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Lisa Fisher, Sade, and Lisa Stansfield: My Favorite 80's Female Music Artists

Updated on October 27, 2015
melpor profile image

Melvin is an avid reader and a retired chemist after working for a major pharmaceutical company for 32 years.


The 70s and 80s in my opinion had some of the best females singers in the R&B music genre. There were a few of them that stood out among the crowd with their incredible voices and singing styles. They had charisma and each had their own unique way of entertaining the audiences. Some of them were singers like Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul; Donna Sumner, lady of the disco years; Stephanie Mills, the singer originally started in the play, “The Wiz”; Patti LaBelle, from “Lady Marmalade”, Teena Maria with Rick James and many more. However, during my senior year in college and the first few years after graduation as a DJ there were three female singers I remembered receiving the most requests to play their songs. They were Lisa Fischer, Lisa Stansfield and Sade. They just stood out to me. These ladies were incredible. I just loved their singing. Unfortunately, today’s singers are not like these ladies were back in the day. Let me take you down memory lane. So relax and watch the videos presented here of these three wonderful women singing their signature songs. Songs that identified them and their personality. You probably are wondering why I stop at three, honestly, because there are quite a few of them. I will write about more of them later. I hope you enjoy the video of each one of these ladies singing the song that got them notice.

Lisa Fischer

Lisa Fischer, born in Brooklyn in 1958, is my favorite of the three I am writing about here. She started her singing career as a session singer; one who sings as a backup singer for live performances when they are available. In this role she had sung with prominent artists such Luther Vandross, Sting, Tina Turner, Grover Washington Jr., Roberta Flack and The Rolling Stone. She is considered to be one of the most successful of backup singers in the music industry due to her ability to sing at the highest register of the human voice. This register is often called the “whistle register” because the notes she were reaching while singing fell in the range of notes made by a whistle. For comparison, this range is higher than “falsetto”. You will hear her hit these high notes at about the 3:38 time point in the video. You can't miss it.

Lisa reached her peak in 1991 with her release of “How Can I Ease the Pain” on the album entitled “So Intense”. I just love listening to this song. This song ultimately put her on the Billboard 200 chart at position number one hundred and number one on the R&B charts. She won a Grammy Award for this song in 1991 tied with Patti LaBelle. They both were awarded a Grammy Award for their respective songs that year and in 1992 the song was nominated again for a Grammy Award. You can experience her vocal ability in the video below and see why I like this song so much. You will clearly see how much emotion she puts into her singing when she sings this song at a live performance in Japan in 1992. She is incredible. Today Lisa is still singing and writing her own songs for an upcoming album. She just recently performed at the 2010 CareFusion Newport Jazz Festival in Newport, Rhode Island Chris Botti, a jazz trumpeter.

Live Performance

Lisa Stansfield

Lisa Stansfield is another incredible and gifted artist. She is one of the few British female singers I enjoy listening to. She was born in Heywood, Lancashire in England in 1966. Lisa became popular here in the U.S. and worldwide with the release of her hugely popular song “ All Around The World” in 1989, which became her signature song. This was a good dance song during that year and this is why it was requested so much at discos. It became the number one song in the United Kingdom and peaked at number three on the Billboard in the United States the following year. Lisa sang this song as a duet with a few singers including the late ladies' man Barry White.

Lisa continued to produce many popular hits in the UK for many years after her popular song and even appeared as an actor in the 1999 movie “Swing” with Hugo Speer and in the play “The Vagina Monologues” in London. She was also known for her generous monetary contributions for “AIDS” research and to the “Labour Party” in the UK. She currently makes occasional appearances on the music scene. Check out her singing style in the video as she sings her signature song. Again you can feel the emotion in the song.

All Around The World Video

Sade at 51


Sade (pronounced as "Shah day"), the lead singer of the English band with the same name, was born in 1959 in Nigeria to a Nigerian Father and an English mother. Her singing career also started as a backup singer for a group called “Pride”. She eventually left the group and went solo to produce her first solo hit “Smooth Operator”. She ultimately became the most successful solo artist in the United Kingdom’s history selling 50 million copies of “Diamond Life” in 1984 with that song.

