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Theyyam- The great folklore of Malabar

Updated on February 23, 2010

Muchilot bhagavathy

Theyyam - The great folklore of malabar. This is a performing art in most of the temples(Kavu). it is being performed related with the myth. Most of the theyyam are in Kannur district.It is performing in temples by relative mythology. Every theyyam has a story to tell about. it is related to god worship.

Theyyam are performed in kavu (Temple) by a person. It is a type of dance performance with colourful dress. the common colour of the dress is red and a big crown in the head called 'Mudi' garnished with flowers. most of the theyyam are performed in at night.the dance performance of Theyyam accompanied with music by 'chenda' (a type of drum made by wood and animal skin) and 'Kuzhal'(A wind instrument). Most of the theyyam performances are during late night.

The above given photo is a famous theyyam called Muchilot bhagavathi,which is performed after a decade in a kavu. Now a days more tourists are coming to watch and study about this art. Theyyam season in kannur is between december to march. In a large number of kavu being ready for the theyyam performance during this season.


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