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This is War the documentary movie review

Updated on November 8, 2010

THIS IS WAR review

 I just finished watching the documentary movie THIS IS WAR. This documentary is about a film on the war in Iraqi in 2003. Lieutenant Mike Scotti is the narrator of the movie and he would show the Iraqi war through his video camera. At the beginning of the movie, Mike Scotti is talking on his video camera while packing up his bad getting ready to go to war. However, he shows his funny side too, he would put on his oxygen mask and say a line from Star Wars “Luke, I am your father”. I guess he is use to going to war. He shows no disappointment, and he shows no nervousness for Mike Scotti has gone and fought in Afghanistan so he knows what war is like and he knows what to expect. With his video camera stuck to him, Scotti would show the war in first person view.  

Now he is onboard a ship going to Kuwait via Iraq. He would be onboard with other marines ready to fight for their nation and to fight against Saddam Hussein. Over two weeks onboard the ship, Scotti would show what the marines were doing while onboard. The marines would exercise, shooting tactics, weapon drills and other things that would prepare them for the war. However, when they had free time, the marines would enjoy themselves playing football, having a barbeque, listening to music, reading, watching the media and of course remembering their homes, the United States of America.

Two weeks onboard a ship and now they were in Kuwait. The marines would be stationed there until they would have orders for “Operation Iraqi Freedom”. Until then, the marines would remain neutral and just enjoy the desert. Throughout the film, the desert would be a dangerous place when there is a war going on. It’s a place that would not be friendly to anyone. As quiet as it is out there, the desert is more like a war zone. At one point, Mike Scotti would reveal why he was fighting in the war. One, it’s because he is following his nation’s orders and two he was fighting for an old classmate in high school and how she died in 9/11. Those Americans who supported the war, these were the main reasons why America gone to war. And I bet those who are against the war, would argue to those who agrees with the war. Me, I’m totally against any war.

Once the marines got their order, the marines geared up and prepared themselves to go to war. With the bravery Mike Scotti showed, he would actually film the war upfront. He would show the brutally of the war. As they were making their way up to Baghdad, the marines would live through bullets firing and missiles flying, tanks, helicopters, guns, and a lot of people dying. Yes, there was actually footage of people dying. Dead people on streets, dead people with no heads, dead people with no legs, no arms, no brains, just looking at the footage it’s sickening as well as disturbing. Mike Scotti would show Iraqi cities that has been destroyed. You would see buildings and homes being bombed or shot at. A lot of innocent people running around, either with the marines or against them. He would state that nobody knows who are the enemies or friendly’s. One minute someone is friendly at you and then once you turn around they would fire at you.

As the war is going, Mike Scotti would mention that no marine has gotten any sleep or showered, but from the war they would manage to stay alive and awake. During his time at the war, he would see that the war was too much for most marines. The war would tire their physical and mental state, but fighting for their country and fighting against the enemy would motivate them.

A part from the fighting, the other problem that Mike Scotti pointed out was the smell. The smell that would gross out most of the marines. It would make them sick due to the smell. Due to the dead, it let would a bad smell. The flies would eat up the dead and the flies would go in the marine’s mouth and that made them sick. Scotti wants his viewers to smell what he was smelling. Since the camera could not capture the smell, he showed a marine throwing up due to the smell. Anyone that smells the rotten dead would eventually get sick and throw up.

The other footages that Mike Scotti would show is when the marines took over Baghdad and how happy most Iraqis were showing when the Iraqis paraded out in the streets. The scene of Iraqis celebrating out in the streets was the sign of victory that Saddam Hussein was not in control of Iraq and its people. However, Saddam Hussein would make an escape, they would even go to Saddam’s palace.

Mike Scotti’s experience in the Iraqi war would earn him a medal for the success of “Operation Iraqi Freedom”. Any kind of war medal that a soldier receives would show that he is dedicated and honor to fighting and protecting his country. They are recognized as heroes-either dead or alive, they are honored.

The documentary is good. But I’m totally against the war. The government made a war and they should fight the war not soldiers and marines. A lot of innocent people died, and until today it is there people out there dying for a cause that makes no sense. However, the documentary portraits what marines and soldiers go through, and they show their lives on a warfare. I advice people to watch THIS IS WAR and have your say into the movie.


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    • profile image

      tortdog 5 years ago from Richmond, Texas

      This isn't a review. You wrote a synopsis of the movie.

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      You didn't write a review of the movie at all, you basically just repeated it step for step... you should also take a writing class.

    • dahoglund profile image

      Don A. Hoglund 7 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

      You gave an interesting review. War is always an unpleasant business and no reasonable person likes war. Sometimes it is necessary.