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This Is Us -- Kevin Crashes A Funeral...

Updated on November 15, 2016

And there is something Randall can't do...

Last week Kate revealed Jack is dead when Toby wouldn't respect her boundaries. Kevin did a bad job at looking after his nieces. Beth and Randall faced a pregnancy scare. And in the past, Rebecca didn't want to have children, while Jack did.

Rebecca playing the piano as Jack sneaks up on her. Jack appears to be a construction worker. The kids are still toddlers, at this point. Jack decides to go after a desk job and gets it, because he needs to make more money to support the family.

Miguel tells Jack he got promoted to project manager. Miguel offers him a job, but Jack turns him down. Jack says he wants to go out on his own. Miguel suggests he wait til the end of the week to decide.

Rebecca tells Jack that Randall's teacher wants to see them.

In the present, Randall comes home to see William playing the piano and singing. William says his father taught him to play. The girls want William to speak at their career day or Kevin. But Randall insists he talk at career day.

Jack and Rebecca are told that Randall is gifted.

Kevin not doing well in the play. He's having problems doing well with a scene that involves dealing with his grief. His co-star, strangely enough, says he'll eventually get it. She invites him to a party.

Kate applies for a job that she had to climb a whole lot of stairs to get to. She gets on well with her new employee, but not too well with the daughter who greets Kate by saying her mother picked the fat one. Previously, Kate fell in love with her boss and quit her job [before going to work for Kevin] because it was an unhealthy situation.

Randall rehearsing his speech to Beth. Randall upset his kids and wife don't understand what he does. He wonders because of William if he's meant to be an artist or a musician.

Kate doing a good job at her job. Kate asked to drive the bratty daughter to a party.

The party his co-star takes Kevin to is a memorial service.

In the past, Rebecca takes Jack to see the school for gifted kids. Jack reveals how unhappy he is working at his job. He tells Rebecca he's going to go out on his own, but thinks maybe he shouldn't do it now so they can afford the fancy school for Randall.

When the girl, Gemma, starts disrespecting Kate and putting her down, Kate kicks her out of the car, saying not only can she walk home, she can walk to her friend Ashley's. Gemma is a bit overweight herself and she thinks that's why her mother hired Kate cause she's even more overweight than Gemma and she won't want to end up like Kate.

Kevin learns that he and the actress are crashing a memorial service of someone she doesn't even know. Kevin storms off to have a drink. Kevin runs into the widow. He tells her he and Jack used to build models together. He says all he has left of his father is the necklace that belonged to him, and for the longest time he wouldn't wear it. That he threw away all the models he and his father built. He starts crying and the widow comforts him and she starts crying herself and he comforts her.

Jack comes to pick up Randall at his friend's house. Yvette the friend's mother accuses Jack of wanting her to agree with him not wanting to send Randall to a school for gifted kids.

Randall introduced as a weather trader, which no one knows what it is. Randall says he wrote a song about it. Randall is horrible at playing the piano and singing.

Kevin reveals what he went through when his father died. He said he hated his father for dying, he didn't eat and cried himself to sleep at night. The actress [whose name I obviously can't remember] starts kissing him and they start getting friendly on top of the bed in the widow's house. Let's hope she doesn't walk in on them.

Kate apologizes for leaving Gemma. Kate asks if she was hired because she's fat and Gemma's mom admits it's true. Kate agrees to stay under certain circumstances.

Jack shows Randall some house plans and sees how smart he is when he can figure out numbers in his head. When Randall tries to pretend not to know how to do math, Jack makes him do it. Randall says he doesn't want to be different from Kevin and Kate, but if he gets good grades he'll get ice cream and Kevin and Kate won't and they'll hate him. Jack encourages Randall not to hide how smart he is.

I'm guessing Jack started drinking too much because he didn't like what he was doing for a living. Maybe he gave up the plans he had for starting his own business so he could send Randall to a special school.

Randall sitting alone in the dark when William comes in. He's sitting in front of the piano. William says Randall's face when he was talking about what he does it was the same as some of the greatest musicians he knew.

Kate goes to talk to Gemma. Kate says she barely talks to Rebecca because she took it out on her because she wasn't fat and she was. In the past, Kate said she hated Rebecca for making her wear a dress she didn't like because it fit her.

Randall begins his first day at his new school.

Randall says Jack put a tie on every day because he had to but Randall does because he likes it. And he won't apologize that his work is hard to explain. Randall says he's going to start taking piano lesson.

The actress tells Kevin what happened between is never going to happen again. To use that to give a good performance. In short, she only had sex with him so he could relate to the part.

Jack takes Miguel up on his job offer even though it's not what he really wants to do. He did it so Randall could go to his expensive school.


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