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This Is What Happens When You Watch Amazing Race Instead Of Celebrity Apprentice

Updated on May 10, 2011

On Star = No Star

Sunday night I had the choice of watching the two-hour finale of Amazing Race or three-hours of Celebrity Apprentice. I picked Amazing Race. Seems I picked the wrong show.

I tuned in at the ten o'clock hour and my first question was: Where is Nene and LaToya? Second one was: Why is Meatloaf on the women's team?

I just assumed Nene got fired, but apparently she quit in a fit. I read the story over on TMZ. Apparently the primadona, herself, Miss Star Jones, went to The Donald complaining she couldn't work with Nene. So what does Mr. Treat Everyone The Same do? He caters to this harridan and takes Meatloaf off the men's team and puts Nene on the men's team and The Loaf on the women's team.

Apparently, Miss Nene was having none of this. You know, if Queen Star was having such a problem, maybe The Donald should have put the overbearing martinet on the men's team, where they would have slapped her down so fast it would make her head spin when she tried controlling all the shots and setting people up to be fired instead of herself.

Anyway, Nena quit, but The Donald showing he has the maturity of a two year old, then said she was fired. Sorry D, doesn't work that way. Can't fire someone who quit first.

Still don't know what happened to LaToya. I'm guessing when it came to whatever task, the men lost and they stuck together and LaToya got the boot. 

The last task that seen the vile Ms. Jones finally getting the boot was doing a vid for On Star. Jon and John won and ASAP lost. Marlee and Star tried to throw Meatloaf under the bus. I think Nene was right when she initially said Marlee was up Star's butt. Outside of the boardroom Star was pulling her, "I'm an educated black woman so I am superior and your are inferior" stuff on Meatloaf, only he was having none of it, and fired right back at her.

In the boardroom, Star tried her usual ploy of putting the blame on someone else for her garbage only this time The Donald wasn't buying it and he sent her carcass walking out the door. FINALLY!

Back to the whole thing about The Donald taking Nene off ASAP to appease the overbearing Ms. Jones. He knew Meatloaf was having serious problems tolerating Gary Busey and he did no such thing. He made Meatloaf suck it up. It's just like firing Latoya when the women said she was a weak link but forcing the men to deal with working with their own destructive weak link, Gary Busey, who was costing them wins, since ever since they got rid of him they've been winning right and left.

Save your money, Donald, no one is going to vote for you for president. If they've watched your show they know you play favorites to whomever rates the highest on The Donald meter. They know you don't ascribe to the belief everyone should be treated the same and that's a primary requirement for being president.

I also think some of these celebs should think twice before going on one of these reality shows and showing their true colors. Until Celebrity Apprentice I used to like Dionne Warwick and Star Jones, now the mention of their names only fills me with repulsion. They finally showed the world who they are and it's not a pretty picture.


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    • optimus grimlock profile image

      optimus grimlock 6 years ago

      no you need to watch the episode entirely because star put her in her place! They went into a room talked for a period of time came out and nene looked as if she was talked to like a child and was silent. Nene is hot air and thats all she is!!!