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This Is Us -- Happy Birthday

Updated on September 25, 2016

How they're all connected...

I'm not really sure how I feel about this show. I was attracted to watching it because of Justin Hartley. Been a big fan of his since his Passion days. I still don't know why the CW replaced his as The Arrow when they spun the show off from Smallville.

The show opens as Jack's bare butt flashes across our screen and he uses a small hand towel to cover his family jewels as his very pregnant wife, Rebecca comes and dances for them. They're about to make love when he water breaks and he has to rush her to the hospital. Rebecca is having a high-risk pregnancy because she's pregnant with triplets. The doctor handling the case tries to caution them on what could go wrong, but Jack doesn't want to hear it. It's his birthday and nothing will go wrong.

Meanwhile Randall has tracked down his biological father who abandoned him at the fire station. He's successful now with a wife and two children. He tells him how he succeeded after life even though his father threw him away. The man confesses he was high on drugs. Randall invites him home to meet his granddaughters.

Kevin (Justin Hartley) is an actor and the star of a show called The Manny. His character is a himbo who wonders if he can breast feed a baby. The show always wants him to go shirtless. Kevin longs for more substance in his role.

Kevin's fraternal twin sister, Kate, is overweight and she feels that her weight has caused life to pass her by. She laments she hasn't met HIM yet and that she doesn't have a house of kids like her mother had. She vows to lose the weight and tosses out all her bad fattening food. At a group to help people lose weight she meets a fellow overweight man. Think Mike and Molly. He makes her laugh and she invites him back to her place.

Of course, the question is how are all these people connected who are the same age and who were born on the same day?

Jack's belief that nothing can go wrong on his birthday proves wrong. Rebecca gives birth to two children but goes into distress as she's giving birth to the third triplet. While Rebecca's life is saved, the third child is stillborn. The doctor handling the case tries to comfort Jack. He tells him he and his wife also lost their first child and it inspired him to become a doctor. He says as long as the death of his child inspires Jack in some way, then that child will never die and always be with him.

Kevin has a melt down on the set of The Manny. He's given the opportunity to put some depth into his character when guest star, Alan Thicke, plays his estranged father. Thicke even compliments Kevin's acting. Then the director says their cutting that scene because it's too heavy and orders him to remove his shirt and go for the laughs. Kevin snaps and reams out the audience for not wanting something better than the brainless crap that The Manny is. Then he quits and walks off.

Kevin ends up drunk at Kate's apartment ruining her date. Her date is star-struck when he realizes Kate's related to The Manny. He asks Kevin to take a selfie with him as Kate watches on the news Kevin's melt down.

It's kind of at that point I kind of started guessing where this was heading. I was trying to figure out how these people were connected, as they must be, and thought it was quite a coincidence that Jack and Rebecca had twins and Kevin and Kate were twins. Then I started wondering if it was possible that Jack and Rebecca could be the twins parents. And it turned out I was right. In short, Jack and Rebecca's story is taking place 36 years ago while Kevin and Kate's story is taking place in the present. But how does Randall fit in?

We get that piece of the puzzle when Jack goes to look at his twins [Kevin and Kate] and standing next to him is the fireman that found Randall and has brought him to the hospital. Jack looks at the three babies lying side-by-side and has an idea. He'll adopt Randall and basically replace the child he lost with Randall. And that's how it all connects.

One thing you realize when you know how they're all connected. There doesn't seem to be any connection between the twins and Randall on their birthdays. Randall is with his wife and kids seeking out his biological father, while the twins seem to have a very close relationship. So the first question is just what kind of relationship do the twins have with Randall and how do they feel about him seeking out his biological father?

After that, you have to wonder what happened to Jack and Rebecca? Are they still alive 36 years later? Or are they dead in the present, since there was no call from either parent to the twins or Randall on their birthday.

You also can't help notice that Randall has everything the twins want: he has THE WOMAN and they have two kids and he's also a success in his career. Still, having all he has he still wants more; he's seeking out the man who abandoned him as a baby. Do the twins resent all he has. That he has everything they want and still he wants more?

As I said, I'm not sure how I feel about the show. I'm not sure I like it. I'm going to have to seem more before I make up my mind about it. I guess it all depends on where it goes from here.


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