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This Is Us -- Trouble In Paradise For Jack And Rebecca

Updated on October 18, 2016

Young Kevin and Young Randall Don't Get On

In last week's premiere we met a multi-generational family whose story is taking place in two different time lines. Jack and Rebecca's story begins thirty-six years before their children's story begins. Jack and Rebecca have twins and an adopted son. In the present their twins, Kevin and Kate, aren't happy with their lives while their adopted son, Randall has finally tracked down his biological father and brought him home to meet his family.

Some time has passed as the kids are children now. Kevin is warned not to call Randall names and that he's supposed to have his brother's back. And it looks like there's some tension between Jack and Rebecca.

In the present, Kate is exercising trying to lose weight. Her fat friend, Toby, tries to get her to leave. She wonders how he's losing weight and she isn't, but he manages to make her laugh.

Randall in bed with his wife, Beth. They've been married for 17 years. She wants to know how long his bio-dad is going to be sleeping in the girl's bedroom. He's been there for three days. Randall says his father has stomach cancer and he's trying to get him through his first doctor's appointment.

Jack out at a bar with a friend, Miguel. He says it's sometimes hard to see Rebecca as the woman he's married to. His BFF tells Jack that Rebecca is the gold standard of wives and mentions how he's drunk three drinks and it's a little over five o'clock.

Randall stops bio-dad from telling his daughters where he got his drugs from. One of Randall's daughters has asthma. William says he's enjoyed being there and to tell him when he's over-stayed his welcome. He asks Randall for a few dollars for the bus. He's a bit cagey about where he's going.

Kevin meets with his talent agency. His agents ream him out for what he did. Kevin is told he's contractually bound to the show for two years. His agent says the network owns him. He tells Kate he has to go to a Hollywood party and beg to be The Manny, again. Kate urges him to go to the party and refuse to be The Manny. He wants Kate to come to the party with him because he needs her there. She doesn't want to go, but he doesn't take no for an answer.

William returns late. He says he's going to lay himself down for the night.

Kate at one of her fat meetings. Kate starts insulting everyone in the group. Kate confesses to Toby that Kevin is making her go to a Hollywood party and she couldn't find anything to wear. And she's starving but she isn't losing weight. Toby wants Kate to take her to the party. He's impressed with who Kevin's agent is. He makes her laugh and she agrees to take him.

Still no interaction between Kate and Kevin and their adoptive brother, Randall.

Rebecca kissing Kate good night. She tells Rebecca she only ate fruit, today. Rebecca says she only want Kate to be happy. Looks like Perfect Rebecca helped to give Kate a lot of her weight issues. Meanwhile Kevin and Randall are fighting as Kevin calls Randall “Webster”. Rebecca asks why he's always so hard on Randall. He says people think it's weird their brothers and she says he's supposed to be there for Randall. Randall asks Rebecca if she can force Kevin to be nice. Well, we can see why their not close and it seems to be mostly Kevin's fault.

Enter Jack. He brings her home a gift and she isn't impressed. She says she thinks they're more than off-track. She thinks as parents they're only rating a 6. She says she's trying to get them to a 9. That she's at a 9 but he isn't. She says when he's home and he's him he's a 10. He's getting home later and the drinking has to stop. She won't have it in her house. If it's a problem to fix it, because she's done allowing him to lower their score.

Toby shows up to pick Kate up. Kevin's kind of a jerk to Toby over the way he's dressed. Toby drags Kate on the dance floor once they're at the party. Kate sees all the skinny chicks laughing at her and won't dance.

Jack's BFF calls him apologizing for what he said at the bar.

Randall working on his treadmill. Beth convinces him to stop, take a shower and get some sleep.

Kevin tells the network head, Mr. Manning, to let him go. Manning says he wouldn't be able to tell him from a nobody. Manning says he's building a home in St. Marten. He says recasting the lead in a sitcom isn't what he wants to do, so he's going to stay on the show, and if he doesn't he'll destroy his life. Kevin doesn't agree and goes to look for Kate. Meanwhile Toby has gotten Kate drunk. Of course, Drunk Kate is no help.

Beth tells William it's time they had a talk.

Kevin actually calls up Randall to ask for help. Flashback to the kids at school calling Randall “Webster” and Kevin doesn't defend him. Kevin says he was hoping Randall would tell him what to do. Kevin says he wasn't a good brother to him, but Randall says he still has time. Kevin says he always cares about what everyone thinks. Randall says Jack and Rebecca didn't raise any whores when Kevin says he's going to have to go back inside and whore himself to the network.

Beth reveals that eight years ago she was pregnant and they took a chance on buying this house. She says Randall is perfect. She says Randall wasn't sleeping and he couldn't see through his eyes. She says he pulled himself out of it. She says Randall is not free of vice; his vice is his compulsive drive to be perfect. Then she asks William about what he uses the money he borrows from Randall and where he goes. He says he goes to his place in Philadelphia. She asks if he's really sick and he says that he is. Beth is about to say that William is overstaying his welcome when Randall comes in to stop her. William finally admits he has a cat and that's where he goes every day. He says he doesn't want to leave. Beth says now she feels like a bitch, but the tense moment dissolves into laughter.

Kate seems to be sobering up and feels like she's about to vomit. She says it's always going to be about the weight as it's been since she was a little girl. Toby says he knows. Kevin joins them telling them he told them to go screw themselves and they said a lot of mean scary things to him. He says he's going to do theater and move to New York.

Rebecca joins Jack in the hall. He says no more drinking. That he'll stop for her. He says when he met her he knew what he wanted to be when he grew-up. He wanted to be the man to make her happy. He admits he hasn't been making her happy, lately, and from now on he's going to be a 12 for her from now on. She says she forgives him. He gives her the gift he bough her, again. It's a moon necklace. She says she's never going to take it off. They start making love in the hall when the kids comes out and join them.

Beth surprised when William helps with the asthma med for his granddaughter. Then Randall learns his parents are there. Only Jack isn't the man with Rebecca. It's Jack's BFF Miguel who is now married to Rebecca.


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