Sade continued to put hits after hits on the music charts both in the United Kingdom and the United States with her smooth jazz singing. If you really want to relax, all of her songs are perfect for that. Also it is rare where I will buy an album or CD and like every song on the album. Her albums are the only ones in my record collection that falls in this category. However, there are two songs I can listen to all day from her albums. The first one is “Your Love Is King” and the second one is “The Sweetest Taboo”. They both have a nice beat in them. These to me are her signature songs. After about two decades of silence, Sade recently re-appeared on the music scene with release of her latest album “Soldier of Love” in 2010. She is ageless and as healthy as ever when you see her in the video. She is an amazing singer, songwriter and producer. Check out the video below. It is hard to believe she is 51 in the photo above. When she was singing “Your Love Is King” in this video. She looks good.

Sade Your Love is King


The three singers are remarkable in their own and unique ways. I cannot find too many female artists today who possess these kind of combinations when they are singing to their audiences. It is not like it use to be in the 80s and 90s when female singers use to mesmerized the audience.

© 2011 Melvin Porter


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    • melpor profile image

      Melvin Porter 6 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      DynamicS, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Music doesn't sound the way it use to sounds. Occasionally, I will get on YouTube and listen and watch the singers from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. It brings back good memories from those times.

    • DynamicS profile image

      Sandria Green-Stewart 6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Nice walk down memory lane with the three ladies. Thanks for sharing such amazing talents with us. I'm still listening to Sade- my favourite of all time.

    • melpor profile image

      Melvin Porter 7 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      DIYweddingplanner, thanks for your comment and for stopping by. These ladies were great singers back in the day. This is what school music was like.

    • DIYweddingplanner profile image

      DIYweddingplanner 7 years ago from South Carolina, USA

      i love, love, love Sade! Thanks for posting this, fabulous singers!

    • melpor profile image

      Melvin Porter 7 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      Lisa still sings as backup for some of the popular groups out there.

    • Shayvonharris profile image

      Shayvonharris 7 years ago

      Yes that was a fabulouse era....Lisa..where is she now...?? OMG...and sade one of my favorites looks great still.

    • melpor profile image

      Melvin Porter 7 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      Julie, thanks for the comment. There were many songs during the 80s and 90s I will never forget.

    • Julie2 profile image

      Julie2 7 years ago from New York City

      One of my favorite songs from the 90's was by Peebles, "Always". mmm mmm mmm. That one really hit me hard too.

    • melpor profile image

      Melvin Porter 7 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      DannyMaio, yes I remember Whitney and I loved her song "I Will Always Love You" and many more female singers from the 80s and 90s I wanted to include here but I didn't want to make the hub too long. The three I wrote about here are my personal favorite. I will write another hub about some of the other singers I couldn't list here hopeful in the near future. Thanks for your comment.

    • DannyMaio profile image

      DannyMaio 7 years ago from New York

      hello Melpor, I believe your missing the best SINGER of the 80's and 90's probably one of the best EVER! WHITNEY HOUSTON! DAM that girl could sing. also Jodie watley was one of my favorites, maybe not the greatest to everyone but i loved listening to her. They do not make music like the late 70 80's and some 90's

    • melpor profile image

      Melvin Porter 7 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      Julie, thanks for your comment. Wow that great you got the part after singing this song. I always like listening to this song when Lisa sings it.

    • Julie2 profile image

      Julie2 7 years ago from New York City

      Honey you hit me where it hurts. I love all of these ladies. I actually sang Ms. Lisa Fischer's, "How can I ease the pain" in an audition for a show and got the part! BAM.

    • melpor profile image

      Melvin Porter 7 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      Getitrite, thanks for reminding me. I will add her name to the list in the introduction.

    • melpor profile image

      Melvin Porter 7 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      drbj, thanks for your comment. She has an incredible voice. It is amazing that he started off as a backup singer for other popular singers. I know most singers started their singing careers that way.

    • getitrite profile image

      getitrite 7 years ago

      You forgot to mention the late great Teena Marie.

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 7 years ago from south Florida

      What a coincidence, Melpor. I recently watched a TV rebroadcast of a Tina Turner show in Holland and Lisa Fischer was one of the backup singers. She also did one song by herself and I was amazed by her voice but I had never heard her before. I can understand why she is a favorite. Me, too.

    • melpor profile image

      Melvin Porter 7 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      Suziecat7, thanks for your comment. As I said in my hub I liked every song on each of Sade's albums. Her music is so easy to listen to.

    • suziecat7 profile image

      suziecat7 7 years ago from Asheville, NC

      I always loved Sade and have some of her music on my Ipod. Enjoyable Hub - thanks.


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