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This Is Us -- Kevin And Randall Have A Night On The Town

Updated on November 22, 2016

While Beth and William Have A High Old Time At Home

After a week break we're back. Kevin's co-star in the play took him to a funeral and screwed him to give him the proper motivation for his role in the play then made it clear she'll never jump his bones again. Randall made a fool of himself at the kid's parent's night thinking because William could play the piano, so could he. And Kate found a new job she liked. In the past, Jack gave up his dreams of starting his own company to afford sending Randall to a private school for gifted kids.

In the past, Jack and Rebecca need a new washing machine. We see a series of washing machines through the years and the house through the years.

Kevin and Randall as teens. Kevin accidentally knocked something over and tried to help him and Randall shrank away from him like he was poison and they started getting into a fight over Randall having a fit because Kevin touched the blanket he was found in. Rebecca comes in and takes Randall's side and Kevin says he wants to move into the basement.

Kevin out running as he and Randall start competing for who was the fastest. Randall brags he did more miles than Kevin. Kevin and Randall having dinner together with Rebecca according to Randall. Beth says she can't imagine them spending time together. Randall far too competitive and always seems to have to be better.

Kate exercising and working on her diet. But she only lost a pound for all the work she did. She's upset she only lost a pound after killing herself for weeks. Meanwhile Toby lost 8 pounds. I do think Kate may have a medical problem why she can't lose weight very easily.

Randall giving a talk at work. Kevin arrives as everyone notices Kevin standing outside the door.

Rebecca singing as Jack enters. Rebecca tells Jack instead of wearing Kevin's colors when they go to the boys games, since Randall is also playing they should wear his colors, instead. Jack may not be there because of work and she has to remind Jack to give her a kiss goodbye.

Kevin hanging out in Randall's office. Sees a picture of Randall and Rebecca on the desk. Rebecca cancels and Kevin wants to talk to her but Randall won't let him talk to her on the phone. Randall and Kevin will be going on the town by themselves.

Beth tells William her dad had cancer. William having trouble with the chemo after affects. Beth offers William some pot and offers to make them up some special brownies.

Kevin is recognized at the place where Kevin takes Randall.

At work, Jack tells Miguel he forgot to kiss Rebecca goodbye after 18 years of marriage. Jack watches Miguel flirting with the secretary. Miguel says he was just playing. The secretary then adjusts Jack's tie.

Rebecca goes to her singing gig.

Kate can't reach Toby and leaves him another message apologizing for ducking out on the meeting. She shows up at Toby's place. Toby says he's been busy. He doesn't want to let her in, but does. She sees he's been eating junk food. Let me guess. Perfect Toby is overeating to gain weight to make her feel better.

Toby said it's no big deal he binged. He was just celebrating reaching his goal. He says he's done dieting, but supports her one hundred percent. He says when they're together he'll eat the way she eats. She says she only agreed to date him because he agreed to lose the weight with her. She has doubts that this is going to work.

Randall asks Kate why Kevin hates him. Kate says he doesn't hate him. Randall comes down to the basement to see Kevin. Kevin asks Randall to leave because he came down there to get away from him. To get a life. Randall shocked, leaves.

One of the kids come down as Beth and William are getting high on pot brownies. Beth complains that Kevin has her office and she just wishes he would leave.

At dinner, Randall and Kevin having a hard time thinking of anything to say to each other. Kevin realizes that Randall never watched The Manny. Kevin walks out on Randall.

Kate and Toby goes out. She encourages him to eat dessert in front of her and she says she'll have to handle it.

Jack makes it to the game where Rebecca is waiting. Kevin and Randall are playing on opposite sides. A man in the stand interrupts Rebecca as she's telling Jack how much she enjoyed singing again. Randall starts fighting with Kevin during the game, and a scout was supposed to be there to see Kevin.

Randall points out Kevin doesn't know what he does. Randall laughs when he sees Kevin has been replaced by a black man on The Manny. Kevin says he invited them all to the premiere of the show and only Kate came, and Randall snipes that she only came because he paid her. Kevin confronts him about always having to show him up and how he always got the best treatment from their mother and he says Kevin treated him like a dog, refusing to admit Kevin has a point, because it is true.

Beth says she grew up in a house with 14 people. When she was young she dreamed of living alone. William says it makes him feel sad to die now that he has all of them. William lets it slip that he gave Rebecca the book of poems that Randall has and Beth demands to know the truth.

Kate goes to a gas station and buys a bunch of fattening food. She starts eating it. She needs to dump Toby.

The family heads home from the football game as Jack says they're going to talk when they get home. In the present, Randall and Kevin arrive home. Randall admits Rebecca favored him. He says he ate up all of Rebecca's love because the one person he wanted it from the most wouldn't give it to him. Randall says Kevin has never claimed him as his brother until now. When they were rolling around on the ground Kevin told Seth Myers that Randall was his brother. Kevin says then that sucks.

Beth is furious that Rebecca has known who William was his entire life. William begs her not to tell Randall. Beth makes an excuse to leave when Kevin and Randall come in. William tells Kevin that Beth moved him into the basement. Kevin says he should be leaving, anyway. Kevin asks Randall if he'd like to hang out with him for a little while in the basement. Meanwhile Beth calls and leaves a message for Rebecca. They end up watching The Manny.

Rebecca thinks of all the experiences they had with the washing machine.


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