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Thoughts on the Season Finale of The Big Bang Theory

Updated on May 15, 2014

Sheldon Decides to Make His Move

Tonight, I was able to watch the season finale of The Big Bang Theory, albeit a couple of hours late, since I was busy working on an assignment while it was airing live. Due to the fact that the show has been renewed for three more seasons, and Leonard and Penny already got engaged during the last episode, I wasn't expecting anything extremely huge from this episode. However, a few major things happened:

Leonard and Penny announced their engagement, to rather subdued congratulations from the group.

Raj announced that he slept with Emily, garnering a huge round of congratulations from the group, to the slight annoyance of Leonard and Penny, who had just made their announcement seconds earlier.

After learning that Leonard and Penny wanted to live together without Sheldon after getting married, Amy offered to move in with Sheldon, but not surprisingly, he wasn't too thrilled with the idea.

Stuart's comic book shop was severely damaged due to a fire, resulting in him becoming temporarily unemployed, but shockingly, he was able to successfully take on the role of nurse to Howard's mother, even though she had already driven a few trained nurses away.

And, the big kicker... Sheldon decided he couldn't handle all the big changes that were taking place, and decided to go away for awhile. At first, Leonard and Penny went to the train station to try to get him to come back home, but then they realized that maybe a bit of time away would be good for him. Where he was going wasn't specified, but he took few belongings and at one point after leaving, called to check in with the group. Amy was the only one who seemed extremely upset about him being gone, beating Leonard with a pillow for "letting" him leave.

All in all, it was a good finale, even if it wasn't the most interesting one ever. It does set up some questions for next season, especially... where is Sheldon going? How long will he stay? Will he ever come back? Will he completely forget about Amy? Will she visit him? If Sheldon does come back, will he be the same? If I didn't know that the show had been renewed for so long (three years), I would think that maybe Jim Parsons was leaving the show, but I hadn't heard anything about that, and I don't think the network would renew a show for three years without a commitment from one of its main characters. I guess if Sheldon were to not come back for good, they would show scenes of him in his new location, or have him come visit the group often, or something.

I'm also curious to see what happens with Stuart. Will he be able to handle being Howard's mother's nurse for more than a few days, or will he suffer the fate of the previous nurses, walking off the job in frustration? Will he be able to rebuild the comic shop, or will he stick to his new career? Maybe nursing school is in order...

Raj is another question mark. I've heard something about Emily not being a permanent character, so maybe that couple will break up. Speaking of couples, it also remains to be seen when Leonard and Penny will get married, since Penny said that she wants the date scheduled around her brother's possible parole (I didn't even know he was in prison). Is there a chance that they won't make it to the wedding day?

Anyhow, I'd like Sheldon to come back at some point, and although I don't want him to have completely changed during his trip, I'd like him to have learned some life lessons along the way, maybe some that will enable him to appreciate Amy more. I'd like him and Amy to at least try living together, even if they both sleep in separate rooms. That would work well, if they used Sheldon and Leonard's current apartment, and Leonard moved in with Penny across the hall. If Sheldon and Amy living together didn't work out, I guess they would have to re-evaluate their relationship. It would take a huge battle to break up Leonard and Penny, as they've spent so much time at each other's places over the years that sometimes it's seemed like they were living together, and they have reconciled after many little-to-medium fights, but a breakup is still a possibility that the writers might entertain in order to keep things interesting.

I'm rather indifferent about Raj and Emily, as Emily hasn't been on the show long and I find her a bit creepy anyway, but I would like to see Stuart get his comic book shop back, as that was one of the main fixtures of the show. One thing I would like to see next season is Howard's mother's face. We've found out her name, so maybe hoping to find out what she looks like isn't too optimistic!

Anyway, I can speculate and wish all I want, but I guess we'll have to wait until next season to find out anything (unless spoilers are somehow leaked between now and then, but I'm not asking for them)! It's only four short months, and we'll have reruns to tide us over until then. Let me know what you thought of the finale in the comments!


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