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This Is Us -- Kevin Is No Manny

Updated on November 1, 2016

Randall and Beth's romantic weekend away doesn't turn out that way...

Last week, a trip to the pool with the kids when they were kids shows that Kevin was the forgotten child, as Rebecca was overly-focused on Randall, explaining why he was so rotten to Randall as a kid. In the present, Randall felt William didn't think he understood what it meant to be black. Kevin was like a fish out of water in New York and landed on Randall's doorstep to stay. And Kate felt insecure when she learned Toby had a hot ex-wife.

The promos for this week have been #WhereIsJack?. Most are speculating he's dead, but I think he's still alive. Jack and Rebecca are billed as the show's big love story, so I don't think the show would kill off one part of the love story when if Jack is alive they can tell in the present how Jack and Rebecca find each other, again. Sorry, Miguel. Maybe I'm wrong. It wouldn't be the first time.

Rebecca's mom ignoring her for her father as she watches a football game. She gets Jack's attention when he's watching football and ignoring her. She asks him to teach her football and he does. She ends up becoming a football fan. She tells Jack she's singing for Superbowl Sunday. She asks why people have kids when Jack says Miguel and Shelly might come if they can find a babysitter.

Randall's kids won't eat blueberries when Kevin won't eat them. The kids ask if William is sick. Kevin realizes William is sick. Randall asks when Kevin is leaving. When Kevin talks about his empty hotel room, Randall says he and Beth will take the hotel room and leave Kevin to take care of the girls.

Kate brings Toby breakfast in bed. Kate says she wants to watch football alone. Toby wants to force his way into her watching football alone and she won't let him.

Jack watching Rebecca singing on stage. Shelly and Miguel arrive late. They describe how hard it is with kids. Rebecca makes Jack promise that they're never having kids.

Jack distracted as Miguel, Shelly and Rebecca watch football. He brings up her not wanting to have kids. He says she never wants to talk about it. Miguel and Shelly excuse themselves as Jack says he want kids.

Toby gets fellow weight-watchers to pass Kate a note, interrupting a woman while she's talking. Can I say how rude that was and I still don't like Toby. And, once again, he's trying to force his way into watching football with Kate.

The girls want Kevin to be the judge of their Barbie fashion show. Instead he gets William and the girls to help him study his lines. Kevin's thing seems to be to tell inappropriate jokes. He asks William if he knows how to read. Much like his bad jokes at the first rehearsal.

Randall and Beth arrive at Kevin's posh hotel suite. Randall says he wants to have loud adult sex. Beth doesn't seem that happy to be there. She kills the mood by saying she's late and she feels like crap. She's afraid she might be pregnant. She says she needs him to calm her down.

Of course, Kate comes to Toby's and gives into him. There's another guy there when she arrives.

Rebecca says she's not enough for Jack. She says they joke about other people with kids and how glad they are not having kids. Jack says with the family he had he never thought he'd want to have kids, but he's changed his mind. Rebecca says he knew when he met her she didn't want to have kids. She says she's not there yet. Jack gets in a fight with another guy at the bar when the man insults Rebecca. Rebecca takes off saying, “Yeah, we should really be having kids.”

Randall and Beth go to a drug store for an early pregnancy test. Randall asks how she could get pregnant when she takes the pill every day. She said she changed medication and there was a window. Randall says he hoped they could retire early when the girls were grown and move to Charleston. Beth says she was about to go back to work and remember who she used to be before the kids.

Kate not enjoying football with Toby and his friend. He turns off the TV while she's trying to watch. Kate makes an excuse to leave.

Helping Kevin rehearse his play doesn't go well. The girls ask Kevin if grandpa is going to die. Kevin says they shouldn't get too attached to William. Then he makes it worse saying everyone is going to die, including their parents. William rushes the kids out of the room and to bed. Kevin may have been the Manny on TV, but he's not so good taking care of kids in real-life.

Jack goes out to find Rebecca.

Randall and Beth wait for the results of her pregnancy test. Randall says a son wouldn't totally suck.

William rejoins Kevin. William says Kevin doubts himself a lot. He says Kevin was very good on the Manny. Kevin says he should have never left The Manny and come here. He's a lousy uncle and sucks at the theater. Kevin says the people he's working with make him feel like a joke.

Jack finds Rebecca outside. Jack says she wins over having kids. Jack says his father loved football more than anything. He didn't want much to do with him. He imagined when he had kids he'd watch football with them, too. Rebecca says she doesn't know what's wrong with her. All her friends have kids. She says she sees them with kids in the future. But she loves their life the way it is. She's afraid kids will change it. He says he won't let things change between them.

Toby comes by Kate's place. Kate says she told him she wanted to watch the game by herself. She says she used to watch football with her father, then she grew up and moved out there. She shows Toby an urn with Jack's ashes.

Well, there blows my theory about Jack being alive. But why does she have Jack's ashes and not his wife? Could the writers pull a twist with Jack not really being dead?

Kevin goes up to see the girls. He offers to tell them a secret he's never told anyone else to make up with them. Kevin says sometimes he paints. He shows them a painting he did when he first read the play. It says it represents the past, present and the future. The past includes Jack and Rebecca and the future seems to be of Randall packing William’s clothes after he dies.

Beth not pregnant.

Kevin had the best development, this week. He's kind of like an onion and the layers are slowly being peeled away, while Randall and Kate are revealed all at once. Can't wait to find out more about this guy who should have it all but doesn't.


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