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This Is Us -- The Cabin

Updated on December 7, 2016

The Three Siblings Spend the Day Together

Last week was a Thanksgiving celebration where Miguel horned in on a treasured Thanksgiving memory that Jack created. Randall discovered the truth before Beth could force Rebecca to tell him she kept William from him all his life. Kevin brought Olivia to Thanksgiving dinner and after a scare on her flight to join the family for Thanksgiving, Kate decided to get gastric bypass surgery to help with her weight loss.

The show begins with Randall, of course. This show is beginning to seem more like, “This Is Randall.” Beth enters. William enters and Randall wants to know when he met Rebecca. Randall wants to know if Jack knew and William doesn't think so. Randall making a list on why he's mad at Rebecca. [Me rolling my eyes.]

Jack and Rebecca shopping and find Randall is with a black couple looking for his birth parents. Jack suggests to Rebecca they try to help Randall find his bio parents. Rebecca sexes him up to get him to drop the subject.

Kevin tells Kate about Rebecca lying to Randall. Kevin not happy about Kate planning to get her stomach cut open. He wonders if this is about her break-up with Toby. Kate upset when Kevin says Rebecca is selling the cabin. Kate suggests she, Kevin and Randall go up to visit the cabin.

Randall being a killjoy at the cabin. Kevin invites the cast of the play to the cabin and Kate's upset. Kevin asks Kate to give the people a chance.

Jack asks the mother of Randall's friends if Randall asked her to roll her tongue and she says he's been making up all these stories about his father and Jack realizes they're black men that he knew.

Kevin trying to fit in with Olivia's crowd and trying to act like them and Kate doesn't feel she even knows him at the moment. One of the people had a smootie in the fridge that's half gone and may have had some magic mushrooms in it and Randall is acting weird and sees Jack standing on a ladder outside.

Kate and Kevin see Randall outside out of it. Kevin tries to talk to Randall and Randall calls him, “Dad.” They go inside and leave Randall outside. Jack won't believe Randall that Rebecca knew who his biological father was. Then Jack vanishes.

Jack takes Randall to a black karate class. It's called dojo but it looks like karate to me. I feel bad for Jack, that he gave up his dreams to pay for Randall's fancy school and the kid was constantly lusting after his bio-dad. And now he has to fork more money out on him for dojo classes.

Jack suggests to Rebecca they hire a private detective to find Randall's father. Rebecca, of course, is against it. He says they need to give Randall everything they can do to make him happy. Even if that means sucking it up that he needs to find his bio-father.

Rebecca visits William again.

Kate gets in Olivia's face. Olivia accuses Kate of being jealous of Kevin changing. Olivia says Kate's afraid that if she loses her weight she's afraid she'll still be the same person she's always been.

Kevin says maybe Olivia has a point. Kate turns on Kevin saying he's behaving like a jackass.

Magic Mushroom Jack tells Randall say they gave him everything they could. Randall accuses Jack of just adopting him so he could be a replacement for his dead baby. He says he's lived his life being perfect because he knew he wasn't wanted. {That's such bull. Rebecca always favored him and loved him more than she did Kevin. It sounds like no matter how much he got he still wanted more. Hate to break it to Randy but if William had kept him he wouldn't have gotten all he did with Jack as his father] Jack says Randall was never a replacement son. He says if he had known the man who abandoned him wanted him back that would have made all the difference in the world. Randall says he wants Rebecca to hurt as much as he does.

And this in a nutshell is why I'm growing weary of the Randall Show.

William tells Rebecca he's been clean for over five years. He asks about Randall. He says he spent the last nine years wondering if he did the right thing. He says it seems like it was right for Randall. She admits Randall has been asking about him. She says that's why she's there. William is excited about the idea of seeing Randall and digs out something he wants to give to Randall. But when William turns around Rebecca's gone.

Rebecca tells Jack she's afraid William might want Randall back. That she cannot lose her son. I'm sure William would have agreed to sign something giving up his parental rights, but like Randy doesn't want to share Rebecca with Kevin [as shown by the way he hogged the phone and wouldn't let Kevin talk to her] Becky doesn't want to share Randall with William.

The playwright tells Kevin she hates Olivia because Olivia knew she wanted to see her new niece and Olivia got her to drive up there.

Kate calls up Toby. She calls to complain about both her brothers. He tells her he can't be this person for her and hangs up on her.

Kevin watches Asher and Olivia fawning all over each other. Kevin accuses Asher of making fun of Kate. He brings up her kissing him. He suggests she's trying to sabotage it and suggests she's never known anything real and he feels sorry for her. Olivia says that's their cue to leave. The playwright gets stranded there when Olivia and Asher leave her behind. Too bad Kevin can't fall for the playwright. She seems like a nice girl. Doesn't help that there's absolutely no chemistry between him and Olivia.

Kevin finds Kate sitting out in the woods by herself. He asks her how mad she is at him. He says he's sorry and she was right about Olivia. Kate said Olivia was right about her. Kate says she can't do it alone and without her brothers. He suggests she do it there cause he really needs her bad.

Randall talking to Fantasy Rebecca, but she ignores him. He says Rebecca has stole him from all the moments he could have shared with William. Jack says Rebecca had her own things to deal with and she made sure they were all safe. So Randall will forgive her without really having a confrontation with her. Feels like kind of a gyp and just another excuse to make the show all about Randall in the past and in the present.

Randall on the ladder he saw Jack on making repairs. Kate wakes Kevin up and finds him in bed with the playwright. They go out to see Randall. He says he's fixing the cabin for Jack, not Rebecca. Why couldn't Rebecca give the cabin to her kids, why is she selling it. Is that Miguel's idea? Yeah, I'm still disgusted by him wanting to take over a tradition Jack created.

Randall remembers Jack attending his karate class. Jack has to do push-ups while Randall is on his back to prove himself to Randall. [Me rolling my eyes again.]

Rebecca insists to Jack they need to be enough for him so he doesn't want to find his bio-dad. Then Rebecca refuses to let Randall see William and writes that to William in a letter.

Randall confronts Rebecca. Randall now feels her keeping the secret must have been incredibly lonely. She starts crying and makes a move to hug him, but he backs away and says he'll see her at Christmas.

You know, I think I'm getting a bit bored with the show. I know that's blasphemy from the people who watch this show. I guess I thought it was going to feature multiple stories and it's just evolving into being all about Randall with a little of the others thrown in for variety.

I also thought the trip to the cabin was a miss. Instead of seeing how the three siblings work together, we had Randall off on a magic mushroom journey to excuse what Rebecca did while Kevin brought his bed buddy and her friends up to the cabin trying to be one of them, which causede trouble between him and Kate. Not any in-depth character development. Overall, the episode was kind of a miss.


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