

Tahani is trying to keep her friends calm on Day 3 of brunch.

She made a scheduled of fun activities for her new friends.

Theory: Tahani tries to hard to get people to like her. The people in The Good Place are sure to be nicer than those people when she lived.

Tahani does not understand that she is not the best person in the neighborhood. She looks again to see that the ranks have not changed.

The ranking does not change because that is the one that ended when her life ended.

Theory: There are other rankings for the after death. Maybe, it is a ranking when someone can get reincarnated or achieving after life's goals.

Theory: Maybe, they have to mentor someone from The Bad Place.


Tahani at a garden party.

Art Auction Fundraiser for children's defense raised 5,200,000 euros. This is seen as failure to her parents. But, she loves the party.

She decides to invite her sister to speak because he parent strongly suggest it. Kamilah has henna tattoos on her forehead and pink glasses on. And, she has a strange hair style.

Theory: Her sister has problems with people understanding her artistic talent.

Kamilah - youngest to graduate from Oxford university. World class painter. Activism. Conner class. Olympic gold medalist for archery. Did a documentary on album. Won a Grammy for her album. Voted most likely to be Mizzi (This is what she said sounded like.)

I am guessing she said an artist name. Suzanne Mizzi died in 2011. She was born in 1964 though. This does not match up with the time line, though. Unless Kamilah is a younger sister.

I think she is only making a joke. But, I am sure she does make a lot of money with her art.

Kamilah Auctions lunch with herself - 3 million pounds to start. Her own father bid 5 million pounds.

Kamilah means Flawless.

flash back over

Theory: Competing with her sister could have eventually got her killed.

At Eleanor's home with Eleanor, Nina, Bart, and Chidi

They have heard the Chidi and Eleanor whispering and having inside talks. They look perfect for each other to those watching them.

Nina =Woman marriage counselor.

Bart = identity theft analyst.

This are the two people that know when people are lying. She thinks that they are there at their home to swing.

Chidi does not think so. Eleanor thinks it is a great idea.

He does not use sex to control people. Eleanor has used sex to control someone in the past.

She says it it his fault because he would not listen to her. Eleanor thinks he will only be a starter boyfriend and not her type.

Eleanor sees this as a great time to make out. But, the two people can see them.

The two know they are having a hard time. The other two think that the sink hole has been hard on them. Nina decides to help them both. Finding out that Eleanor and Chidi don't have the same interests.

Chidi is hiding something. What could it be?

This could be anything. There has not been much back story about him. And, this is the first season.

A walk outside

Tahani is outside walking around. This is not a good thing.

The sink hole has grown under the entire The Good Plate and spread to the outside.

Tahani wants to know what is going on. She always wants to know what is going on.

When she gets close to the sink hole her lips turn blue and her eyes are going back and forth.

She might being going 2D.

Theory: Tahani does not like to do things that don't agree with her logic.


Chidi does not see what is wrong. He does not want counseling.

So, far it is Eleanor that needs the help. His problems don't seem to matter to him.

Theory: Many in the Good Place don't think about themselves. The higher the score the more people think of others.

Chidi lived his life without a soul mate. He didn't really have a relationship where he loved the woman he was with.

Eleanor does not meet what Chidi thought of as a soul mate.

All this counseling and sharing is too much for Chidi. He does not know if he can grow to love Eleanor.


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