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Theory How To Escape The Purge Movies

Updated on November 7, 2016

The Movie



The easiest way to escape the purge would be to travel to another county. It is that simple. It seems no one wants to steal stuff. So, anyone with a ticket to leave the country will be safe.

For those that have the money, moving to a new state would free someone from being a target.

For those without money, staying at a family members home might help.

Get Attention

This is one way to service the purge. Some characters have a Christmas light car. There are two cars like this in the Election Year movie. No one bothers those people. They ride around the city safe.

Look Evil

Wear a mask. For some reason guys with masks do not get targeted by other evil people. They just have to flash the mask at people. The only people that shot at them is the good guys in the movie.

Keep Lights On

For some reason, the evil people don't like lights. Also, they will not broken in unless the lights are off.

Apparently, everyone that leaves the lights on does not get broken into. Yet, if someone does have their lights on they might be doing something very wrong and creepy.

Act Evil

Most people do not help on purge night. So, act evil. Have a scene already set up to do something that looks evil.

This could be as easy as to get out some Halloween make-up and props. The people that get taken can be in on the act. From what I have scene, evil groups do not join other groups. They do their own thing.

Lock The Door And Windows

I know that, that sounds too easy. But, if it is too hard to get into the house the evil people might not come into the home.

Braking window causes broken glass. The broken glass might cause harm to hands and other parts that might touch it.

Working Security Systems

Check if the security system works. It should give a beep or something. Maybe, a light come one or something happens.

Any business that has enough money for to hire several people should have at least one staying to watch the cameras at all times. he person who watches to security cameras should stay there.

Haunted House

Would you visit a Haunted House if the 'Purge' was in effect?

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