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Theory The Good Place Show Learning To Live In The Good Place

Updated on December 14, 2016

Episode 5 Part 4 of 4

Becoming Friends
Becoming Friends | Source

The ranking is set

Tahani and Michael

Tahani saw that she was 321 and wanted to leave change her score.
Michael knows that the rankings are set.


Parents die. She is setting next to her sister. She looks horrible.

Kamilla 68 million pounds, home in Kingsington, yacht and other some other stuff.

Tahani spelled her name wrong in the Will. She does not want the money. She gives it all to her sister. She has always hated being second best.

End of flashback

She has worked to be the best. And, others have always pasted her at being the best.

Michael says that Tahani is one of the best. Tahani does not need to be any better. He knows she was great on her own.

Theory: She is always in someone's shadow. With every story she tells, there are usually people that outshine her. One is a princess, her sister, a dancing instructor and her parents. I am sure there are others. In the after life it is everyone except for one guy who feed everyone he saw hungry.

Eleanor and Chidi By The Lake

Eleanor leaves Chidi a note to meet her.

Eleanor meets him at a boat and gives him some french poetry, wine, bread and maybe cheese.

Quote For Eleanor:

“The connections we make in the course of a life--maybe that's what heaven is.”
― Fred Rogers

Quote for Chidi:

“What makes earth feel like hell is our expectation that it should feel like heaven.”
― Chuck Palahniuk, Damned

Eleanor knows that Chidi should be happy

Eleanor thinks that she is in the way of Chidi getting to know his real soul mate.

Theory: The real Eleanor is his real soul mate. And, she relies on Chidi too much. She is in the way of his happiness.

Eleanor wants him to talk to her when she gets to much for him.

Eleanor wants to be his friend more than she needs him to be her friend.

He has never rowed in boat. He will need to ask Janet to help him row.

Theory: Chidi often wants to do things that make no sense. This has something to do with him going to The Good Place.


Theory: Chidi and Eleanor will become friends.

Theory: The Real Eleanor will not be able to understand Chidi, either.

Theory for all seasons: Eleanor will fall in love with Chidi. But, he already has a soul mate with the Real Eleanor. Eleanor lost her shot with him. She will stay silent about he love for him.

Theory: Every time, they start to get close enough to kiss, it will be played for laughs.

-Someone will interrupt them.

-They will feel terrible about kissing or they might never kiss.

Theory for a later season: Eleanor falls in love with her real soul mate whom is in the Bad place.

There is still a problem

Michael was talking in front of the people that morning. We learn that the sink hole closed on it's own.

Michael wants Eleanor to help him find who messed up The Good Place.

Theory: There will be many people sticking up for Eleanor in the future to get her to stay there.

It is safe to say that Michael, Janet, Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani,Jianyu/Jason and Chidi are going to be seen again.

Gunner has been seen in several episodes (He even talks for his soul mate)and his soul mate Antonio. These two might be reacquiring characters.

Theory: Tahani sees herself as someone who will be romantically involved with Jianyu/Jason.

Theory: Tahani's sister has a problem fitting in with other people her age.

This Version Of The Good Place

I believe that this version of The Good Place is really a version of The Bad Place.

The odds are that everyone that the 322 people helped are being torched in the bad place.

Did they help out people just to know they are in pain in The Bad Place? I think the answer is a, "No." The people in The Good Place will feel so much guilt for attempting to be happy after some time.

- I am keeping in mind that some people might not understand the value that is given to them.

-I am thinking that if they knew about hell, except for Chidi, they would want to save the people in The Bad Place. Unless, they accepted their fate as not being able to help the people they helped on Earth.

-I think Chidi focuses on Eleanor too much to think about saving other people. He wants to save his life mate. Things will change if he meets his real life mate.

-The people in The Good Place expect to do good things from there or with people there.

Notes about actors:

The actors do slur their speech at the end of their lines. I have to listen carefully to pick up what they are saying when they are talking about their lives.

They need to speak up or maintain the same tone until the end of the sentence. I think, that their speeches will be cleaned up once they get a second season.


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