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Thoughts For The Week Of May 13, 2012

Updated on May 17, 2013

For One Life To Live And All My Children Online

  1. News broke on Thursday that the online soaps would be rotating and only airing two episodes a week now. Some viewers are already suspecting that Prospect Park is having money problems. I thought once PP got online viewers hooked to the shows, they’d start charging a fee. It’s a traditional marketing ploy. Give something away for free until you have a cache of customers and then to start charging for it. I heard some viewer claim the shows would air five weeks and then be off five weeks. With this new rotation schedule there would be no five week hiatus and the shows would run continuous. However, viewers might find it hard to get into the shows if only two thirty minute episodes air and they’re on every other day. With everything there could be benefits and drawbacks.
  2. It was a pure genius move bringing back Billy Clyde Tuggle, one of the creepiest villains to grace daytime. I was practically cheering when I saw him. All this stuff with the sex slavers in Center City was reminding me of the days of Billy Clyde running his stable in Center City. What a great use of history, something AMC didn’t do when it was on ABC.
  3. It was nice to see someone acting towards JR the way he deserved to be treated when Bianca learned he was out of his coma. So far the entire town has been playing a violin for poor misunderstood JR. However, she had to go and ruin it by getting on her high horse about David. Once upon a time David helped her when she needed it most. Maybe she should remember that before getting on her high horse with the rest of Pine Valley in regards to David.
  4. So far, Dixie Dumbhead and Opal are running neck-in-neck for biggest meddling mamas. Although Opal did the most damage when she gave Evelyn the heads-up about Pete and Celia’s secret romance. As a result, Evelyn was going to put a stop to Celia and Pete by taking Celia away to Europe. To stop her, Pete and Celia had to run-off together. Hey, Opal, you may not see your precious baby boy for some time now and you only have yourself to blame. Opal and Dixie are the kinds of mothers no woman would want as a mother-in-law.
  5. I have to admit all the foul language the characters can now use is a bit off-putting at times. It’s like the characters are children and just learned dirty words and they can’t stop using them all the time. In my daily life it’s very rare I interact with people constantly shooting obscenities out of their mouths. Maybe they need to cut it down a bit. Like nudity, it’s good when the scene calls for it, but just to say dirty words to just say dirty words becomes a bit much after a while.
  6. If I had to put the AMC teens against the OLTL teens, the AMC teens would win hands down. AJ’s father killed his mother and his grandfather tried to kill his father. Miranda’s mom is gay and she’s the product of rape. Cassandra’s been kidnapped by sex slavers and Celia has some mysterious controlling guardian. Compare that to OLTL’s version of Three’s Company [Dani, Jeffrey and Matthew] stripping down to their skivvies and chugging booze.
  7. Most hilarious new term for trying to strangle someone has to giraffing someone. It would be even more hilarious if it caught on. Victor got mad and took it out on this poor innocent stuffed giraffe and started choking it and pretty much ended up ripping the poor thing’s head off. Then he ended up doing the same thing to Todd. He also giraffed some guy whose body he dumped into the river. Giraffing someone seems to be Victor’s signature way to kill them.
  8. Victor decided to book it out of town when he spotted someone at the coffeehouse with a tattoo just like his on his arm. He revealed he’d never intended to show himself, but did when Todd was telling Tea what a bad mommy she is. So it sounds like he escaped from the Tattoo Cult and is on the run from them. Hence giraffing one of the members that may have come after him to bring him back to the fold.
  9. I have to admit the actor playing Jack is getting better in the role. It helps when they give him more than Anger Boy/Victor Butt-kisser scenes to do. It brought out a different side of Jack seeing him interact with David and Sam. And having him go to Viki about being worried about inheriting Todd’s DNA. They’re starting to flesh out the character which needs to be badly done. It didn’t hurt Jack got Todd help when he saw him passed out on the floor, instead of just walking away.
  10. Dani got some major brownie points for at least considering Todd was telling the truth and Victor had giraffed him. Jack and Tea wouldn’t even entertain the thought it could be true. However, she had to rethink her beliefs when Natalie told her Victor’s DNA was found on the tattooed man fished out of the river and when she checked out the history on Victor’s laptop she discovered he was looking up poisons, arsenic in particular.
