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Thought Provoking Stuff You Need to Read, Watch, See, and Experience!

Updated on September 16, 2014

Everyone like their minds blown.

It looks like this.
It looks like this. | Source

Have you ever had a mindgasm? Have you ever read something so thought provoking, that you just stop, close your eyes, and begin to think of all the ramifications and possibilities of that piece of information? I have, and I try to experience it as often as I can. These are some of the things that have had that same affect on me; hopefully they will open your mind up as they have mine. With all of the different mediums listed, I'm sure at least one of these will get you a mindgasm.

Short Stories

Short stories are great. They are never loaded with extraneous mental foreplay, they always get right to business. Here are some of the best short stories I have read on the internet that will hopefully bring your mind to climax. I could not put any of these stories in better words than they already are so the descriptions will be extremely bare, so as not to ruin the story.


By: Andy Weir

A man dies, meets God, and finds out the meaning of life.

Additional: Reddit AMA: Andy Wier


By: "Harry Stottle"

A man gets on a train, meets God, and finds out the meaning of life.


By: Terry Pratchett

A philosopher dies, meets Death, and learns that maybe science and religion are reconcilable.


By: InfernalNightmare333

And what happens when you play a game with the Devil?


Videos, much like short stories, are... short. Some may prefer having to make your own mental pictures, some may prefer to have them exemplified. At any rate, these should get your brain juices flowing.

Graham's Number

Created by: Numberphile

A number so big that it couldn't fit in the observable universe, permitting that each digit took up a planck volume.


Almost anything Numberphile.

Is Your Red the Same as My Red?

Created by: Vsauce

Do we all experience colors the same? This video gives some insight on qualia, and whether or not it is even real.

The Third and Seveth

Created by: Alex Roman

This beautiful display of CGI architecture is simply stunning. One man, Alex Roman, created all of the imagery and music in this video, by himself. Watching this in anything less than HD is an insult.


Everyone loves a good movie, but with so many brilliant mind bending movies I could only name some. The movies on my list cover several genres, and settings, but all should get your mind in the throes of passion. The following movies, if have not been seen, should be watched posthaste.


If you haven't seen this movie, why are you not watching it like right now? Set in the late 1800's two magician compete to be number one, and what they will do to be number one is limitless. Okay, you can finish this list first, but right after that, get on it.


Set not far in the future, this movie toys with the idea of a man falling in love with an artificial intelligence. I genuinely believe this is the greatest love story ever told. Can there be any greater love for personality than in an instance where there is no body?


A man with short-term memory loss tires to solve the rape and murder of his wife, This movie is a great mind bender, always keeping you guessing, and trying to figure out what is going to happen.


Sleven Kelevra rolls into The Big Apple only to hit a spot of bad luck. He has inherited his missing friends debt, and rival gangs both want to collect. Non stop action, huge names, and a bit of twist. Think you can figure it out?


Documentaries are full of information and perspective. Generally in-tuning your mind with that of the director. There are few things like documentaries to get you to understand the mind of another, and when you into another's mind, you're sure to get post-mindgasm bliss. That being said, some of these can be considered series, but I'm listing them here for their informative value.


Roughly based on his book A Brief History of Time (see books), Stephen Hawking, voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch, takes us in a ride from the beginning to the end of time and space. With three parts, Aliens, Time Travel, and The Theory of Everything, this series is amazing. I, personally, make a point to watch it at least once a year. The subject matter, although technically complex, is conveyed with the everyman in mind, and the imagery is stunning.


This documentary is a double attack, it biographical and predictive. It not only explores the life of inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil, it also talks about his prediction of the technological singularity, and hyper intelligent robots.


This story takes us from our humble beginnings all the way to modern technology. On that trip it covers wars, empires, and kings; inventions, science, and agriculture; love, loss, and art.


Most television series have all the advantages of a book, structured plots, strong characters, beautiful scenery, but often people don't like to read. As a remedy for those more inclined for external stimuli, these series should get your brain to peak.


A group of young offenders with ASBOs gain super powers, but that isn't going to help them with community service. I can't say much for the later seasons of this show, but the first two are well worth the watch.


Okay, I'm sure I'm going to get some grief for this one, but don't knock it until you try it. I'm not even a big anime fan, but I loved this series. If you can get past the fact that this is a childrens' show, with some silly humor, than the story line really is fantastic.Do not try to watch the movie as as a substitute.


This one is definitely a cliche, but cliches are cliches for a reason. This show is fantastic, and I promise you it will have you guessing throughout the whole series, each season, and nearly every episode.


I believe books can take you on a journey better than any other medium listed here, possibly rivaled only by television series. You can't get invested into a movie, video, documentary, or short story like you can with books. You become attached to them, they're typically longer and convey such deep meaning. Not only does it guide you through the process, you help create the process. It doesn't matter how much detail the author has, every single person will imagine it different. Everyone reads Tolkien differently despite how many words it takes him to describe a rock.

A Brief History of Time

This book is somewhat similar to the documentary series Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking, but if you liked that series, this book is a must read. It is quite a bit denser than its visual counterpart because it's loaded with more information and it's a little bit more technical.

Atlas Shrugged

With Ayn Rand's obectivism philosophy conveyed in a book of love and capitalistic battle, this book should be read by both right and left wings. Whether you're a hardcore capitalist, or socialist doesn't matter, it never hurts to look at a new perspective, and it's easy with a book such a solid story line.

One of my all time favorite books as a kid. This book, although short is, much like everything else on the list: mind blowing. It takes you through the story of a strict socialist community, set in the future, where everything is equal. One young kid is thrust in the middle of new experiences that only he and the eponymous Giver can understand. You can easily read this book in an afternoon, and I highly recommend that you do just that, maybe even this afternoon.

Is your mind blown yet?

I really hope you got as much enjoyment out of any of the things on the list as I do for all of them, If I made you achieve one mindgasm, my goal was accomplished. If you had multiple mindgasms in one session even better. I highly recommend you set out to read, and watch all of the things on my list. If there is anything you think should be added feel free to comment and it may make it onto the list with your name as the suggester.

Thank you very much for reading, if you enjoyed it please thank me by answering the following polls.


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