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The World Of Look-alikes!

Updated on February 25, 2015

Maybe you can help me out! According to my understanding,a look-alike is a person who closely resembles another person in their looks. I’m currently facing such a hard time being treated to a look-alike with a certain Nigerian artiste called Davido. I’ve been knowing less about this artiste but not unless people started commenting about my resemblance with this man did I kept myself busy to exactly browse the web and find out whether this was a fact or just people's opinion.There is something I hate,..being given a new name I don’t like & which I’m not used to.Mind you, I see like I’m not EXACTLY resembling this man as they make it to sound! Imagine even some of my lecturers right now have joined the same choir!

Even if they see like I'm really this man's look-alike, why not keep it to themselves? I always tell them I don't like the name but they also won't stop it such that I'm getting uncomfortable. If you won't mind,keep a close look at the pairs of joined photos here and give me your views! I bet you won't also brand me this new name. Is there any resemblance for sure? I'll love it to get comments from you concerning this. Let me know before I tell my “branders” what to do because this is like a provocation to me. Just feel free to give me your comments. Although I said I don't like this man's name, let this not restrict you when it comes to the nature of your views. Express your heart.


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