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Five Lessons I've Learned from Groundhog Day Movie

Updated on February 13, 2016

Groundhog Day Movie Poster


1. Embrace a Positive Change

This drama starts out with yet another day of the main character's life. Arrogant and indifferent by nature, Phil initially refuses the habits he has to go through. Oh, shall we call him a snob? Although he wants to change the day, he makes little difference to his attitude about people around him. In real life, we are creatures of habits until some ugly truth hits our head for a positive change. Some people call it a "wake-up call". You can choose to either ignore it, as usual, or to benefit from it. You may know about the consequence of this ignorance: living a boring life, with fewer and fewer appreciating it. I'm not saying that you should help others all the time. Yet, if you notice something wrong happening over and over, then, this must ring you a bell!

2. The More You Give, the More You Get.

Another takeaway is: The more you give, the more you get. With the advantage of repeating the day, our weatherman has evolved from from an "unsung" celebrity to a popular neighbor in town. From day to day, he is always looking for someone to help out, especially those who run into him or his life. From a day of him giving a s*it about people, coming across him, he reaches the fullest moment of benefiting those people: giving money to beggars, buying insurance, treating colleagues better, repairing elderly women's car. The main beauty is, his value is revealed higher than his cameraman's during a local bachelor auction. Here, it explains that no matter how rich you are, if you do not care about those around you, no one is going to appreciate your presence.

Phil Driving with Groundhog


3. Everything Happens for a Reason.

You must be wondering why Phil needs to repeat his day. For me, it is designed for him to change. In life, if you never learn from heart-touching moments, the same lessons will come back to you. Until when? I bet, until you change, maybe not suddenly, yet at least, gradually. How do you measure such a change? Simply take a look at people around you. If they treat you better, it means you have made positive differences to their lives. Conversely, if you experience some downturn, maybe it's time for you to reassess your life paths or the choices you've made so far. From my own experience, I lived my days without appreciating money. Yet, since last year, I reckon that, in order to live my life to its fullest, I need to grow this financial area, as well. Now things have improved, when I started taking on a few jobs, aside from my main business.

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4. Whatever We Set Our Mind on, We Can Achieve.

Groundhog Day also reassures: Whatever we set our mind on, we can achieve. From an office executive, he learns to sculpt the statue for Rita. From a normal audience member, he knows how to play piano to impress his neighbors. Above all, from an egocentric guy, he develops his considerate and helpful behavior. Over the length of the movie, he makes seemingly countless mistakes until he "transforms" into a new and better person. This even leads some critics to consider "Groundhog Day" as "Buddhish" or "pro-Buddhist". Besides, no matter how many times he fails to impress Rita, he finally wins her heart and does change his day! So if you have read my Hub thus far, it means you have set your mind on completing it. So give yourself a pat on the back!

Phil Confessing Love to Rita


5. Love Conquers All.

No one would imagine a heartless Phil to improve, until he is compelled to look deep down in his heart for a special feeling for Rita. He may take a one-night stand with a stranger, but his heart calls for his true love. He seems to resist it at first. Only with a series of encounters, he realizes he just can't take his heart off her. He makes multiple attempts to make her understand his feeling, to no avail. Only when reducing his egocentric nature does his compassion touch Rita's heart. If you are a man, you may have experienced this kind of situations! So every time you run into an interesting lady, ask yourself if it is love or desire!

And by the way, Happy Valentine's Day!

Trailer of Groundhog Day


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