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Third Day - Amazing Talent

Updated on November 8, 2013

Third Day Music

Inspired by the Southern rock of Lynard Skynyrd, the band Third Day has rocked the Christian world with it's music, and it's message.

The band formed in Marietta, Georgia in the 90's and has been selling out concerts ever since. The band's name is derived from the Biblical reference accounting Jesus rising from the dead on the third day following his crucifixion. Vocalist Mac Powell and guitarist Mark Lee brought the members together to sing and worship Christ in a way that is so inspiring it makes you want to stand and sing along!

Billboard magazine states, "not only one of the best Christian bands of the 90's, but one of the best rock bands, period." This statement rings true today, and hopefully into tomorrow.

Third Day Members

Current members include:

  • Johnny "Mac" Powell - Lead vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Mark Lee - guitar, back-up vocals
  • Samuel Tai Anderson - bass, back-up vocals
  • David Carr - drums, percussion

Additional members who tour with Third Day:

  • Scotty Wilbanks - keyboard, back-up vocals
  • Jason Hoard - mandolin, banjo, guitar, back-up vocals
  • Bryan Bunn - Guitar, harmonica

The band's first album Third Day sold 20,000 copies; they were signed by Reunion Records shortly after.

The album Time followed in 1998, and they haven't stopped singing and winning awards since.

Born Again

Today I found myself after searching all these years
and the man that I saw wasn't at all who I thought he'd be
I was lost when you found me here
I was broken beyond repair
Then you came along and sang your song over me
Feels like I'm born again, feels like I'm living
For the very first time in my life

- Born Again, by Third Day

Third Day Accomplishments

2010 - Grammy Award for Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album of the Year for Live Revelations
2009 - Dove Award for Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year for Revelation
2009 - Dove Award for Recorded Packaging of the Year for Revelation
2008 - American Music Award for Favorite Contemporary Inspirational Artist
2007 - Grammy Award for Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album of the Year for Wherever You Are
2006 - Dove Award for Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year for Cry out to Jesus
2005 - Grammy Award for Best Rock Gospel Album of the Praise and Worship Album of the Year for Offerings II: All I Have to Give
2005 - Dove Award for Rock/Contemporary Album of the Year for Wire
2005 - Dove Award for Special Event Album of the Year for The Passion of the Christ: Songs

2004 - Dove Award for Praise and Worship Album of the Yer ofr Offerings II:  All I Have to Give
2004 - Dove Award for Long Form Music Video of the Year for Third Day Live in Concert, The Come Together Tour
2003 - Three Dove Awards
2002 - Four Dove Awards, and One Grammy for Best Rock Gospel Album for Come Together
2001 - Five Dove Awards which included Group of the Year

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What is your favorite Third Day song or album?

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