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Those walls

Updated on August 22, 2012

It was a late afternoon of September,a young boy having fun, never knew what the day had for me.I was with them but something asked me to take a walk,gracious Lord; behold,there you were walking down with your mama. At first, i felt a thundering sound then it hit me like the bolt of lightening.

Baby, i prayed it will not fade away

I began asking around and the clear sign that he was a strict guy was written all over but i devised a way and found myself sitting next to him. Your papa, may his soul rest in peace

Baby, i saved it inside me

I wanted to grow with you and at sixteen, i knew how to say and mean it

Baby, you are beautiful and i want you to be mine

It was something i dreamed about

Then you came along and stayed for a while

Baby i can feel your joy

It is all written all over you

I decided that i will never do it again

But this rule i have to break

Because of your embrace

I have to pay the prize but i will never shut you out

You are one special things i want

I pray it won't fade away


You know those walls it built

They have all crumbled

Baby i pray it won't fade away

Those walls have all fallen

I pray it won't fade away

Those walls are no more

I am surrounded by your grace

Those walls are destroyed

I pray it won't fade away

Now i have let you in

Because you are my back bone

Those walls are broken

I pray you will save my grace.

We were so young

And now i break the rule again


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