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Things we do late night

Updated on November 27, 2010

While every one else is sleeping in the house, there are some of us which really can't sleep at night. My personal history begins in college, let me tell you about it.

I was in this course about compiler design, which actually was a real pain in you know where, they left us a project so long and complex, with 2 months to deliver only phase 1, so obviously I had to spend many nights awake, then came phase 2, and some other months awake, and then finally I approved the course, but wait! there was something wrong... there was 6 months without sleeping much in my life... at the beginning I tough, hmmmm if I spend like 3 days sleeping I'll be ok, but no way, still today, I cant sleep at night, yeah thanks college ¬_¬, so I developed some activities to do when there is work to do by night, here is what I do:

Fool around in facebook: everyone have spent at least one time hours and hours in facebook, I literally spent some nights in doing nothing but watch pictures of my friends, then girl friends of my friends, and then somehow... I ended playing farmville, which is a quite silly game for a guy of my age, but wtf, I just couldn't help it!!! is like everyone was at farmville, yeah sure I guess zinga owners must be sleeping in a bed made of money right now, did you heard about that kid stealing his mom's credit card in order to gain a giant ass farm at farmville? well it really happened. I wonder how they do that, I guess they was already reach when they developed farmville cause I never saw another silly game becoming so viral!

So anyways I also developed some other unusual behaviors, like eating a big steak at 2:00am with a cold glass of coke, that day I was so hungry, other times I spend the night playing around at, watching flash movies and stuff is fun, I really recomend if you are really bored.

My Grandfather, who is the best doctor I've ever know, tells me that staying awake at night makes our bodies grow old faster than normal, and that I will be carried out for a bit of sun in some sort of basket when I get 85 years old if I continue like this (alive I guess), so I need to go back to my normal schedules, but how hard is that when the internet is like magnet that keeps you in the computer? and don't think I'm a computer geek all the time, I do make sports (football soccer) and have a girlfriend, so it can happen yes.

I wonder if there is anybody out there in the world, which also can sleep at night an spend it fooling around the house.

I found that there is actually a disease called insomnia, and found a nice hub about how to fight it with... guess... lettuce... weird isn't it? you can read it here

It would be nice for you hubbers to tell us, what do you do at night... when you cant sleep?


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