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Throne of top indie music

Updated on February 3, 2016

Indie Music image


Found upon the throne of top indie music, if you so deem it indie music (but what is indie music anyway), resides Tame Impala. With the release of the band’s third studio album, Currents, Kevin Parker’s band struck gold once again. The floating psychedelic tones, hallowing all too real lyrics, and overall immensely dense instrumentation form a further step in the progression of Tame Impala towards Parker’s idea of the perfect album. Parker has stated he doesn’t think he’s quite there with the music yet, but if Currents is just another stepping stone in Tame’s evolution, I cannot imagine what the final form will sound like.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra tops best indie music of 2015 as well with the release of their album Multi-Love, whose back story is nothing short of a multi-love. Lead singer Ruban Nielson apparently found himself in a strange love situation during the conception of Multi-Love, which brings an added dimension of stories eerily real in some of the tracks. The surfy sounds and wavy guitar melodies create the same UMO sound fans loved on II, but the sound has evolved into a more polished form of its former self.

Sufjan Steven’s put out his first album in five years when Carrie & Lowell was released. The personal album sends shivers down the spine and tears at the heartstrings of anyone willing to put the album on in full through quality headphones. Mumford & Sons took a twist in their musical sound with Wilder Mind, where no banjo was used in the recording of the album. The predominantly popular “folk” band dove deeper into the indie scene with a heavier use of electronics and more powerful electric guitars on their new album, putting it into the best new indie music category. As well, My Morning Jacket, Blur, The Wombats, and Death Cab for Cutie all put out some of the best new indie music in 2015, reemerging from the shadows of hiatus (except for My Morning Jacket, Jim James loves to tour).

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