  11. Caca Cara is really unbelievable. The way she was making excuses for JR like she was Dixie was disgusting. So if JR had killed your kid [the one you’re lying about being dead] you’d just hug JR and make excuses for why he did it. You wouldn’t try to kill him in retaliation like David, would you? Yeah, right. The problem with these JR excusers is they think it’s no big deal that David’s kid was killed because she was David’s kid, but if it was someone else’s kid then that would be another story. Also, Caca wants to believe in her tiny little brain that telling a man who just saw his daughter killed before his eyes that his baby is dead makes her the good guy.
  12. So far I don’t see any cops coming to read JR his rights and place him under house arrest as he prepares to leave the hospital and recuperate in his daddy’s big fancy mansion. The only thing that hasn’t gone golden boy’s way is Brooke telling him Adam wants him to have no part of Chandler Enterprises, when he thought Brooke would step aside so he could take over the company again. In short, he’d be able to pick up right where he left off without facing any kind of consequences for his actions. The only consequences he’s faced were brought on by David, who paid for them with five years of his life. So when exactly does JR pay? I don’t consider being in a coma for five years payment. He’s the one who hid in the secret room with a gun deciding who he was going to shoot, so he caused the whole thing and the one who paid for it was David, not him.
  13. I was cheering David on when he called Jesse out for lying to Angie, again. Jesse acts so high and mighty with David, but after what he did to Angie before, to lie again was disgusting. It’s like he learned nothing. And the only reason Angie isn’t raking him over the coals for it is because she’s too worried about her daughter to take the time to do it. With this situation Jesse has shown if another situation like this comes up, he’ll lie about it to Angie, deciding if she should know or not. He’d better change his ways or he’s going to cause the end of his marriage by lying to Angie and calling it protecting her.
  14. I know because these shows are short they have to be fast-moving, but I think they sacrificed a lot of good drama by ending one show with Todd on the floor possibly dead and opening the next show with him fine and about to be released from the hospital. We missed out on people’s reactions to what happened to Todd. Was Viki the only one who cared? Blair sure didn’t seem to care and suggested he’d faked the whole thing.
  15. It was nice seeing someone on the police force actually competent. Lately, on the soaps the cops are Keystone Kops who couldn’t find their butts in the dark. It looked like Victor has covered his tracks by rinsing out the decanter he’d placed arsenic in, but Natalie had the idea to test the stopper and found traces of arsenic on it. Which helped a lot after enduring Bo being on the Saint Victor bandwagon and accusing Todd of choking himself.
  16. Okay, this is why I have such a hard time with this Saint Victor stuff. Before Todd came back, Victor was no saint and people didn’t treat him as one. Dani thought he was a psycho for the way he acted when he caught her up at Viki’s cabin with her boyfriend. He pushed a pregnant Starr down the stairs. He never paid much attention to Sam. And he pretty much forgot all about Blair’s kids when he found out about Dani. It’s like just because he no longer bears the name of Todd he’s suddenly been elevated to Plaster Saint of Llanview. It’s ridiculous.
  17. One character I really haven’t got a clue about is Blair. Is she taking drugs? Has her evil twin, Flair, taken over her life? The only thing she’s worried about is Cutter paying too much for booze. What about what he’s doing in the VIP Lounge? What about serving liquor to minors? She’d better start paying attention to what her partner is doing or she’s going to go right down with him when he gets busted by the cops.
  18. I’ve been wondering who this Lea was that was in the AMC opening credits with Zach since day one. Funny thing is when she shows up I don’t even recognize her. I had no idea Sinnamon the stripper was Lea. I didn’t even recognize her in her street clothes until she said her name was Lea.
  19. A couple of weeks ago, I’d say OLTL’s worst teen character was Jack, but that honor goes to Matthew. He’s a dead beat dad. He doesn’t want Destiny, but acts like she’s his toy and doesn’t want to share whenever Jeffrey tries to get close to her. Then there’s him taking semi-nude photos of himself to post on the Internet. He’s coming off as a super sleaze. I can only hope all this stuff with the online chick is going to turn into a cautionary tale about being careful with people you meet over the Internet and you don’t really know anything about.
  20. When I read a long-time character was coming back to AMC, I was fearing it might be Erica. I have to say, I really don’t miss her. The show is great without her and considering how much money Susan Lucci would demand to appear, she’s really just not worth it. Save the money and keep going just as you are without Erica.


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