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Theory The Good Place Facts Neighborhoods And Soulmates

Updated on December 5, 2016

The Good Place


Good and Bad

Eleanor learns that there is a good place and a bad place. She is in The Good Place.

At the same time the audience finds out that Eleanor use to carry a purse. While most women do carry a purse, it is strange that she has her own clothing on but not her purse.

The clothing part is confusing because Michael thinks she is someone else. Her real clothing should not be there in the good place. She should be wearing Real Eleanor’s clothing.

My theory about the clothing is that she is wearing the same clothing that she died in.

Then, why does she not have a purse? My theory there are no purses when entering in The Good Place. But, she can ask for one.

Introducing neighborhoods

Not much is said about this topic. They exist. People are put in them because they were in that type of place in life. Only the neighborhood in The Good Place is much better.

Eleanor's Neighborhood

All say Welcome. One place in Eleanor's neighborhood is called Infinite Light. This look like condos. Another, is called Your Anticipated Needs. Another, is called The Small Adorable animal Depot.

322 people are selected to be in the neighbor hood.

Later, when one of the main characters look up themselves she is 321 on the list. She says she is last close to last. How can this be? What is going on?

I don’t have the answer.

Why is the office room and (in some cases)the walk with Michael needed at all?

My theory: The people that enter The Good Place are frightened about entering a new environment. This message is comforting. And, it may have been in several test groups in past neighborhoods. This message works. (The Welcome message on the wall of the neighborhood.)

Why are there different neighborhoods?

My theory: The good place puts people in a comfortable setting. They are in the community that they love.

Why is the Real Eleanor in that neighborhood? She was happiest helping other in other countries. She even helped people get off death row.

My theory is that the Real Eleanor was put there to help Michael. This Eleanor knows how to help people in need. Michael needs someone to help him. This is why Michael seems to relay on Eleanor. She is not the top of the list but she would be the most helpful to him.

How do they know good from bad?

Every action had a positive and negative value. Depending how much Eleanor had done resulting in a positive or negative outcome.

This is what I could make out: (some of the lines are too blury. I just put good or bad an not the number)

“Eating sandwich = a good thing. Not paying tips = a bad thing, Hugging = good. Buying gossip magazines = bad thing. Plant trees= Good. Hurt Coral Reef with Flipper =Bad. Save child= Very Good. Use facebook the word as a verb = Bad. Poison a river =Very very Bad. Pet an animal =Good Share bikes =Good. Bro-code=Bad. Remember birthday =Good. Blow nose in the wrong way =Bad. Interrupt an Opera= Bad. Genocide = Very very very bad. Steal copper wiring= very Bad. Purify water source for others= Good. Don’t step on flowers =Good. Scratch elbow =good. Sexual Harassment = Bad. Fail to disclose illness when selling camel =Very bad. End slavery =Very good. Tell a woman to “Smile” =bad. Use brake down line. =Bad. Can’t stand in line without causing problems in Houston =Bad. Rehabilitate abused animal =good. Ignored text message during conversations = Good. Helped refuge family for years = Good. Attend family member child’s recital =Good Donated to charity 16.? Of lifetime money = Good. Drove to out of state disaster sights =Good. Ate vegan =Good. Let someone merge traffic =Good Donated blood= Good. Gave out full sized candy bars on Halloween =Good. Researched Cricket test terminate =Good. Never disused Veganism unprompted =Very Very Good. Held door for the person behind you = Very Good. Brought own bags to grocery store =Good. Didn’t kill spider but put it outside =Good. Helped a hermit crap find new shell = Good.”

This are on the television that are shown to the new neighbors.

Adding everything together

When the person dies all the numbers that have added up over the life-time stops. That number is added up. Only the best people are in the good place.


My Theory about her being in The Good Place is that her actions lead others to do good because they didn’t want to be like her.

