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This is it - in London

Updated on June 12, 2012

This Is It was a thought out group of 50 live shows by famous pop singer and dancer Michael Jackson to be held in the O2 Arena located in london. These were planned to begin with in July 2009 and carry on right through March 2010. Having said that, with all of live shows sold-out, Jackson passed away less than 3 weeks prior to the 1st live concert day. Jackson formally declared the live shows in a press meeting organised within the O2 Arena and mentioned that This Is It would be his last tour. AEG Live, the live concert marketers, launched an advertising video that took up a complete commercial break, establishing an all-time record for ITV. The shows would be Jackson's first significant series of live shows since HIStory World Tour completed in 1997, and had been reported among the year's most significant music events. CEO of AEG Live, mentioned that the initial 10 dates alone might have gained the singer roughly £50 million.

This is it - in London
This is it - in London | Source

This is it - Movie

Right after the death of Michel Jackson, AEG reported that they had over "100 hrs of video footage of preparations and rehearsals featuring Michel Jackson". On August 10, 2009, Mitchell Beckloff, a supreme court judge from Los Angels authorized an offer in between movie distributor Columbia Pictures and AEG Live for the previous firm to buy and send out rehearsal video footage of Jackson for the film titled Michael Jackson's This Is It. Columbia company paid out $60 million for legal rights towards the rehearsal video footage. The documents submitted in the court had allegedly mentioned that Jackson's estate are certain to get 90% share of the profits earned throught the movie and that AEG Live could possibly get the rest of the 10% from the movie's revenue. The movie was directed by Kenny Ortega who was originally the director of the live show secluded on O2 stadium. It had been put together mainly from video footage which was shot as reference for production interactions and wasn't intended to be revealed publicly. A few of the songs within the movie was added from prior recordings but all Michael Jackson's voice within the movie was from the live show. The movie was launched on Oct 28, 2009.

An associated recording to the movie was released. Entitled This Is It was distributed worldwide on Oct 26, and also to The United States the very next day. The two-disc recording will feature music "influenced from the documentary of the identical name". Sony stated, "Disc one will feature the very first album experts of a few of Michael's greatest hits organized in the exact same sequence as they quite simply come in the film" and mentioned that "the disc finishes with two variations of the 'never-released' 'This Is It'. This song is showcased within the film's concluding sequence and contains support vocals by Michael's siblings. Sony added that 2nd disc will include formerly editions from Jackson's "catalogue of hits", plus a voiced word poem titled "Planet Earth" along with a 36-page commemorative guide with "distinctive photographs of Michael from his very last rehearsal"


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