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Theory Everyone in Jurassic Park One are Clones

Updated on November 9, 2016

Jurassic Park


The Clones

The first time the paleontologist are seen they are working on a small sight that has a fossilized dinosaur there. There are many people that are at the sight even a young boy. But, what if this happens all the time.

The creatures of Jurassic Park would be able to make such a seen possible. They know about fossils. Even one of the main characters has a fossil on him.

The first fake reference deals with the male main character making a fossil with his computer. This might foreshadow that everything that is going to happen.

The little boy in the beginning of the story does get scared of the male lead. This could all be scripted.

When John Hammon comes to visit he does all sorts of slide of hand with the objects in the RV. The two characters he talks to never notice.

A wash cloth is white then pink. No one questions him.

John Hammon

He is a clone. He mentions this in the video he shows on the ride.

1 st The John Hammon that is in the RV has been modifed to sift the boredom of going to the sight of the fossils. This only amuses the programmers, not the other clones.

This clone is put away when he takes time by himself.

2nd I do not think this is the same clone on the island. He does not do any slide of hand/tricks. He mentions having a flea circus but he does not do any kind of show and tell.
This one might be encased on the island to interact with tourists. This clone can be changed up in an office area.

3rd This is the John Hammon clone that agrees with the others to leave the island. He is the clone that is used in emergencies.

This could have happened at any time after someone was eaten or missing from the group.

The Children

These are test children that look like the real John Hammon's grandchildren. This children are put on the ride. They act like normal children.

They are programmed to get into trouble so that the staff can do emergency drills. As long as everyone stays on the ride the children are safe.

So, I am saying that the children know to wonder off when they are outside the vehicles.
One of the children refers to herself as a hacker. But, she does not know much about hacking. She only knows about the basics of using a computer. She found the computer files and opened the one that was already opened. If the file was locked, she would have no way of getting into the computer.

Choas Theory

That is talked about every time at some point by that clone. Apparently, only one of the expert clones knows about the theory before hearing it.

The Lawyer Dies

The lawyer clone is programmed to go have to go the restroom at that time in the experiment. There is no room for him in the jeep or the car. This is only test where there is no room. He might have survived in other tests.


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