Also, I wonder if using a taxi and not driving drunk is a positive action. She informed her friends that she needed a ride, too. Her friends might not have liked her not being the safe driver but they had to have known that she drinks every time.

No one was killed by her driving home. And, when she does met a guy she informs her friends instead of leaving them. All this things do not lead to bad things.

At the worst, her actions encouraged others not to go out drinking with her. That is not the case at all.

Maybe, they stopped drinking. This is a good thing according to that book Food of the Gods: The Search for the Original Tree of Knowledge by Terence McKenna. She does not stop but it leads her to influence others in a positive way.

She has lead others to make money off of others hardships. Yet, this might have helped that person pay the rent or keep them from starving. Eleanor does buy a dress. But, what did she do with the dress? Did she wear it once and give it to someone. Giving away a dress is a good thing. My guess is that she had a soft spot for the truly needy. But, she didn’t have a soft spot for the rich.

She does not care about people until she her coffee. Coffee is a negative thing.

The theory here is that she supports small businesses even if they support sexual harassment. She is a tolerant person. It is unknown how this plays out on the good and bad scale. It is not her that is doing the sexual harassment but she is still drinking coffee.

When the person from the Bad Place comes for her it is Michael that sends for him. Why does Eleanor have to get off the train for the Real Eleanor to leave the train?

My theory is that the Real Eleanor is a fake. Why? She should have exited the train when Eleanor got on the train.


Eleanor learns that she has soulmate. She is not alone in this new world.


Mozart, Picasso, Elvis, almost every artist. US presidents but not Abraham Lincoln Florence Nightingale. Most people don’t make it in the good place.

She learns that they think she was, “a lawyer that got innocent people off of death row.

How did she know they are innocent? My theory: She didn’t know. People lie. She got lucky. By pure chance she defended the right people.

The real Eleanor might as well be a gambler on her life.

Her Home

Her home is more artistic. Which is confusing because as pointed out earlier there are almost no artists in The Good Place. It is the Icelandic Primitive style with lots of clowns. Human rights mission to Ukraine was a very good thing. This is the event that put her in the elite of the neighborhood. And he soul mate comes to her.

My theory is that the real Elenor can be an artist because she somehow gambled with her life. Could have died at any moment from avenging inmates. There could be a hit out on her because of her work in the Ukraine.

She is lucky to have survived the Ukraine.

The real Eleanor seems to be suicidal. I don’t think that is a good thing.

She might get really hurt in The Good Place while helping someone.

My theory is that this is the first blood that is shed in The Good Place. I don’t think Janet matters because she is a AI. But, if something really happens to the Real Eleanor. All the people might be cast out of The Good Place.

The Good Place might be like the Garden of Eden. This might lead to other lesser or greater good places.

How does she know he is her soul mate?

My theory: Michael told him first. Her soul mate waited until after the talk.

He says he speaks French but The Good Place translates languages for each person.

What does he want from the relationship?

He wants to talk about truths of the universe. And, he wants to learn more with her.

My theory: Eleanor does not have a problem with talking to him. But, she wants to be honest with him. Why? If she is a bad person this should not matter. Yet, she confesses to him.

Eleanor says, “she is not suppose to be here”.

My theory about this sentence:

How does she know? Michael has said that most religions have gotten it wrong. What if she did something bad that lead to good things over time? There is no way she would be able to tell which place she was to be in.

For one, she was not an artist. And, she was not a president. These are bad people according to The Good Place.

From the flashbacks there is no way of knowing if Eleanor is a bad person. She is not a murder. She says she is not.

There is not much known about her except for the flashbacks. At other times, she is a nice person. If she was never nice in life, how does she know how to be nice in The Good Place?

My answer is that she would not know how to be nice. She would keep being mean to people and she would do many more damaging things.

Where does the creator of the show put Eleanor?

The writer of the show says something like: Elenor is about average for all those added up when they die. She is somewhere in the middle. But, she is not in the Elite that deserve to go to The Good Place.


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