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The ten best Werewolf Movies!

Updated on September 8, 2014

The trailer for the best!

The whole movie!

Ed Wood should have tried a Werewolf flick.LOL

Here are my favorite werewolf movies. I recommend them highly for the following reasons. But first, I will say that if Scream of the Wolf with Peter Graves, Clint Walker and Jo Ann Pflug, was technically a werewolf movie, it would have made this list.


11. Werewolf of Washington. This was funny and over the top.The ending was creepy and a bit surprising too.

10. The undying Monster- 1942. A creepy tale set in a frightening castle, a long time ago. This is a rare but great classic from Universal!

9. The Howling part 5. This had a low budget and no cast but, the suspense and plot were awesome. Just the premise of a group of strangers being notified to meet at a remote castle was creepy. After they arrived, the horror that took place, only set us up for a blood chilling ending.

8. Dog Soldiers. Set in Scotland,this movie was filled with action and surprises. When someone acts like a ruthless murderer, they often are. But what about when only one person in a group does, and there are two werewolves?

7. An American Werewolf in Paris. The story could have been developed better, but the graphics, action, and comedy saved this must see!

6.Ginger Snaps- This gave the old saying"blood is thicker than water" a whole new meaning! Two sisters have their lives completely transformed one night after one of them is attacked. The end will reveal which one is in more trouble.

5. Frankenstein meets the Wolf man. Lon Chaney Jr. is brilliant and it has a great story line. Love, mystery, madness, and of course, monsters, make this a must see!This is a werewolf movie that Frankenstein's Monster happens to appear in.

4. The Howling. The original is still the scariest. Great acting, and suspense. It will make you jump at least once. Several legendary actors arose for this one.

3. Werewolf of London. Action and suspense...need I say more. It inspired both Warren Zevon and me.

2. An American Werewolf in London,. This classic contained the best transformation ever seen in the movies, and the comedy was crazy, and off the charts!

1. The Wolf Man 1941. Lon Chaney Jr., Claude Rains, and Bela Lugosi and many others star in this all around classic. I loved everything about this movie, and I own the theatrical poster!

Enjoy, and don't watch these alone!


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    • Efficient Admin profile image

      Efficient Admin 5 years ago from Charlotte, NC

      American Werewolf in London was a great movie. I'm not a werewolf fan but when that movie came out in 1981 I couldn't stop watching it.

      Also Silver Bullet by Stephen King was a good one -- I thought it was really scary and figured out in the beginning that the preacher was the werewolf - because he looked like one as a human!!