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Thoughts on the Season Finale of The Amazing Race

Updated on May 18, 2014

Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Fire

As many of you probably know, the season finale of the 24th season of The Amazing Race was tonight. The show ended with teams parachuting to the mat, and from afar it looked as if they were ablaze in fire, so that's why I chose the subtitle that I did. A bit corny, but whatever.

Anyhow, I was a bit late to the party when it came to tuning into the finale, since I was out and I got home at 7:30, and the episode had already started by then. I was actually quite disappointed with the last half hour. It was interesting that Dave and Connor and the blondes were neck in neck, but the last 15 minutes only covered one task! Glancing at the clock, I was sure that something else would happen after the skydives, but unfortunately the producers spent the last 15 minutes trying to build up suspense, which was actually less than interesting. Even Rachel and Brendon and their fighting didn't liven things up, since I was tired of seeing Rachel meltdowns at that point, and I was tired of Brendon blaming Rachel for things, too. If she does something wrong, it's her fault, but if he does, "it's not me, it's us." (this might not be an exactly accurate quote, but he said something along those lines)

I was actually surprised that Dave put his skydiving suit on without any whining or complaining. However, there is one confusion I need cleared up, if possible, regarding Dave and Connor. I hadn't been counting, but some people on iMDB said that Connor had done eight roadblocks, and Dave had only done five. If the producers did away with the rule, okay, but getting rid of it was never mentioned, and it seems like the other teams were following the pattern of each of them completing an equal number. Does anyone know what gives? If those five vs. eight numbers are correct, and the rule was still in place, then D&C had an unfair advantage!

However, overall, I'm happy that Dave and Connor won. I didn't think the blondes deserved to win because they had been helped too much over the course of the race. I actually wouldn't have minded Rachel and Brendon winning (although I do not think Rachel is ready to have a baby!), but it was clear that they were out of it during the second half.

I'm looking forward to the second season of The Amazing Race Canada, which is starting at the beginning of July on Canadian television. One tv show I'm not looking forward to is Survivor, if the rumour is true that Brendon and Rachel may appear on it. Once again, I don't think they're completely horrible human beings, but Rachel. does. not. belong. on. Survivor. I think she'll last about two days if she does get on that show.

Anyhow, that's about it for now. Let me know what you thought of the finale in the comments (and please, someone, weigh in on the Dave/Connor roadblock thing!)


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