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Thousand-Hand Quanyin (Goddess Of Mercy) Dance

Updated on October 24, 2016

Thousand-Hand Quanyin Dance

Thousand-Hand Quanyin Dance : What Is This Dance?

I think by now most of you are familiar with this fantastic "Thousand-hand Quanyin Dance" performance. There are two areas of interest. One, who is this Quanyin (or Guan Yin)? Two, who are these dancers?

Quanyin is commonly revered as the Goddess of Mercy. The formal name in Chinese is Quan Shi Yin Pusa. “Quan” means to survey or observe. “Shi” means the world. And “Yin” means sound, which in this case is the sound of sorrow, or cries for help. “Pusa” is Bodhisatwa, meaning Buddha to be. Quanyin basically symbolizes a compassionate being who surveys the world and responds to the cries for help. Quanyin is being depicted in various forms. One of which is having a thousand hands. Later I shall write a hub on this Goddess of Mercy.

We are more interested right now on the dance performance. It all started with the establishment in 1987 of the China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe, with members recruited from around China. It gradually grew into a formidable performing arts group of disabled people. In 2000, it produced what was very aptly named “My Dream” music and dance extravaganza. One of the dances was none other than the “Dance of the thousand-hand Quanyin”. “My Dream” toured and impressed the world. This success led to the creation of the second, third and fourth editions of “My Dream”!

Lead Dancer And The Troupe

The troupe comprises of 88 performers, of which, 55 with hearing impairments, 28 with visual impairments and 5 with physical disabilities. The average age of the troupe is only 18. The troupe comprises of 3 teams. Teams A and B are experienced performers, while Team C is still undergoing training.

The “Dance of the thousand-hand Quanyin” is the most famous and most spectacular visual display of perfect dance synchronization. This dance spectacular was performed by 21 deaf and mute dancers. Because of the nature of the dance positioning, only one person stood out, the lead dancer. This pretty dancer is none other than the captain and representative of the team, Tai Lihua.

Tai Lihua lost her hearing at the age of two. She has been dancing with the troupe since she was 15. For the past 16 years, she has performed in more than 40 countries.

They have performed at the John F. Kennedy Centre in New York City and the Teatro alla Scala in Venice, two of the world's most prestigious theatres.

Dance Of The Thousand-Hand Quanyin

Dance Of The Thousand-Hand Quanyin.

"My Dream"

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      ADD: 8A Huixinli Street , Chaoyang Distrct, Beijing

      Postcode: 100029

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