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This Is Us -- How Kyle Became Randall

Updated on October 18, 2016

Kevin Interruptus


Last time we checked in it was revealed that in the present Rebecca is married to Jack's BFF Miguel. Is Jack dead? Seems so. Kevin reached out to Randall when he was in between a rock and a hard place. And Toby got Kate drunk at a Hollywood party to loosen her up.

Randall's father when he was young is getting on a bus and meets a woman. They fall in love and over time they becoming jnnkies. Then him being alone with Baby Randall on the bus and dropping him off at the Fire Department.

Jack and Rebecca prepare to take the babies home. Randall originally named Kyle. It was the name they planned to originally name the baby that died. Can you say eeeewwwww!

Rebecca in the present. The kids let the bio-daddy cat out of the bag to Rebecca. Randall doesn't have any idea how to break the news to Rebecca. He asks to speak to her privately.

Toby wakes up with a hangover as Kate is singing in the shower. Kate screams when she sees him and punches him in the face. She has a really nice voice when she's singing. He asks if they had sex and she says no. He tells her she has a great voice. Kate says she gave up singing when she got so fat. Kevin comes in saying he's moving to New York and wants Kate to move with him.

Randall breaks the news to Rebecca. She seems to take it okay. He tells her his name is William and he has stomach cancer. She heads off to introduce herself to him.

When Jack rolls Rebecca outside the hospital to take her home, she sees William across the street before he takes off. In the present Rebecca introduces herself to William and asks Randall to leave them alone. It seems Rebecca and William know each other.

Jack and Rebecca at home with the kids. Randall won't take her breast. Rebecca thinks Randall hates her. She wants to start him on formula. Jack says they have to treat all the kids the same. Rebecca tries to tell Jack about seeing William but he won't let her.

Rebecca says they had a deal, as he says Randall found him and brought him here. Rebecca says it'll break Randall if he finds out he could have known William but she wouldn't let him. She says that Randall is going to put everything on the side to try and cure William and he'd better be worth it.

When Randall goes to get William he finds him gone. Randall finds him walking down the street. William says he can't step in and take over for his parents when he didn't raise him. Randall insists William keep the doctor's appointment he made for him and he's not too nice about it, either.

Kate trying to find Kevin a place in New York. When she comes out of the house Toby has a limo waiting and he's acting like a paparazzi acting like she's the star. He asks for one day where he can treat her like she's the star. Kevin, meanwhile, is trying to pack up his place. Kevin calls Kate wanting her to help him, but she's off with Toby and not noticing he's calling her. Toby wants her to sing in front of people. He takes her to a retirement home to sing.

Jack is assured by the doctor he met at Rebecca's delivery that all three kids are doing fine. The doctor wonder why Jack brought the kids for their check-up instead of Rebecca. Jack admits Rebecca isn't bonding with Randall. Jack asks how to fix it, and the doctor says Rebecca lost a baby and he can't just make that go away. The doctor tells Jack to give Rebecca space to deal with her loss in her own way.

While Jack is at the hospital, Rebecca is looking for William.

Toby introduces Kate and she sings. While she's not too good when she first starts, she gets better as she goes along. All the residents clap for her. Afterwards Toby and Kate start necking until the phone rings. It's Kevin. He's locked in his bathroom. He called a girlfriend named Insane Elaine and she's trashing his place. Toby tells her not to go to Kevin; he can't play second banana to her brother. She says everyone has to. She tries to explain about her and Kevin's twin connection.

The doctor asks to see William and Randall. William told there's no hope for his cancer. Meanwhile in the past Rebecca knocks at his door. He says Randall came from love. Rebecca reveals Kyle was what they were going to name the baby that died. William asks if he can check on Randall from time-to-time and Rebecca says no. She needs to know he won't try to take him back and William agrees. She admits she's not bonding with Randall. William suggests she give Randall his own name. She names Randall after the poet William used to read to him and that's how Kyle became Randall.

Randall doesn't know how he came from William. He wishes he'd found him sooner instead of when he was dying. Randall's wife tells him he doesn't have a whole lot of time with his father and he still doesn't know much about him.

Kate comes to Kevin's rescue. Kate tells Kevin about what happened with Toby and he's shocked that he ruined the moment for her. Kevin tells Kate it's time they tried to do without each other. Kate says she doesn't know who she is without being his sister and he says he does and she'll like herself. Kate says she doesn't like Kevin when he's sweet.

Toby shows up at Kate's. She apologizes to him. Kevin leaves a message for Kate saying he's on his way to New York.

Rebecca comes home to find Kate and Kevin in a crib together and Randall in one by himself. Jack says he thought she'd left and she says she wouldn't do that. She says she can't stop thinking about the real Kyle. He says he can't stop thinking about Kyle, either. Rebecca says they need to give Randall a new name. She shows him the book William gave him, but doesn't tell him where it came from.

Randall tells William he wants to tell his daughters who William really is. He asks William how he met his mother. He tells him about how he met his mother on a bus.

Kate wakes up when the plane Kevin's on hit's turbulence, but says Kevin is okay and so is she. Rebecca finally gets Randall to nurse from her breast.

So it seems that Rebecca kept a very big secret from Jack. He didn't even have a clue the real reason she chose the name Randall for Randall. And I have to say the whole thing about pinning the name on Randall that they chose for their dead baby smacks of using Randall to replace the child they lost.

If Jack is dead in the present, it kind of smacks of the most obvious conclusion. It also makes there no possibility for the main couple to ever get back together in the future. So maybe since this show likes twist, it'll turn out Jack isn't dead, after all. I think there'd be more story in that, especially explaining why none of the family seems to have any contact with him.


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