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Third Eye Blind Popular Songs & My Favorites From 3eb!

Updated on January 5, 2022

I still remember when the song Semi-Charmed Life came out. It was everywhere - on the radio, on MTV! I have to admit that I didn't really care for the band at first. Back then I was straight into the spoils of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal all the way! Third Eye Blind was to me, back then, sissy rock.

As I got older, however, my musical tastes started varying quite a bit, and I started to listen to all kinds of stuff I would've never touched when I was younger. Third Eye Blind's music would be one that I would grow to enjoy immensely.

With a great sense of melody and lyrical prowess, Third Eye Blind knows how to write catchy hooks and songs that are hard to forget and easy to sing a long too. Even more so, they have a great range of writing diversity that few bands have, and their sound is an eclectic mix of pop, rock, hip hop, and experimental.

The guitars were more standard and straightforward on their first album. After that, you could tell the band was starting to experiment with various guitar tones, sounds and effects that weren't all that popular in song writing. Lead singer and songwriter Stephan Jenkins would always says that he tries to capture an "exotic" feel and tone with the songs.

While most fans argue that 3eb's best album is their first debut album, I tend to disagree. Although, my absolute favorite song I Want You is off their first album, I tend to appreciate the songs on their later albums.

Not to say that I don't like songs like Semi-Charmed Life, Jumper, How's It Going To Be, but to be completely honest, I tend to bypass those songs often. I know they're the more popular Third Eye Blind songs, but they aren't my favorites.

Anyhow, for those just getting into the band and want to know all the Third Eye Blind popular songs, I'm going to list them here for you. Then I'm going to list my personal favorites. Enjoy!

Third Eye Blind Debut Album
Third Eye Blind Debut Album
Third Eye Blind Blue
Third Eye Blind Blue
Third Eye Blind Out of the Vein
Third Eye Blind Out of the Vein
Third Eye Blind Red Star EP
Third Eye Blind Red Star EP
Third Eye Blind Ursa Major
Third Eye Blind Ursa Major

Third Eye Blind Popular Songs

Those who aren't fans of 3eb probably have only heard the songs that were videos on MTV or overplayed on the radio. Here they are and some Third Eye Blind Popular Songs by fans:

Third Eye Blind - Third Eye Blind

  1. Semi-Charmed Life
  2. Graduate
  3. How's It Going to Be
  4. Losing a Whole Year
  5. Jumper
  6. Motorcycle Drive By

Third Eye Blind - Blue

  1. Anything
  2. Never Let You Go
  3. 10 Days Late
  4. Deep inside Of You
  5. Slow Motion
  6. Wounded

Third Eye Blind - Out of the Vein

  1. Blinded
  2. Crystal Baller
  3. Can't Get Away
  4. Forget Myself

Third Eye Blind - Red Star (EP)

  1. Red Star
  2. Non-dairy Creamer

Third Eye Blind - Ursa Major

  1. Bonfire
  2. Don't Believe A Word
  3. Water Landing
  4. About To Break

Third Eye Blind I Want You Live

My Favorite Third Eye Blind Songs

Third Eye Blind - Third Eye Blind

  1. How's It Going to Be
  2. I Want You - While driving my girlfriend (now an ex) home late one night, this song came on. I loved this song so much that I stopped into an empty parking lot, cranked it up, pulled my girlfriend out of the car, and slow danced with her under the stars until the song was over.

Third Eye Blind - Blue

  1. Never Let You Go
  2. Darwin - This is strangely my favorite song off Blue. The lyrics are funny to me and I like how the music is arranged with a nice underlying groove.
  3. Darkness

Third Eye Blind - Out of the Vein

  1. Can't Get Away - Absolutely can't help but move to this song and sing along. My absolute favorite off this album.
  2. Forget Myself
  3. Misfits

Third Eye Blind - Red Star (EP)

  1. Non-Dairy Creamer

Third Eye Blind - Ursa Major

  1. Bonfire
  2. Water Landing
  3. Monotov's Private Opera

Third Eye Blind has amazing, heartfelt songs, but they are also an amazing live band as well. Below you'll find their new song - If There Ever Was A Time! It's about the Occupy Wall Street movement. What do you think of it?


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