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Things That Irritate Steve Serra Issue #2

Updated on June 5, 2011

People Who Do Not Bring Anything To A Party

Another issue of things that irritate me.  I did get high an forgot about this, so I didn't disappoint with that!  I do however want this to be my little thing.  Just like Lady Gaga wears the most outrageous shit EVER! Lady Gaga...we are over it and you.  She's even starting trends now?  People think it's cool to look like a Mario Bros. villain.  Look at Nicki Minaj (or however cool way she spells Nikki,Niky, Nikki.  I don't care.).  She wears and does her hair like a Care Bear on a speed ball.  Thing that irritates me today is...PEOPLE WHO DO NOT BRING ANYTHING TO A PARTY!!!!!!

Guy all the way to the right looks like he belongs in a "Lethal Weapon" movie as a villian.  Guy with the V-Neck is what the super hero of Staten Island would look like...well, if they had a super hero?
Guy all the way to the right looks like he belongs in a "Lethal Weapon" movie as a villian. Guy with the V-Neck is what the super hero of Staten Island would look like...well, if they had a super hero?

Calibrate and Listen...

When I or anyone else throws a house party it usually goes like this.  You provide food, beverages, and a floor where people can ass out.  Then I tell people it's BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze).  Even if I don't tell people it's not a BYOB.  They still bring chips, some burger buns, hot dogs, and hell sometimes they'll bring one of those things and STILL go to the liquor store.  What I can't (and I mean this in the nicest way) FUCKING understand is how do you show up to a party and NOT bring anything???  Were you born in a cave or under a rock (like that clever Geico Commercial) to not have any manners, demeanor, class!?! 

Literally, my best friend (Jason) has thrown parties (and he throws them right) wastes 200 dollars of his own money and he still has the same people show up not bringing any beer, food, or PLASTIC CUPS. He's even got some people go up to him and go "Yo dude, I didn't bring's 5 bux.". You might as well just go up to him and put your penis (I said penis. hehe.) in his pasta salad and throw the 5 dollars up in the air like it was the best 5 bux you've ever spent. I one time threw a party and I asked this kid "What did you bring?". You know what he told me? "I brought my pretty face". I have never wanted to kick someone SO hard in the nuts in my life, but its a party. You have a good time. People like that KNOW they have no class. They might even know that the people that ACTUALLY brought something are telling each other, "(insert name) didn't bring anything!?! What a cheap ass! Fucking sad..."

It's true. You think you might have broken some system of the unwritten party rules. The thing look pathetic. Especially if everyone knows it's going to be you not bringing anything. "Oh, I was at work. I got out late.". Shut. UP! You've known about this party how long? You can easily go to a liquor store and grab a 30 pack and leave it in your car. "Oh, but it'll get warm wehhhh" (baby voice). I've partied at Seton Hall, Rutgers, and Penn State. You know whats the difference between cold and warm beer? Nothing! they both get the job down and there's fridges with...wait for it...FREEZERS!!! It's not 1853 bitch. So stop being that guy/girl that doesn't bring anything or that person that brings a bottle and hides it from everyone. It's a party people bring booze so everyone can drink, but if you wanna be Scrooge and hold your liquor to my guest. I'll be with the real party animals drinking OUR beer, playing BEER pong with OUR BEER, and talking about how much of a Jew you are (sorry Madonna. Is she still Jewish?...Just to be safe...Sorry Mel Gibson.).


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    • youmeget profile image

      youmeget 7 years ago

      Cool huh. I enjoy reading it.


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