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Thoughts Of A Playboy Playmate: Holly Madison Hotness

Updated on October 13, 2009

What possesses a delightful young lady in the prime of life to shack up with a geriatric and his two other girlfriends? I think the answer is pretty obvious folks, love. Holly Madison is Hugh Hefner's number one girlfriend, the lady who notoriously has designs on his sperm, and who is apparently unaware of the nature of human mortality, as she wants to marry and have his babies ASAP. If Hugh still has swimmers that work, then I would be one surprised filthy celebrity writer. Then again, this is Hugh. His sperm are probably nuclear powered or something.

Though Holly has been featured extensively on the reality television show 'The Girls Next Door', I feel that some of her more revealing moments took place in an interview with TV Tattler Magazine, where she was asked deep and soul searching questions, like what part she most liked about living at the Playboy Mansion. Somewhat disturbingly, her answers were akin to those a pre pubescent child might give.

For example, her answer to the previous question was: "I think the coolest part is the zoo because we have three different kinds of monkeys and a bunch of different kind of exotic birds. It's just fun hanging out with them. "

Still, I suppose she couldn't very well say that being Hugh's whore was the favorite part of her day now could she? I'll also give some credence to the theory that she completely misunderstood the question and instead of telling the interviewer what she liked most about living at the Mansion, described a physical location. These things can get confusing when you spend a quarter of your life sniffing peroxide fumes.

Still interviews are tough. Let's see how she handled the 'what's the WORST thing' follow up: "I wish I had my room that I could decorate however I want."

Seriously? Are we sure that she is even of legal age? I mean yeah, she looks it and all, but I think you have to be mentally as well as chronologically above the age of consent for adult activities to be legal.

Still, out of the mouths of babes can come great wisdom. Check out the advice that Holly would have given herself if she could go back in time and warn herself about something: "I would go back four years ago and say don't cut your hair because you will be wearing extensions for the rest of your life. It won't grow back."

Oh for a life where the most important thing you've messed up in the past four years is cutting your hair too short. Holly Madison must surely lead a charmed life. Either that or she is really shallow and possibly mentally challenged. You be the judge.


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    • reagu profile image

      reagu 5 years ago from Los Angeles

      I luv her on Girl Next Door