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Threadbare, Weathered and Worn

Updated on August 25, 2010

Threadbare, Weathered and Worn

 Threadbare, Weathered and Worn

by Chuck RitenouR


1st verse:

Never had a lot of money, never owned a new car

never had enough gas in the old one to get very far

I've been a poor man since the day I was born

You can say I'm threadbare, weathered and worn.


2nd verse:

There are scars on my face, my knucles and heart

when I get it all together, it all falls apart.

It takes more than whiskey to keep a man warm

Its true they say, I'm threadbare, weathered and worn.


yes I'm threadbare see me in my raggedy clothes.

and I'm weathered from sleepin' out in the cold.

I'm worn, like old shoes you can't wear anymore.

Its easy to see I'm threadbare, weathered and worn.


the end.



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