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This Is Us -- This Is Christmas!

Updated on January 10, 2017

Last week, the siblings went on a road trip to the family cabin that Rebecca is selling. Randall ingested magic mushrooms and imagined Jack counseling him. Kevin invited Olivia to the cabin and Kate hated her on sight. And in the past, Rebecca convinced Jack not to look for William.

Tonight is the Christmas episode. Open on Jack and Rebecca. Rebecca gets on Kate for eating all the cookies. Rebecca says they're going to church. Jack gets worried about Kate who has been complaining about feeling sick and to what Rebecca put off as a stomach ache from eating all the cookies. Kate taken to the hospital. Kevin doesn't want to be separated from Kate as she's wheeled away. It's actually the first time they've shown us the twin connection between Youg Kevin and Kate.

Rebecca sees Dr. K in a hospital bed. She notices Dr. K has no family there. Dr. K reveals he's dying. Jack and Rebecca decide to be Dr. K's family for him. Dr. K says he's not afraid to die.

Randall buys a snowglobe. Kevin wants to pray for Kate in front of the manger. Randall gives Dr. K the snowglobe to thank him for getting Jack to adopt him. Dr. K urges Randall to pay it forward.

It's nice for the first time they're finally showing the Kevin/Kate connection as children.

Olivia missing for a month and the play is cancelled. Sloane demands Kevin come to dinner with her parents. As Kevin listens to Sloane telling a Christmas story, he suggests that they put on the play themselves with Sloane in Olivia's role. Kevin even offers to put up the money.

I really like Kevin and Sloane together. They're a lot better than Kevin and Olivia.

Kate told the size of her new stomach will be the size of an egg. Rebecca goes with her as the doctor lists all the dangers of the surgery. Rebecca shocked to learn Kate has been taking prozac. And also that she's still binging. Kate doesn't want to go to Randall's for dinner. Rebecca asks if she did this to Kate. Kate says she doesn't know. Kate says she wants one person to tell her she's doing the right thing.

Adult Randall hasn't been in the show, so far, and it's been kind of a breath of fresh air. We got to see Kate with Rebecca and see how they don't do very well together.

William at a meeting for Addicts Anonymous. He's telling how he kicked drugs and how Randall found him. He says he'll enjoy Christmas one last time and they gave that to him. Then a man named Jesse's talks. It's someone William knows. It sounds like Jesse and William were lovers. Jesse says he's having a hard time learning forgiveness. Jesse upset that William didn't tell him about his condition. William says he shouldn't have run off. Jesse says he loved him and he left, but he wants to spend whatever remaining time William has with him.

Randall upset that everyone has canceled on him. Beth wants to know why Randall bought a boat. She thinks it means he's depressed. Randall agrees to unbuy the boat. When Randall goes to see Andy [the guy he bought the boat from] it looks like he interrupted him as he was about to commit suicide. Andy admits he cheated on his wife. His wife filed for divorce. He lost a lot of money and other people's money, as well. Randall promises not to not buy the boat. Randall tells Andy about how he finally met his father and how his mother did some things he's working through. Randall tries to convince him to not leave his daughter, Chloe. Beth arrives and it causes Andy to go back inside and not kill himself.

Randall and family return home. Kevin arrives with Sloane. So do Miguel, Kate and Rebecca. Kate seems to like Sloane, but Sloane says this is not a thing. Toby shows up uninvited and Kate takes him back. YUCK! William brings Jesse home with him. One of Randall's kids informs him William is gay or bi.

In the past Kate is fine, while Dr. K is rushed into surgery.

In the present Toby collapses right in the middle of the party.

Dr. K survives, while it appears Toby is dying on the operating table. If that's the big cliff hanger, I hated him coming back and don't care if he survives or not.


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