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This Show Irks Me

Updated on July 28, 2016

Are YOUR kids really learning?

So, the neighbor kid got caught by your kid, while holding her favorite Shimmer and Shine toy. If your a parent, then you've heard the whining, moaning, begging child, desperate in their attempts to become the next "Jones Jr.", but pump the brakes quick, because this show lacks divinity. My kid loves this show, from the songs, to the cute and nasally voices of these genies, but it wasn't until I actually say down with her and watched it, that I realized it's a useless show with no concept to grasp. Sure, you can say it's teaches about friendship or to never give up when you make a mistake, however, most children shows contain a level of friendship between characters or the audience, so this isn't anything hot off the press. As for the bit about mistakes, well we all don't have a pair of genies to screw up our day and then fix it for us. Let's dig deeper.
‚ÄčThe series features an adolescent girl named Leah, who is bestowed a pair of amateur genies; Shimmer and Shine. They grant any of three wishes a day to young Leah, but the catch is that mess up nearly every wish that's made by Leah, which inadvertently causes more of an issue than it's original intention. For magical beings that can manifest anything, they sure don't know very much about anything related to the human world. "Boomzaramy", is just one of the meaningless words said by Shimmer or Shine, that you can expect your child to be saying as she casts magic around the land like a genie. All the while, Leah must keep the genies a secret from her best friend and neighbor, Zac. Zac's timing in the show is impeccable, as he shows up mere moments after the genies disappear. In one featured episode, Leah makes a wish that turns her living room into the main hall of a castle. Zac walks over, exclaims how "cool" the room looks and he blows it off after thirty seconds. Now that's a realistic world to get ensconced in. Aside from the poor performance displayed by these genies, not a single parent is portrayed in the show whatsoever. No pictures on the wall and I cannot think of a moment where anyone even says the word "parent". Leah might have the supervision of two stupid genies, but is that really as safe as being home with mom and dad? Another key thing to ponder are the wishes that are made by Leah. A fair amount of times, she just blurts out a wish in word vomit form causing chaos. Not once, does she feel motivated to wish for anything that will benefit anyone beside herself and Zac, which shows us that Children shouldn't have a power of that magnitude. Throw a few brains into these three and they might even take over the planet. This show might be fun and exciting for your little girls, with it's heavily feminate cast, bongo/sitar music cut scenes and flashy sparkling magic flying all around your television screen, however the main question I pose here is: What on earth are our kids leaning from this show? They learn that dreams and wishes don't come so easily, which I feel, may hinder any belief your child will have. On a subliminal level, the show teaches kids to forget their parents and stick with the mythical genies. There are no ABC's or 123's. Just a routine series on a crash course to the illogical. If your a parent and your still not sure about this show, YouTube, houses some of the episodes for you to sample. Three cheers to your children.

Shimmer and Shine

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